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  1. Spladam

    2022ADO ... Released! (now on idgames)

    Congratulations on the milestone, what a fantastic project and a great idea, looking forward to this.
  2. Spladam

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Is this a PWAD project? It's fantastic and very original.
  3. Well done, thanks for the effort.
  4. Spladam

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Not really Maya Amano
  5. Spladam

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    For some reason this instantly made me think of E Honda's stage in Street Fighter.
  6. Spladam

    How old is ''doomworld'' ?

    @Doomkid You just sent me down a Usenet rabbit hole of nostalgia. The best thing about Google archiving the old Usenet in Google Groups is all the folks replying to 20yo video game questions and console war flame post. It warms my heart. I often wonder how many how many folks reading Doomworld these days are younger than the forum itself.
  7. Spladam

    I'm worried about the future of Doom.

    -Edit: just reading your last post OP, would not have even replied if I saw that, I guess we just agree to disagree. I ended up just repeating what was already said.
  8. For me, NRFTL slightly beats out Plutonia, but I haven't played Plutonia in a long while, I'd have play through all of them again to make it fair.
  9. Spladam

    God damn i hate playing this game with a controller

    Oddly, I seem to do better on PS4, especially in the first handful of levels, using the DS4, than I was on PC. I must have gone with a higher difficulty on PC, I don't remember what I played through the PS4 version on the first time, but my initial playthrough of Doom 2016 on PC was tougher than it was on PS4 (I played through the PS4 version twice before playing the PC version as my PC was unstable when Doom was released). In the last decade I've played more games, even FPS with controller than with kb/m partly out of comfort of playing in front of the TV and partly because I play guitar and M/K has done some damage to my wrist over the years, my wrist now "crunches" after extensive play with m/k these days. I didn't play the PC Doom 2016 with controller just out of nostalgia's sake though, but I might try another playthrough with a controller to see the real difference.
  10. Spladam

    What is the best idtech1 game?

    I'd like to thank the all the folks in online twitter and forum polls for always confirming my opinion is right ;) I knew Doom II was winning before I even voted. Joking aside, I think Doom II was the perfect balance of difficulty and level design, it's not crazy hard, and fair for the most part (outside of some of Sandy's shenanigans), it introduces the enemy roster we've all come to love, and it clearly shows how the guys had come to really know the games mechanics and how they translate to game play, and would clearly influence mappers design choices for years to come. The game was approachable by anyone, and stands the test of time. It was pure. As amazing as the first experience with the Doom shareware was to me as a kid, my first time with Doom II is still right at the top of my all time video game experiences, along with Golden Eye, Half Life, and Metroid Prime.
  11. Spladam

    Your thoughts on Plutonia

    Well, I wonder this, how would we be talking about Plutonia (and TNT) today if it were released as just another PWAD back in the day? Do you guys think everyone would still have the same reverence for it? For a mapset made in such a short time, it does hold up well, if a bit gimmicky now.
  12. Spladam

    John Carmack on the Joe Rogan show - it happened!

    I have to wonder what all the "objections" they had to deal with and request they had to clear were? No questions about Columbine or some shit like that?
  13. Spladam

    Have you ever changed as a gamer as years went on?

    I used to play everything that came out that I could get my hands on, and obsess over video game industry news and such, now it's a passing interest, and I play more Minecraft with my brother and old school fps source ports than I do anything else. I harbor a growing frustration with gaming "culture" as a whole, and find it increasingly toxic and immature in many regards. I don't have the time I once had for gaming, and even when I do I have much less motivation to enjoy it. I use gaming to keep in touch with distant friends and do multiplayer games with them just to hang out, it's not a serious competition anymore. I still love racing and flight sims, but hardly find as much time for them as I used to and my racing wheel rarely gets used these days. I guess I'm just getting old. Gameplay wise, I used to horde resources and VERY carefully plan things and take my time, play slowly, now I just go for it, no longer conserve everything for the boss fights, play through games faster and take much more risk. I die more as well haha. The only multiplayer game I've been seriously competitive with in the last 5 years is Rocket League and a couple of online racing sims. I've decided to start playing online Doom now, as I'm slowly returning to the old games and communities, just to have fun and kick some nostalgia around.
  14. Spladam

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    A lot of the DB layouts I see on here look like images rendered in some high powered fractal generator. It's beautiful. The bar for Doom mapping is so incredibly fucking high these days, in all regards.