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  1. LowGcifer

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Demonfear & 1000 Lines 2

    Wow, it’s cool and crazy to read that people actually enjoyed my MAP 26 for 1K Lines 2! Thank you for your reviews! If TMMC 1 is lucky enough to be chosen, I look forward to reading your thoughts on my *numerous* maps for that project.
  2. LowGcifer

    The Modest Mapping Challenge 2

    Just stopping by to confirm that I am not dead and am still going to submit MAP28 by the deadline.
  3. @Horus Thank you for your feedback! I'm glad you overall enjoyed the map. Your feedback is quite constructive and helpful. This will sound sadistic, but I'm glad the cave portion was hard. That was intended to be a particularly hard part of the map, despite its relatively low amount of monsters. @Clippy on the contrary, I'm sorry you did not enjoy my map. Just looking at your thumbnail was a bummer, haha. Normally my slaughter maps have some sort of difficulty balancing, but this one does not. I hope this doesn't deter you from playing any maps you may see me release in the future, as I promise I normally incorporate difficulty balancing so that my maps are accessible to everyone. In fact, I don't even normally make slaughter maps; this is only my second one. But anyway, thank you for playing! I appreciate it.
  4. Here's version 1.1. It makes the lava damaging and I *tried* to make the rocket launcher more obvious. Suburbs Remake.zip
  5. The feedback here has been nicer than i expected. Thank you! As for the lava not being damaging, that is not intentional. I actually told myself "Don't forget to make the lava a pain sector" at least 5 different times, and this still happened. I'll have an update shortly. ' Also, the "cifer" in LowGcifer is pronounced like it is in "Lucifer". "Low-G-sif-er".
  6. I submitted this to Steve a few days but am just now getting around to posting it on Doomworld, for no other reason than I am forgetful, and previously exited the page upon seeing I had to put the WAD in a zip file. Yes, I am that lazy. Map name: Slaughter at the Burbs Author: LowGcifer Music: MAP16 music Sky: Doom 2 City sky. Port designed for: GZDoom. This is a UDMF format map. Multiplayer: Oh god no Gimmicks attempted: Remaking a Doom 1/Doom 2 map (Suburbs) Author comments: I have no idea if this is any good. Have fun! Map takes up MAP16. Suburbs Remake.zip
  7. LowGcifer

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    I think that there’s nothing wrong with slaughtermaps centered around BFG spam. The weapon doesn’t inherently make slaughter “easy” or “mindless” imo. The actual map design is a much more important factor to creating challenging and/or interesting encounters. The BFG is an incredibly fun weapon. It’s not automatically an “easy” weapon. CAN the BFG be a room clearing weapon? Yes. Can it also be just another tool to help you deal with a swarm of enemies? Also yes.
  8. As the author of this map, I agree wholeheartedly. We are talking about what to do with this map, either to move it or beef it up. The map was made in approximately two days, due to an issue with an empty map slot at the last minute, hence why it is so simple. And thank you for your kind words! The general consensus on this map seems to be that many people who aren't fans of slaughter have a lot of fun with this. It warms my heart.
  9. LowGcifer

    The DWIronman League dies to: Scythe

    Scythe is my favorite megawad of all time. I plan to make this my first Ironman run.
  10. LowGcifer

    Blood Oven

    Telling the player “well you were supposed to do this” is never a good look. Just an FYI.
  11. Hehehe, finished MAP30. Now I see why it's called Doom Zero... very clever! Great job! This was a very fun WAD. I definitely will be replaying this.
  12. LowGcifer

    Your thoughts on Plutonia

    Plutonia would still be beloved had it been just a PWAD. Evilution, on the other hand, would just be known as a precursor to Eternal Doom and Icarus: Alien Vanguard.
  13. LowGcifer

    (MAPPERS NEEDED)The New Horizons 2

    You have to use ZDoom/GZDoom to play anything in Doom 2 that isn't MAP01-MAP32.
  14. LowGcifer

    (MAPPERS NEEDED)The New Horizons 2

    I'll take E3M6, as I love making hell maps. Also, while the maps are being made in Doom format, do they have to be compatible with vanilla? Seeing that the WAD will use MAPINFO, I assume the maps only have to be limit removing in compatibility.
  15. LowGcifer

    Tips for new mappers?

    This. It is very tempting to make something that looks very pretty, but when you realize you made a circle strafe festival, you come to regret all those lines you drew very quick. As for formats, I recommend sticking with Doom or Boom format at first. UDMF is great, but with UDMF comes GZDoom-isms. Also, test your map in its intended source port. All too often do I see WADs from new mappers being advertised as being in Doom or Boom format, and then only working in ZDoom because that's all the mapper tested them in. It's okay if you make a Boom format map that only works in ZDoom, but make that clear when you release the map. A lot of people (including me) will automatically use PRBoom+ for anything that's said to be in Boom format, without any disclaimers about the map only working in ZDoom. It's inconvenient when I find the part of the map that doesn't function in PRBoom+. I love this advice because I fell into this trap the day I downloaded DB2. Although a note about episode replacements: They are a great stepping stone between making standalone maps and making a full blown megawad. But still, making an episode right when you start mapping (although it is FAR more feasible than a megawad) is still not a great idea for the reasons NIH has already gone over. Personally, the megawad I started so early in my mapping career is still in development, but it is not a top priority because learning and growing as a mapper is far more important than releasing a WAD that isn't the best it could have been. Slow and steady wins the race! Oh, and a note about detail. My personal rule is that as long as the map has about as much detail as the IWADs, it has an acceptable amount of detail. Personally I like to detail more than that, but it's a base level. Don't worry about whether people will think your map is detailed enough. Good gameplay is what matters. We're playing a game from 1993, worrying about the amount of detail in a map isn't a good use of your time.