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  1. Plasma Slayer

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    Fantastic! Glad we're getting some more DOOM Eternal so soon after the main game :)
  2. Plasma Slayer

    DOOM 3: BFG Edition should've been a console exclusive...

    Terrible take there :(
  3. Plasma Slayer

    DOOM 3: BFG Edition should've been a console exclusive...

    It's available as part of the Steam version. I just extract the nerve.WAD and play it in Chocolate DOOM.
  4. Plasma Slayer

    DOOM 3: BFG Edition should've been a console exclusive...

    I liked the Lost Mission and I liked No Rest For The Living. That's why I bought the BFG Edition and I'm glad it came to PC :)
  5. Plasma Slayer

    Doom 1 or 2?

    See, I loved E2 and E3 but E4 feels like half-baked Doom 2 without the new monsters or the SSG. And the levels aren't nearly as aesthetically pleasing or even interesting as E1-E3 — at least to me, anyway :-)
  6. Plasma Slayer

    Classic Doom Better Than The New Ones Or Vice Versa?

    Nothing beats the classics, but I love the newer Doom games, too!
  7. Plasma Slayer

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Just a fun discussion topic -- I love them both!
  8. Plasma Slayer

    Doom 2: Sequel or Expansion Pak?

    Sequel for sure. It was a full-length successor with new textures, 32 new maps, new monsters, a new weapon. Maybe they could have added more weapons, but really, Doom 2 was an amazing game that was well worth the price of admission. It still is today!
  9. Plasma Slayer

    Doom 1 or 2?

    I’ve been thinking about the topic of Doom vs Doom 2 and my thinking is as follows: Doom 2’s combat rhythm is superior thanks to the addition of the Super Shotgun as well as the expanded monster roster. But Doom 1’s level design and general aesthetics are superior. What do you all think?
  10. Plasma Slayer

    Recommend some Vanilla Doom/Doom 2 Megawads

    Thanks, everyone!!
  11. I’m currently on a Doom binge and am nearing the end of Hell Revealed. I really want some more, vanilla-compatible Doom/Doom 2 megawads to play. What ones would you recommend?
  12. Plasma Slayer

    What are your preferred visual settings?

    As close to the original as I can get. That's why Chocolate DOOM is my preferred way to play.
  13. Plasma Slayer

    How much do you play or used to play Doom?

    When I was younger, I'd play for several hours a day. Now with work and other life things, I'm lucky to get a few hours in per week!
  14. I'm playing through this and so far it's been an absolute blast. Thank you to the team that built this -- a truly great megawad! @ZeMystic, any chance that you'll start an Oops! All Techbase 2? :-)