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  1. LowGcifer

    The Modest Mapping Challenge

    My guess is that they'll feel similar to the Doom II City levels. Abstract and Twilight Zone-ish.
  2. LowGcifer

    The Modest Mapping Challenge

    It was just to be unique from Doom II in terms of episode order. There were a lot of different episode themes discussed. I personally recommended throwing Jungle in as a theme but we decided it'd be frustrating to pull off without Plutonia textures. I think seeing City as the final episode will be interesting because most city levels are not balanced to be placed at the end of a WAD.
  3. LowGcifer

    Into the Base

    I played through your first map, so I was happy to see you made another one! This map was infinitely better than your first map. For one, it's actually fun (I'm sorry I couldn't help myself). The rooms were varied and well balanced. I liked the room with the red key a lot. I liked how I felt like I was going to be lost by the fact that there was a hub and you had to find the keys yourself, but in reality I knew exactly where to go and never felt like I was walking in circles. It's a nice incorporation of a little hub. I also liked that enemies would teleport into the hub whenever you grabbed a key. I also think detail-wise the map was a huge step up. It felt more like an id style level and less like... your first level. The only gripe I had was that I felt some of the floor height variations (namely the first room and the room with the shotgunners surrounding the ascending pyramid) were a bit steep. I think it would look nicer if they weren't as steep. Another tip I'd give you is to follow one of Romero's rules, which is to change the floor height when you change the floor texture. There are a lot of people who break this rule in a way that looks nice, but for someone who is new to mapping I'd follow it. Other than those two "complaints", great job! I'm sorry I harped on your first map. I promise I'm not that big of a jerk. I will definitely play your third map when it comes out! EDIT: Despite my critiques, I will add that you are already a better techbase mapper than I am. I struggle with techbase maps. I have a hard time coming up with details. I much prefer making maps in Hell.
  4. LowGcifer

    Chemical Facility - (My first map/.WAD)

    That wasn't just a good first level, that was a good level. Period. I am shocked that this is your first map. I played on UV. I only have two "criticisms" (the first one isn't even a criticism, just some general advice for the future.) If you were going for a Doom 1 or 2 feel in terms of detail, then you nailed it. However, I'd still work on making maps with more detail so you can expand your map making skill set. The map was appropriately detailed for a Doom 1/2 style map, but it's something you can work on for different styles of maps. Maybe I took a wrong turn, but I think having the player fight before getting a shotgun is a little unfair. Granted, the chaingunner was AT the shotgun, but it's still not terribly fun. That's the only enemy placement issue in the whole level. I will definitely be keeping on eye on any future releases you put out!
  5. LowGcifer

    First Time .WAD

    I just played this because I'm always down to support new WAD makers. Here are some notes, which may sound very similar to what Simomarchi said. The Revenant room is a pretty cool concept! I would place a couple extra rockets for the first few ammo drops, however. It was very easy to run out of rockets at first. While the concept behind the Revenant room was pretty cool, the room itself was bland. Once all the pillars were down it was just a green rectangle. I would add some decoration to break up the vast green walls and ceiling. The red skull key was on top of the lava. While it was easy grabbing the key without taking damage, a rule of thumb I follow is to never force the player onto damaging sectors. The lava damage should be punishment for falling off the platform. I would move the red skull key onto the platform/bridge. The Hell Knight/Caco room is a cool concept, but the execution struggled. I would add a little bit more ammo (just in case infighting fails) and tinker with the room and monster placement so infighting is more likely to occur at an ideal time. I found I had to kill many of the Cacos myself because they chased me into the hallway. A Cyberdemon fight at the end is a cool idea. I would give some more cell ammo, however. Killing a Cyberdemon in just two BFG shots can be tough without invincibility or a ton of health. The random teleportation is not a cool idea. The second room (with the chaingunners and Arachnotrons) is a little brutal. I would tone it down a little bit. Maybe replace some of the chaingunners with something else? i know I might have sounded harsh, but I don't mean to crush your dreams! I think it's very cool you tinkered with different concepts for such an early WAD in your map making career! Keep mapping and you'll only get better. The most important thing to remember is that regardless of what other people say, you should always map in a way that YOU enjoy. Nice job!
  6. LowGcifer

    How you play DOOM

    GZDoom and PRBoom+ are my preferred ports. PRBoom+ is mostly used for the IWADs and any "old" PWADs. I use GZDoom for almost anything released after Scythe 2, even if the WAD doesn't require any G/ZDoom features. It just feels "right" to use a modern source port for a modern WAD, but that just applies to me.
  7. LowGcifer

    Lunar Catastrophe - An Ultimate Doom Megawad (RELEASED!)

    Those screenshots look like something right up my alley. I'm definitely adding this to the backlog of WADs I have to play!