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Everything posted by MuratMikal

  1. MuratMikal

    Illuminatus v1.0.0

    The amount of backtrack in this megawad is staggering! Even using idclip to somewhat mitigate the backtrack while going to the switchs it took me about 15 hours to finish the whole megawad. This is the only bad thing because the gameplay is very good with huge maps and high monster count. If you like huge maps and don't mind the switching hunt for progress give it a whirl, you won't regret.
  2. MuratMikal

    Memento Mori II

    I fail to see why people praise this megawad. A lot of maps are cramped and confused and also the authors (in almost all maps) restrict the player with low ammo for rocket and plasma making you rely on SSG to kill barons, that's just boring. One of few good maps is 32 and the worst maps are: 22, 27 and 29 but there're more.
  3. MuratMikal


    A great megawad but I'll have to deduct 1 star due to 2 flaws IMO: first: use of stealth monsters, they're just a cheap way to create artificial dificult and they really aren't needed. Second: some switches needed to progress some maps are in secret spots, and if you don't find the secret you can't progress, this is just bad design. Aside for those flaws I liked the megawad, would recommended.
  4. MuratMikal

    Good Morining Phobos

    This is a pretty hard megawad on UV due to the big amount of chaingunners and archviles in almost all maps. Either you play very cautiously or you'll be blazed or shredded very quickly. If you're not an elite player you'll certainly need saves in order to beat some maps. Aside of the difficult, I found these maps to be very fun and excellent crafted, the author did a good job! Overall I recommend it for everyone who likes a great challenge, but play on HMP if you want a less intense experience.
  5. MuratMikal

    The Vilecore

    Played at UV. This one is a great megawad, a bit on easy side but I had great fun anyway. Great work sir!
  6. MuratMikal

    Zones of Fear

    One of best megawads I've ever played. This one has it all: huge maps, high monster count in every map, epic fights and the most important aspect for me, the gameplay is excellent: only 2 maps I found a bit confuse (namely map 22 and 26), all the others were fine. Recommended!
  7. MuratMikal


    Overcomplicated piece of garbage. Avoid it at all costs, unless you're a fan of puzzley pwad, all the gameplay revolves around it every map. As I don't like very confuse levels my rating is 1 (I'd volte 0 if I could).