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  1. Double Impact is bloody hard. It makes you manage recourses more than SIGIL does and I thought that was tough.
  2. Eurisko

    What is the best idtech1 game?

    Doom II All the way
  3. Eurisko

    Is Doom 3 good?

    I agree with Allard. its a different flavour of Doom. It’s one one of those games where you know if you’ll like it after the first couple of levels.
  4. Just downloaded Double Impact. Very cool that the Caco awards are mentioned in the description. I'll be getting stuck into it tonight.
  5. Eurisko

    Most recent movie you saw

    I went to see the Sonic The Hedgehog movie last night and wow!! What an amazing job they've done with it. Very fun movie , I highly recommend.
  6. Eurisko

    Remember when Doom was SIMPLE?

    I see what OP is getting at but If you watch a vid of someone playing Doom (2016) for the first time what with the jumping, the double jump, changing weapon mods on the fly, grenades and the different types of grenades ........ It can all look very overwhelming. Doom Eternal, just like Doom (2016) will gradually introduce you to these new mechanics. They won't just dump all this on you right at the start. It'll be fine.
  7. Eurisko

    What's your opinion about saving?

    I save tons. I never see at cheating but as utilising a feature thats intended to be used. Besides, if you save too often you can save yourself into a death anyway so there's strategy as to when to save not just how much.
  8. Eurisko

    Tim Willits Podcast Interview - Doom Legend Reveals All

    Fr You've put me off listening to that LOL!!
  9. Eurisko

    Best doom game

    Doom II. The levels, the enemies, the SSG.......... ahhhhhhhh
  10. Eurisko

    The media is gonna slaughter Eternal.

    Agreed. It did wonders for the original.
  11. Eurisko

    The media is gonna slaughter Eternal.

    yeah ok.
  12. Eurisko

    The media is gonna slaughter Eternal.

    I didn’t say they’ll tarnish the game , I said somebody will moan about something in it for 5 minutes. For example: I seem to remember that Anita Sarkeesian - A feminist, jumped all over Doom a couple of times for no other reason than to nit pick and complain And it’s not just Doom obviously it’s across the board with anything that they don’t like. The world has gone daft. Doom Eternal will do very very very well. It’s gonna be awesome! My point was simply that today , people will complain about anything.
  13. Eurisko

    The media is gonna slaughter Eternal.

    The snowflakes will cry , the SJW’s will rant......for about a day.
  14. Eurisko

    Is Doom done being serious?

    Doom has never been serious. Not even Doom 3. its stylish , it’s too cool for school but it’s always had its tongue firmly planted in its cheek.
  15. Eurisko

    Pistol Gone?

    To be honest I couldn’t care if the pistol isn’t there. I NEVER use it.