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  1. MuratMikal

    Doomworld Mega Project 2016

    Played all maps in UV with keyboard only. While there are certainly very bad maps such as MAP 02, 06, 09, 19, 23, 24 and 38 there're a lot of good ones such as MAP 07 (by WindbagJacket), 18 (by dt_), 20 (by Du_Man_Yhu), 22 (by rdwpa), 27 (by Jjp), 28 (by The_Thrigger), 42 (by Empyre), 43 (By Pinchy) and the best of all, MAP 25 (by antares031). All other maps not cited here were just fine. Overall worth a shot.
  2. MuratMikal

    Daniel Level Serie 01

    Surprisingly, a good megawad! I didn't care much for maps 1, 2, 3, 25 and 30 because those need jump for progression. All the other maps are nicely crafted and balanced, being difficult on UV but always fair.
  3. MuratMikal

    Cabro's legacy

    Cabro's legacy is a big megawad comprising of a hub and 40 playable maps. While the design of maps isn't that great, the gameplay is balanced with lots of fun and there're at least 10 maps that have more than 500 enemies. I really enjoyed the whole megawad and will replay it in future.
  4. MuratMikal

    Mano Laikas: A road to Gamzatti

    Very disapointed on this megawad. I thought it would be good because the author is the same of Eviltech, one of best megawad i've ever played. This one on the other hand is very ugly, extremely confusing maps, a total waste of time. It seems the author didn't even test the levels properly before upload to IDGAMES, a shame really.
  5. MuratMikal

    Whispers of Satan

  6. MuratMikal

    Doom Core

  7. MuratMikal

    City of DooM (Part I) BETA 1-11

    I generally like city maps on DOOM but this set of maps are one of worst I've ever played. Extremely confusing maps, obtuse progression and on top of that there's no enough ammo on UV to kill the monsters. Gave up on MAP 06. It's utter garbage really, you should avoid it.
  8. MuratMikal

    Community Chest 3

    As others have pointed out, MAP 10 is indeed the worst of the megawad. But all the other maps are enjoyable, gameplay is awesome and fair, and the best maps are = 12, 20, 24, 26, 28 and 29. Speaking of MAP 29, it's huge and I took almost 1 hour and half to MAX it. This is the best CC in my opinion (haven't played CC 4 yet).
  9. MuratMikal

    Restoring Deimos

  10. MuratMikal

    Armadosia The Mad Corridor v2

    Very good megawad. Huge maps, high monster count in every map, epic fights and gameplay is excellent - not overly complicated but you must always use automap because there're a lot of switches scattered around all maps and w/o automap you'll have a very hard time progressing. MAP 28 is giant, will certainly take more than 45 min to finish to everyone who plays it in first time, without foreknowledge. Overall, very recommended if you don't mind maps lasting more than 30 min to finish.
  11. MuratMikal

    So, how old are you ?

    I'm 33.
  12. MuratMikal

    THT: Threnody

    Not good as everyone say. Some maps are decent but there're some maps that are way to confuse to navegate (namely maps 08/15/16 and 19). The best map are number 10 and both of antares031 are also pretty good. The gameplay is overall fine but some maps need saves or foreknowledge to survive.
  13. MuratMikal


    My comments are regarded to these maps and the rest of the 8 maps found here = https://www.doomworld.com/files/file/18251-zdmp2014/ I've played all maps on UV. The big majority of the maps are good, but some really stood out. Maps made by Dhu Man Yhu, Walter Confalonieri, sincity2100, Jaws in Space, FireSeraphim, Eradrop and Toxie Rocks are really nice, worth downloading just to play these. All the other maps are fine with exception of 3: BloodyAcid (couldn't play due to lag), Dobu Garu Maru (too long and confusing) and Obsidian (a puzzle map - not my cup of tea).
  14. MuratMikal


    There're some obnoxious counter intuitive puzzles along the way but that aside it's a fair megawad. The maps are well made and the overall difficult is in the right spot for me.