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  1. Eurisko

    The story behind your custom avatar

    X-files. Thats all.
  2. Eurisko

    Sonic Movie.

    As a MASSIVE Sonic fan I couldn't be more pleased at this improvement and growing up in the 90's Jim Carrey is naturally my favourite actor , I'm going opening day. I'm excited. I am THAT fan-boy.
  3. Eurisko

    PS2 Discussion thread

    I remember my PS2 days for mainly the WWE games and GTA.
  4. Eurisko

    Romero Interview in The Guardian

    Nice find , thank you for posting.
  5. Eurisko

    Civvie11 Pro-ish Doom 64

    Nice one dude , I'm not much of a PC gamer if at all really. I discovered DOOM on the PS1 in '97 and consoles have been where I've played ever since. I did try and play DOOM 64 on an actual N64 a while back but that bloody controller is just awful , I did start looking into other 64 controllers but then they announced the official re-release, so I'm gonna wait I reckon.
  6. Eurisko

    Civvie11 Pro-ish Doom 64

    I'll confess that I did'nt realise that it was a completly different game until DF Retro did that documentary on the various DOOM ports. I'm looking forward to March so I can play it properly.
  7. Eurisko

    Civvie11 Pro-ish Doom 64

    It makes me feel better that even Civvie thought that DOOM 64 was just a port of the original for a long time too. I thought the same thing for years and years.
  8. Eurisko

    Civvie11 Pro-ish Doom 64

    Youtube's Civvie 11 has done one of his pro series vids on DOOM 64 , if you're unfamiliar with him I highly recommend you check him out , He's very entertaining and knowledgable of old school FPS games. He's done DOOM , DOOM II , Thy Flesh Consumed and Plutonia vids also.
  9. Eurisko

    Fun Facts About Any Classic Doom Game

    And the name was born........
  10. Eurisko

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    DOOM (1993) PS4 port and crying because I can’t get the stupid trophy that requires you to beat the game in co-op on Nightmare difficulty.
  11. Eurisko

    After 'Final Doom'??

    Oh god that’s all we need, an old wrinkly Mancubus spread legged on our screens 🤢
  12. Eurisko

    Which games are bad, but you like them?

    Yeah '06 is really bad but Boom sold worse.