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  1. Re-Klaw

    Matrixy Poll (BEWARE OF SPOILERS)

    sorry pritch, this one alone took me for ages to find, and i'm still looking for one in Australia.
  2. Re-Klaw

    Matrixy Poll (BEWARE OF SPOILERS)

    Smith!!! well he isn't an agent anymore and his new sunnies are the best check this site out http://www.korol.biz/matrix/index.php?c_id=noref
  3. Re-Klaw

    the demonic head in the video

    so amazing!!! i thought the demonic head was there for show:) what i really thought, it was where your very fisrt mission started, but i like the idea that its a teleporting thingy to get to one of the moons
  4. Re-Klaw

    Coolest/Funniest Doom Moments

    trying to beat doom 2 on nightmare in zdoom, and now trying to beat tnt in nightmare with jdoom, always fun:p funniest thing i've done would be walking into the room filled with knight on tricks and traps without bothering to get the invonrability (Btw i don't know any cheats, don't eva want to :) ) Yeppie my 1st post