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  1. OldDoomMapper

    GZDoom spotlight

    Hello all, I've spent much time and effort searching and trying, but I've not been able to put a simple spotlight in my UDMF map for GZDoom. In GZDB it is not shown under dynamic lights items; trying to spawn it from ACS code failed. It seems it's something using ZScript, that I've never used.Can someone kindly explain how this thing is supposed to work? Thank you.
  2. OldDoomMapper

    3D floors texture align

    Hello all, my problem is: two 3D floors on the same sector, I can't align textures. It seems like there is a common offset between the 3D floors, so that changing one affect the other, too. I've tried changing tho texture offset in the control sidedef, with no effect. GZDoom builder 2.3.0, UDMF. I've attached a minimal example. Thank you! Align3D.zip
  3. OldDoomMapper

    Monster generator script

    Hello all, GZDoom, Doom Builder 2, UDMF map. I would like to: 1)Spawn a zombie at a map spot 2)Thrust it in a know direction 3)Repeat 25 times Unfortunately my script seems not to work as expected: some zombies are thrusted, some are not. int NewZombieTid=UniqueTID(); //Unused TID for(int nSpawn=0;nSpawn<25;;) { if(Thing_Spawn(SpotId,"T_ZOMBIE",180*256/360,ZombieTid)) { ThrustThing(180*256/360,30,0,ZombieTid); //Thrust the just generated zombie in 180 degree direction ZombieTid=UniqueTID(); //Get another TID nSpawn++; } delay(70); } Any idea? Thank you!