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  1. CyanoBlugron

    vorpal's 2020 wad picks from the community

    Thanks for the mention! :D
  2. CyanoBlugron

    [PRBoom-Compat] Unhallowed

    Thanks for the review, Cholo! Glad you enjoyed the map even if it was challenging. :D Also, the regarding the two issues you found: 1. In all of my testing and watching others test, I never saw someone being able to make it there fast enough to see the lack of textures in that area, so I never bothered to fix it since I assumed most players would never get there fast enough. 2. If you look to the left of this platform, right before the metal pillar, you'll see a switch that allows you to lower the platform again. It opens once you've walked into the platform.
  3. CyanoBlugron

    [PRBoom-Compat] Unhallowed

    I don't remember if he streamed it, but I do remember posting screenshots on his server when it was in development.
  4. Yo! After lurking in the realm of Discord for too long, I've finally decided to release this map to the public at large to enjoy! This was meant to be a map of a much larger map pack, but I've decided to focus on another big project instead of focusing on making 1-hour long maps after the other, which was burning me out a little bit. This is not my style of map usually, I just felt like doing something pretty Sunder-y for once to see if I can manage a grander scale of map without a hitch. Targeted Port: Optimal experience in PrBoom+, but it should work on any port that supports DeHacked. Map: Single map Difficulty: Can get pretty slaughter-y at times, exclusively at the last parts. Difficulty has been implemented and the lower the difficulty, the less monsters you'll deal with and some encounters are changed. Credits: Alfonzo - "Oracle Night" MIDI Ola Björling - OTEX (Already integrated in the WAD, so no need to load it OTEX alongside it.), sprites Antares - PLAYPAL Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c7snsmrx7kyrl26/unhallowed.wad?dl=0 Screenshots: