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  1. Fizanko

    Zandronum vs GZDoom vs zDoom

    I like to play in software mode and in that mode on my system Zandronum deliver noticably the best performance on very busy maps + busy mods for the whole zdoom family. Can't say for the opengl displays as i don't play with them.
  2. Fizanko

    Zandronum and item pickup flash

    THANK YOU ! pickupcolor = "FF FF FF" create actually a white flash (so even worse than the default one) but pickupcolor = "" actually remove it completely ! it's been so long i have tried to get rid of this eye bleeding "feature" in Zandronum and thanks to you i finally got it removed ! EDIT : oh no, i posted that too quick, didn't played enough to pick more item after the one i just tested, unfortunately it does not solve the problem as there's still a noticable flash, i guess it's back to the default one with "" , as i played after the "FF FF FF" that made it full white i didn't noticed at first that it was back. Oh well ... thanks anyways, confirmed that it does not seem possible sadly with such simple editing.
  3. Fizanko

    GZDoom is lagging.

    You can try to switch to software rendering too, should have better performance than the opengl renders if your system isn't good with gzdoom opengl features. Now on my system i find Zandronum and ZDoom (zdoom is available on the same website as gzdoom) have better performance on busy/large/monster full levels than GZDoom (both Zandronum and GZDoom are based on ZDoom before evolving their own ways) even on software render too, so maybe try either Zandro or ZDoom, the other advantage is that the majority of mods will also work on Zandro or ZDoom. There's also PrBoom+ that is excellent and has much better performance than all the ZDoom based source ports on busy/large/monster full levels , the disadvantage is that it does not support any the Zdoom mods but if your system has trouble with the ZDoom based source port, it should have absolutely no problem at all with PrBoom+ on any doom megawads
  4. Fizanko

    How you play DOOM

    I play with Zandronum the majority of the time, mostly because it has noticably better performance than GZDoom on maps involving insane amount of enemies. I rarely now play with GZDoom only for using gameplay mods that are coded to only work on GZDoom. On a few maps included in the Sunder megawad that even Zandronum has some trouble running at full speed, i switch to PrBoom+ that deal with them without a problem. I also always disable the filtering/smoothing, i never could enjoy those blurry sprites, the pixelated original display looks a lot better. But i found myself to play more and more with the doom software render in zandronum, i don't know if it's nostalgia driving me there, but i have a special liking to this kind of display during my doom play time
  5. In GZDoom and in PrBoom+ i can disable that in options, but in Zandronum it seems they never implemented this unfortunately. As if there's one thing along viewbob that i never liked in Doom even when i was still young, it's that item pickup flash, so as i quite like Zandronum for various reasons, i have been looking into how it could be possible to get rid of that annoyance. Editing a source code and recompilling things for my own use is way beyond what i can do so i have been looking into simple modding, the pickupcolor definition sounded rather interesting. From what i understood doom palette does not feature a transparent color sadly for my use. So all i could do with my extremely poor knowledge have been to change the color of this item pickup flash to black, as it's the color when ingame that hurt the eyes the less of all i tried when picking bunch of items in short time, with a simple mapinfo file into a blackflashpickup.pk3 that contain gameinfo { pickupcolor = "00 00 00" } The advantage of this basic pk3 is that it works in all gameplay mods i tried on many wads. But is there a better way (i mean one that would get rid of this flash once and for all instead of just changing its color to one less hurting the eyes) and would work on every gameplay mods/wads like this basic pk3 does ?
  6. Fizanko

    Who has completed Doom on Nightmare?

    I tried nightmare decades ago, but it ended so unfun with the respawning that i never played it again. And so many years later i learned that by modding you could customise the difficulty levels, so you could actually benefit from a nightmare increased monster projectiles + nightmare specific spawning but without that annoying respawn.
  7. Fizanko

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Finally got the time to complete Sigil on zandronum and i had a lot more fun than i thought i would after starting it. Because at first i was rather underwhelmed by the first level that didn't felt really special on my first run (probably because i completed recently the fantastic Scythe 1 that had some genius small level design packed with action and it was still fresh in my memory), but quickly it started to grow on me because Romero managed to actually redo the old school "feel" of the original episodes instead of trying to emulate the impressive architecture design of some of the megawads i played, it just felt like if it was really part of the original game. So it was very likely my nostalgia pushing me through the levels of Sigil as if i was playing the original episodes, just with more shooting at "eyes" and looking at nice faults over the levels :D That said there were some really cool locations (my favorite is the big hole with the cacodemons flying out of it in e5m7) and some annoying ones (too many narrow ledges in every levels for my taste) There's an area that puzzled me for a while in e5m7 actually , there , this destroyed wall blocking this corridor. I just wish there would have been a different boss for this episode (and i missed my doom2 double barelled shotgun a lot) but Sigil was fun. Thanks for this travel back in time. Going to revisit this on higher difficulty or with a gameplay mod to spice up things