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  1. C. Blacktoe

    Classic Doom Difficulty

    Wait a minute, why not? It's fun and reckless and probably just the beginning. Any tips and i'm mostly keen on trying them out
  2. C. Blacktoe

    Classic Doom Difficulty

    Okey, so it seems I'm not that updated on the new take on the classic Doom. Thanks people for updating me... Downloaded GZDoom and tried it, now the thing is that i like som the way it was and think dosbox works perfectly for me. So with the better ones I decided to go full out and do GZ, instead of crispy or Vanilla, and been playing quite some Brutal Doom since then. Speaking of brutal doom, what the heck is wrong with the helping marines?!
  3. C. Blacktoe

    Classic Doom Difficulty

    Okey, one thing needs to be said, I play doom, doom 2, and final doom on dosbox with game settings set as close to the original (not talking about the dosbox settings) i usually play -skill 4 -. I play with keyboard ONLY!!! I'm not playing to get the most out of the software, i want doom as it was and that's fina with me (I'm a simple guy) Though i will try one or two of the ones suggested here whenever time finds me. One problem i do have with dosbox though is master levels of doom, never got them to work proper
  4. C. Blacktoe

    Classic Doom Difficulty

    The main reason I'm using dosbox is to play a bunch of other games from that era (like commander keen) and because dosbox is so nostalgic. Which other should I use if i wanna have a doom game that looks just like the original? (e.g. Imp fireballs lookinh like they did first time)
  5. C. Blacktoe

    Classic Doom Difficulty

    That's exactly the one i used on a friend when he said he could beat any old doom game on the hardest difficulty. Set him up with -skill 4 -fast -respawn on 'thy flesh consumed' and he never made it past the first level 😂
  6. C. Blacktoe

    Classic Doom Difficulty

    I've been playing lots of classic Doom lately, mostly Doom 1 & 2, and wind up mixing with the difficulty to get the best one for me (i play using dosbox). Doing this I've noticed that nightmare isn't the hardest difficulty you can get