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  1. @dobu gabu maru did you really had to @ me i did not not need to hear that lol.
  2. Brock

    DBP27: 10 Day Vacation

    This is good stuff.
  3. @HAK3180 sorry for the elevator mistake aswell some missing textures and miss-alingments.I will have it on mind for future maps and thanks for playing.
  4. Brock

    Ports for Doom 64?

    Are there any ports from Doom 64?
  5. Play on any difficulty you want besides ultra violence , it may be a bit too much for you. Also this wad is Boom compatible. Link-
  6. I am making a custom map that uses supercharge.Problem is they are 2 scrip errors in the ZSCRIPT that i dont know how to fix. #include "scripts/t_m8f_is_settings.zs" #include "scripts/t_m8f_is_event_handler.zs"
  7. So i am making a gzdoom map in udmf format i added custom music and other stuff.Set all t he ZMAPINFO info stuff correctly.But every time i try to playtest my map.it says Script error, "Decor.wad:ZMAPINFO" line 1: Expected '{,got 'Decor'. If anyone could help please do.
  8. map MAP01 = "Decor" { sky1 = "SKYBOX09" music = D_RUNNIN }
  9. This map is a Submission for the project The New Horizon 2. -------------------------------------------------------------- Link-https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lr0ss2ybml6isce/AACcfwcCV5lbIlyIlBrRX_6ea?dl=0 IWAD-Doom 2 Format-Boom 2 format Map-01 Made with-Gzdoom builder Tested with-Gzdoom builder Known bugs-None Main Purpose SinglePlayer-YES CO-OP-YES Freelook/Jump-Not recommended but allowed ----------------------------------------------------------- (Pictures of the map are stored in the file)
  10. Brock

    Sigma-X [5 maps demo version is out!]

    Can i ask where did you get these specific tree sprites from?
  11. This is a medium boom compatable map for Doom 2.I suggest you play on Hey Not too rough.
  12. Hey @Clippy thanks for playing!Yeah i get that it is too much to handle.Next time i will toon it down for balance sake.Or atleast show the player what he is in for before dropping him into a warzone.I playtest my maps regulary to see if its balanced for all skill levels but i guess i need to test my maps more.Eitherway thanks for the feeeback!
  13. Are there any mapping engines where i can make maps for Doom 64?
  14. Anyone know how i can rip textures from other games?
  15. Brock

    [Release] Oops! All Greyboxes! Community Project v1.5

    Why is it a MUST to have long texture names , i dont get it.
  16. Brock

    Your wads, hand em over.

    I advise Gzdoom to be used but PrBoom would work aswell.
  17. Brock


    E3M5 now lol
  18. Brock


    E1m6,e1m7. (Again)
  19. @TravyB Where can i find these custom trees from?
  20. @HAK3180 Glad to hear you had fun,anyway there was actually a working lift in the blu key area idk how it all got screwd up.
  21. Hey It was made in Gzdoom builder but its Boom compatible so its up to your personal taste of ports.They are 2 short levels , i didnt go crazy with the themes.
  22. __________________________________ Link-https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hyojaugv7vjjk16/AABc9_EnXpOOUNuYEDz95GW-a?dl=0 Midi-By SorrirBoy Maps-01,02 IWAD-Doom 2 Made with-Gzdoom Builder Tested with-Gzdoom,Boom Format-Boom,Boom 2 format Known bugs-None found Main Purpose-SinglePlayer Co-op-Yes Freelook,crouch,jump-Not reccommended but not removed (Pictures In the file) __________________________________ Some Info-Haven't posted something in a while,plus i needed to learn to expand on new formats aswell.Anyway these levels are short.I was actually gonna make 3 maps but....project work to do...heh Have fun!
  23. Brock

    Game Obsessions You Don't Understand

    Why do people play Overwatch when tf2 is better.Like most of the time they just say Tf2 is old XD or Tf2 is dead.