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  1. Eurisko

    The oldest active Doom member

    Just turned 36. Dooming since ‘97
  2. Eurisko

    Random Video Thread

    I was searching for that ‘Friends’ clip where chandler asks if anyone wants to play Doom and came across these gems 😂
  3. Eurisko

    What Are We Drinking?

    Diet Pepsi.
  4. Eurisko

    Live podcast interview with John Romero. Links are up!

    This is great
  5. That PSX Doom theme music is to fans who first played on Playstation what E1M1 is to PC players. It’s timeless.
  6. Eurisko

    This game is fun but kinda frustrating

    “Save scumming is life” - Eurisko justifying quick-save every 30 seconds.
  7. Eurisko

    Doom House Youtube Channel

    I liked doomguy looks in the mirror. Great channel you got there
  8. Eurisko

    Final Doom on PS3 - controller issues

    I played the PSX version of Final Doom a few years back and maaaaan, yeah those controlls are a shocker. You can re-map the buttons but there is no way to save them so you have to do it every time. I know that Doom classic complete was on PS3, is that not available anymore? or did they scrap it after the Unity ports were released like they did with the original XBLA ports of Doom 1+2?
  9. I say it here almost every time. Thank you guys for these mags, they are brilliant. Well done to all. Nice to have time to get on Doomworld again , been a mad couple of month moving house, job, life........ Nice to find a new issue of Wadzine as soon as I log in.
  10. Eurisko

    Thoughts of Energy Drinks?

    They are a gift and a curse. I have a friend who is borderline addicted to 'Relentless' he probably nails 4-5 can per night while gaming. Though maybe in some respects it's better than alcohol, I wish he'd just have a cup of tea or something every once in a while.
  11. Eurisko

    DOOM, DOOM II & DOOM 3 Limited Run PS4/Switch

    I wonder what is actually on these discs. What I mean is what version is on the disc? Will it contain Master Levels, Final Doom, NRFTL etc.........
  12. Just announced Doom Classics for Switch and PS4. Looks nice. Pre-Orders go live April 2nd
  13. Eurisko

    Pepsi or Coke?

    I like both but Coke has the slight edge for me.
  14. Eurisko

    does doom 3's shot gun make the game better?

    That Doom3 shotgun to me serves one purpose: When you find the SSG in resurrection of evil it's THAT much sweeter.
  15. Eurisko

    Various Doom logos?

    Doom has an epic logo. I love the font more than anything, it's bad ass.