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Everything posted by Eurisko

  1. Double Impact is bloody hard. It makes you manage recourses more than SIGIL does and I thought that was tough.
  2. Just announced on livestream is John Romero's SIGIL ,TNT and Plutonia are coming the DOOM ports on PS4 , XBOX ONE and Switch as part of an update coming soon. So, SIGIL is now official. I'm absolutely stunned.
  3. Eurisko

    What is the best idtech1 game?

    Doom II All the way
  4. Eurisko

    Is Doom 3 good?

    I agree with Allard. its a different flavour of Doom. It’s one one of those games where you know if you’ll like it after the first couple of levels.
  5. Eurisko

    The Film Name Game

    As The Band Name Game seems to be being enjoyed by many I thought "lets try the other version of that" Basically , same rules apply- name a title of a film that starts with the last letter of the aforementioned film title and post a pic or clip from the film. Again , films that start with 'THE' can be used for either a T or the word that follows. Enjoy. ALIEN
  6. Just downloaded Double Impact. Very cool that the Caco awards are mentioned in the description. I'll be getting stuck into it tonight.
  7. Eurisko

    Most recent movie you saw

    I went to see the Sonic The Hedgehog movie last night and wow!! What an amazing job they've done with it. Very fun movie , I highly recommend.
  8. Eurisko

    Remember when Doom was SIMPLE?

    I see what OP is getting at but If you watch a vid of someone playing Doom (2016) for the first time what with the jumping, the double jump, changing weapon mods on the fly, grenades and the different types of grenades ........ It can all look very overwhelming. Doom Eternal, just like Doom (2016) will gradually introduce you to these new mechanics. They won't just dump all this on you right at the start. It'll be fine.
  9. Eurisko

    What's your opinion about saving?

    I save tons. I never see at cheating but as utilising a feature thats intended to be used. Besides, if you save too often you can save yourself into a death anyway so there's strategy as to when to save not just how much.
  10. Eurisko

    Tim Willits Podcast Interview - Doom Legend Reveals All

    Fr You've put me off listening to that LOL!!
  11. Eurisko

    Best doom game

    Doom II. The levels, the enemies, the SSG.......... ahhhhhhhh
  12. Eurisko

    The media is gonna slaughter Eternal.

    Agreed. It did wonders for the original.
  13. Eurisko

    The media is gonna slaughter Eternal.

    yeah ok.
  14. Eurisko

    The media is gonna slaughter Eternal.

    I didn’t say they’ll tarnish the game , I said somebody will moan about something in it for 5 minutes. For example: I seem to remember that Anita Sarkeesian - A feminist, jumped all over Doom a couple of times for no other reason than to nit pick and complain And it’s not just Doom obviously it’s across the board with anything that they don’t like. The world has gone daft. Doom Eternal will do very very very well. It’s gonna be awesome! My point was simply that today , people will complain about anything.
  15. Eurisko

    The media is gonna slaughter Eternal.

    The snowflakes will cry , the SJW’s will rant......for about a day.
  16. Eurisko

    Is Doom done being serious?

    Doom has never been serious. Not even Doom 3. its stylish , it’s too cool for school but it’s always had its tongue firmly planted in its cheek.
  17. Eurisko

    Pistol Gone?

    To be honest I couldn’t care if the pistol isn’t there. I NEVER use it.
  18. Nice vid, very cool. Though I did stop at the new demons, I want to save those for when I play the game.
  19. Digital foundry just released a new video with some engine analysis and an interview with Marty.
  20. Eurisko

    I am worried about me and Doom 2016

    If you are taking the piss and I assume you are as you're the same guy who called out all the people on here for having anime avatars............ its not funny or clever. knock it on the head or fuck off elsewhere.
  21. I see that the inevitable 'Doom Eternal' Easter eggs thread is gonna be extensive. I like the idea that we'll be finding records to collect, no doubt Mr Slayer has a LP player in his hub. That's gonna be fantastic.
  22. Eurisko

    The Cuphead journalist guy played Doom Eternal

    So what are you saying? He plays like that on purpose? If he understands the "game-logic" then....... he must know what he's doing?
  23. Eurisko

    The Cuphead journalist guy played Doom Eternal

    Well, that was pretty painful. Bless him, he did finally learn I suppose and this is what Hugo was talking about in that recent No-Clip interview. The game needs to force you to learn or you'll be punished.
  24. Eurisko

    What does Doom mean to you?

    Nostalgia and a damn good time.
  25. Eurisko

    Games You Hated But Played Anyway

    Sonic '06