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  1. I hated it then I loved it then I REALLY loved it and now??????..... well, I feel its just ok overall. The sound and graphics are absolutely gorgeous. The mechanics of what the game wants you to do is what I have this love hate relationship with. At the start I didn’t get it and It was pissing me off. Then It clicked and it felt good and I really started to love it but now two months in........ The mechanics feel gimmicky not a bad gimmick by any means but just....I dunno I feel as a player bound by them. I don't feel the freedom of combat that I felt with 2016 and the classic Doom games. Eternal is good and I know for sure I’ll be back to play it again especially when the DLC drops as I enjoyed the story. Yes I loved it for a while but it was only a fling.
  2. Eurisko

    Tnt or Plutonia.

    TNT because Plutonia is pure evil
  3. Eurisko

    Why don't Pain Elementals leave behind corpses?

    Because they explode into the void
  4. Just announced on livestream is John Romero's SIGIL ,TNT and Plutonia are coming the DOOM ports on PS4 , XBOX ONE and Switch as part of an update coming soon. So, SIGIL is now official. I'm absolutely stunned.
  5. Hi all been super busy so not been on here as much as I'd like. Just seen that Deathless is available. Well done AGAIN Jimmy. Hope everyone is doing ok.
  6. Well........... There's two sides to every story. Seems like the whole thing has been poorly handled and for both parties to air it on social media is a bit unprofessional to say the least. Looks like it's a dead end on both fronts anyway. I just hope they get some quality work done from somebody for the DLC.
  7. Eurisko

    Doom Eternal Confession Session

    Normally if you’re in a mission the reset checkpoint option does take you back to the last checkpoint you passed. Using it in the fortress of Doom after completing the story however resets you back to that point no matter how much you’ve gone back and collected.
  8. Eurisko

    Doom Eternal Confession Session

    Im gonna use this post as one part confession of sheer fucking stupidity and one part warning to others as to not be so STUPID and do this: So I’m messing about in the Doom fortress as I’ve just found all the LP’s so I’m hopping around the fortress seeing where the various tracks a placed. Looking at the map I notice theres one right down at the entrance of the Demon slaying practice area ( can’t remember what it’s called off the top of my head while writing this) so I go and check it out. While doing this I realise I’ve not been back in the practice arena since the game takes you there during the story. So I jump in. I go in , the fight starts and it throws EVERYTHING at me straight away including an archvile which to be honest I’m not ready for....I only came in for a look as it was......... I then realise I can’t remember how to stop the fight and return to the Fortress. So I pause the game and instead of going back to the main menu which is what I should’ve done I reset the mission which I thought would put me back in the Fortress by default. Well it did do that but...... resets EVERYTHING back to the point after you've just killed the Icon of Sin. So all those collectables I went back and got, all those hidden gore nests and YES even the Slayer Gates had all been reset to “Not Complete” I’m annoyed to fuck. Anyway folks, don’t do this. Fuck Sake.....
  9. There's tons of it. For example, you can play as much 'Turbo Turkey Puncher III' as you like
  10. Eurisko

    Are Demons Human?

    I would have to say no with the obvious expiation of the 'Former Soldier, sergeant and heavy weapon dude. Those guys ion my opinion are the 'Pawns of hell" The rest?....... They ARE from hell born and bred.
  11. IGN posted this on YouTube. Its very funny. The guys take it all in good humour and I'm looking forward to seeing if they do try and troll these types of speed runs in future games, well worth a watch. Check it out.
  12. Eurisko

    Seems like id wants to keep making new Doom games...

    I hope not. Doom 3 has its fans and its a good game but it doesn't hold a candle to Doom(2016), Eternal or even the classic Doom games.
  13. Eurisko

    Post your Desktop Background

    Can I make a suggestion sir?
  14. I downloaded my collectors edition Soundtrack yesterday and I was wondering who the fuck this chad guy is. This seriously sucks in my opinion. Yes, the Doom games have all had good music of their respective producers but Mick........... Mick brought the fucking meat of the metal to the table in ways none of us expected. His music blasting in your ears while mashing up demons has an effect on your senses. Seldom does this happen in the gaming world much these days especially with this style of music. Why not have him mix HIS tunes? This dude creates fucking musical porn, let the man work. Bottom line. Bethesda or ID or whoever has pissed him off should take on board what they've done here. You're gonna feel the detriment to this down the road. Fuck sake.
  15. Eurisko

    Doom Streams

    Doom Marathon part III. Starting ‘ Inferno’ tonight. https://www.twitch.tv/eurisko_
  16. Eurisko

    Game Collection thread

    Here’s my current Doom collection. (Ignore the White Ranger helmet- NOT Doom)
  17. @Foebane72 I remember this fight. It was a bastard to say the least. My advice is don't be afraid to run away and gather some ammo and health from the lesser enemies when you need too. SSG and the Balista are the key but only when all other major enemies are dead. I hope this helps and you beat that son of a bitch soon.
  18. Eurisko

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    I didn't compare Doom (2016) to Cod. Again, what I wrote was that I don't want Doom going down the yearly release path like Cod, or FIFA etc....... Im done now.
  19. Eurisko

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    I don't normally bite but .......... 64 was set after Final Doom not Doom II ID took about 12 years between Doom 3 and Doom (2016). 4 years between sequels is a good amount of time and -if you read what I put - I was comparing to likes of COD- which is a yearly title. If you think Doom Eternal was finished in 3 Years 10 months which is about the difference between the two that you referenced then I don't know what to say.........other than that brings me to your next comment. As for Duke Nukem Foever? The video game equivalent of Chinese Democracy. It was NOT in constant development for the entire of that time being polished and all cracks sealed but rather development hell. Here feel free to educate yourself on the subject. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Development_of_Duke_Nukem_Forever All games these days take years to develop.
  20. Eurisko

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    Waaaaaay too early to speculate. I like the fact they take their time making them. The last thing this series wants is a Call of Doom problem.
  21. Eurisko

    small nitpicks?

    Glad this topic is here as I couldn't find anyone talking about this and I don't think it warrants it own thread. Anyway, Is there a way to save progress part way through a level AFTER you've "Finished" the game? I've got collectibles to find and Slayer Gates to do and I was maybe half way through the Cultist Base (which is a bloody long level) when I needed to stop playing so I quit to the main menu as I had all the way through the main game- it said progress would be saved, so I was expecting when I re-loaded the save I'd be where I left it but no, I'm back on The Fortress of Doom. The secrets etc.... that I'd found had been saved but my progress hadn't and now I've gonna have to slog through that level again. Did I miss how this works or is this just the way it is?
  22. Eurisko

    Doom Streams

    Continuing the Doom Marathon tonight. Come and join me if you wish.
  23. I was having this discussion the other day with a few people and thought it'd be a bit of fun on here. So, which five people living or dead would you most like to sit down and have a dinner party with? Here's mine: Tom Delonge Jim Carrey Jason David Frank Bret Hart Jim Parsons