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  1. Bongo

    Bitch about projects.

    All these projects are pissing me off. How many of them actually get finished? How many people say I'm going to replace all the weapons all new enemies blah blah blah and they wonder why it doesn't end up finished. It is a MONUMENTAL task to complete the things that most projects set out to do. SO pimps please stop creating star#69doom projects and set out to create a realistic project. What I'd really like to see is a megawad with all new levels and textures with a few ALL NEW monsters. No new weapons. I want it to be like DooM2 was to DooM. Minus the new weapon.
  2. Bongo

    Doom...John Woo Style

    get chuck lai's doom2 extreme and extreme gold at http://www.parkerinfo.com/dmdo/dmdo2.htm scroll down to the TC section. That thing is a ripoff 'tho. Just about all the levels have been ripped out of other wads. A fair few from TNT even.
  3. Bongo

    What's the best enhanced DOOM for...

    If you want all that you won't get it. ALL the 3d card enhance doom suck for stability. Don't know about prboom but on my system (win2k) crashes b4 startup. Jdoom is good until you start to use pwads. Regular zdoom is your best bet for all of that. Try zdoomgl maybe.
  4. Bongo

    Ive got some issues with edge...

    Edge and Legacy both run slow when faced with hordes of monsters. eg plutonia level 32, hell revealed maps etc. I find whenever theres plenty of fighting action goin on SLOWDOWN. Turn off all lighting, effects etc but it's still there. Vanilla doom runs these maps fine without any slowdown. Until these ports can run at a decent speed with plenty of fighting going on I won't use em. Qdoom is ridiculously slow no matter what settings you use. Very impressive but not playable. These ports should seriously look into optimising their code a LOT better. Zdoom handles hordes of monsters with ease just like vanilla doom. It AIN'T my comp. 1ghz athlon 512 mb ram gforce 2 mx.
  5. Bongo

    why is vavoom so god damned slow?

    I have 2 gripes with vavoom. Monsters and items etc. are sunken into the ground why can't i see the base legs of the imps etc. i only see half of a healing potion. I can't play alien vendetta with it. When Vising it stops on map 23 - 7370 sectors or something like that. I think the alien vendetta wad is a bit sloppy maybe. Only source port I've ran it with is regular zdoom. (the only windows source port that doesn't suffer slowdown with masses of monsters)
  6. Bongo

    the best port: please help me zdoomgl

    In my experience on my system. I have win2k 1ghz athlon 512 MB ram Gforce2mx Only port that is capable of running full speed and without any slowdown is ZDoom. It's the only port that won't crash reguarly and won't slowdown no matter how many monsters you have on screen. Edge and gledge - slowdown when heaps of monsters. Massive slowdown when trying qdoom etc. Jdoom - Very VERY good until you try to run pwads. CRASH CRASH. Vavoom - Slow and pathetic at running pwads too. glboom - can anyone say segment error whenever you try to play? prboom - won't run. error. Legacy - Way too buggy and prone to crashes even with normal doom and doom2. Regular Zdoom is the ONLY port I use on my system simply because it runs at 100% normal doom speed and doesn't crash when using pwads.
  7. Bongo

    doom64 sounds...read this ya'll!

    any chance of sending them to me? please. i would be very thankful.
  8. Bongo

    DooM 64? read this

    http://game.zsnet.com/simulate/N64_rom.htm download rom there^ http://doom64.freeservers.com music in mp3^ goto www.zophar.net in the n64 utilities section to get a gfx/sound ripper some awesome samples in there i gunna use for some of my own music i thinx.
  9. Bongo

    voices.wad for strife

    i dont care how big it is i still want it. also seeing its only sound files in it wouldnt RAR be able to compress it much more than winzip ? itd probly have to compress down to about 20 or less id say using RAR. anyone can help? i really do want the voices for it. i would be eternally grateful for any assistance.
  10. Bongo

    voices.wad for strife

    anyobody know where i can get the voices.wad (game voices) for strife? ive heard they are pretty good. nay help would b greatly appreciated thanx gw.
  11. Bongo

    I Say Duke, You Say Doom

    ok lets get some things straight here -duke is sometimes funny - but it SUCKS (funny doesnt always mean fun) -doom rocks and always will why "wreck" doom? the scary world of doom can never meet the pornographic world of duke! when worlds collide who knows what wll happen? people (namely me) would rather see TC's based around cool games or a TC about arab terrorists or something cool and violent like that or something
  12. Bongo

    Quake Source Released

    this is gonna be MAD! if doom gets quakes tcp/ip support, i'd finally have a use for gamespy! :P