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  1. MuratMikal

    The Chaos Project ver 1.52b (b as in Boom:)

    Utter trash. The gameplay consist in cramped fights with confusing design, I had to use noclip a lot to progress. Also, there're two tropes the author overuse to annoy the players: Everytime you teleport to any location there's one pinky right behind you and you'll take unavoidable damage. But it isn't the worst thing: there're a lot and I mean it - almost any liquid you encounter slows down your movement, making dodge very hard or impossible because doomguy rely in his fast speed to dodge projectiles. I'm writing this review to warn other people of download this kind of shit on idarchives and waste their time.
  2. MuratMikal

    Vile Flesh

    An uneven MEGAWAD. The earlier maps are very good with great design and balanced gameplay. As the megawad advances after MAP 20 the maps get much more convoluted with obscure progression (sometimes very obtuse, even with idbeholdM it's still very hard to figure out progression) and scarce rocket/cell plasma which make a chore to trudge along with a lot of hellknights/revenants and other medium tier monsters. I could deal with the scarcity of ammo but what bogs me down was the confusing layout of some maps. Anyway, it was very good until MAP 20 after that not so much.
  3. MuratMikal

    Number One Kill The Next Generation

    I really liked this one megawad! Very difficult, chaingunners is indeed overused all through the maps while other enemies are underused. I didn't find any unfair encounters as others have pointed out. I will say though MAP 12 is very confusing, didn't like this one. Favorite MAPS = 06, 10, 08 and 16. I would really recommend it but you should play very carefully due to the ammount of hitscanners.
  4. MuratMikal

    Doom 0 (abandoned beta)

    Highly disagree here with NuMetalManiak. I tend to like some earlier desinging maps but this is just horrendous. Boxing desing, obtuse progression, not balanced gameplay, all that is bad in DOOM is on this wad. How anyone waste their time playing this shit is beyond me. This shouldn't never be uploaded to idgames, instead should go straight to the recycle bin.
  5. MuratMikal

    HELLDOOM, think swift or you will regret...

    The only thing good about this set of maps are the encounters which are balanced. All the rest are horrible, noob designing with invisible pillars in all the maps, unavoidable damage without radsuits, keys required to progress in secret places, hidden teleport required to progress, everything bad in designing you can find in those maps. Be sure to avoid this, certainly one of worst set of maps I've ever played.
    Great megawad! There're 40 maps on this megawad and almost all are very good to play, balanced gameplay in UV (with exception of 2 or so maps) and interesting traps. MAP 17 along with 26 are the hardests maps of the set. Any doomer will probably enjoy this in lower difficulties. Favorite maps = 04, 06, 11, 13, 32, 19, 20, 22, 25, 27, 29, 39 and 40.
  6. MuratMikal


    I played the first 5 maps in UV but didn't like it because of the high difficulty (as it should be since I was playing at highest difficulty). So, I turned to HMP and had a blast though the entire megawad! Make no mistake, it's still hard but the gameplay is balanced enough to overcome the high difficulty as there're a lot of soulsphere and megasphere in HMP. Also, the maps are well designed and not confusing which is always a plus for me. Pipicz really knows how to balance the maps! Favorite Maps = 06, 13, 14, 18, 20, 23 and 25. Bad Maps = 31 and 29. I advise you to play this megawad only if you're an experienced player otherwise you'll likely to get frustated.
  7. MuratMikal

    NOVA: The Birth

    This is a great megawad! Most of maps are well designed, balanced and pretty fun to play. The first hard part of megawad is MAP 15, the final fight (2 parts). After that, MAP 17 is other major spike in difficulty. Then, MAP 28 and 30 are very hard, with 30 being the hardest of the set. Anyway, favorite maps = 18, 20, 25, 28 and 30 (half of it really). The only bad map I've found is MAP 31. Overall it's a megawad I recommend but be warned MAP 30 is very though in UV, I had to play this in HMP instead. I will certainly replay this one eventually!
  8. MuratMikal

    Doom 64 for Doom II

    Mediocre megawad. There're many puzzles along the maps and the small monster count makes me wonder if it's a puzzle oriented wad instead of an action one. Anyway, not my cup of tea.
  9. MuratMikal

    ZPack - Random Maps for ZDoom

    Played all maps in HMP difficulty with keyboard only. This is an interesting megawad which use several features present in ZDOOM such as swimming underwater, attacking monsters with help of friendly marines, flying upward through a giant fan among others. All maps are well design but few aren't balanced properly (for example E2M3 and E3M0, which really need more health). Speaking of E3M0, it is the worst map of the megawad, besides not balanced properly it's very cramped and all over the place. The best for me are E1M7, E1M8, E2M7, E3M3, E3M4, E3M5, E3M6, E3M7, E3M8 and E3M9. All the other maps are OK to play. I would reccomend only for those who don't mind some customs monsters.
  10. MuratMikal

    Crimson Canyon

    One of best sets of maps I've ever played. Perfect balanced combat at UV, nice layouts and monster count in good numbers (could be higher though). Would love to play a megawad made by J S Graham!
  11. MuratMikal

    Struggle - Antaresian Legacy

    I've finished the megawad right now and I can say I was very wrong in my first review. This megawad will getting better and better with the sucessive maps and the difficulty doesn't rise much. The first maps didn't do well for me but after MAP 11 till the end I had a blast! Besides, the textures are very beautiful and the maps are finely crafted, I can see why it get a cacoward! Favorite maps = 15, 31, 32, 19, 20, 27, 28, 29 and 30. Excellent job antares031, hope you keep mapping!
  12. MuratMikal

    The DOOM Tribute Project

    An excelent work! Even with custom monsters the difficulty of this megawad is very easy due to ammount of power ups given by the author. The maps are very well made and some requires a bit of exploration to progress but nothing- too obscure. Favorite MAPS = 04, 22, 23 and 26. The only MAP I didn't like was MAP 25 because it was way too cramped. What I really liked in the megawad is the additional blood features when you shot enemies. Outstanding work Mr.Alando1! Will certainly replay this one!
  13. MuratMikal


    Great megawad. Most maps are balanced in UV and very fun to MAX. Unlike it was wrote in read me the maps after 24 aren't that hard if compared with mapsets of nowadays. Anyway, the best for me are = 04, 05, 10, 31, 32, 16, 19, 24 , 29. I found only 3 bad maps out of 35 = 06, 30 and 35. Definitely recommended!
  14. MuratMikal

    Vanished Colony

    An enjoyable set of maps of easy difficulty (MAP 07 is medium) in UV with simple design that worked well for me. Finished the whole set in 02:40 min. Certainly worth a shot!