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  1. Rex R

    I'm looking for a tower of babel remake map

    as I recall, Graytale did a tower map for his 'Darkhell.wad' (Doom I) of course you would have a minimum of 7 other maps to play through to reach it :). Rex
  2. Rex R

    Recommendations for E1 WADs to play

    Lunar Catastrophe (file name 'Lunar.wad') is a pretty good 4 episode megawad that has similar feel to the original game. Rex
  3. Rex R

    something is very wrong with my GZDoom

    then it is likely a missing game file. bear in mind that 'we' are not there looking over your shoulder so, we have to rely on you to be 'our' eyes and ears to trouble shoot. also keep in mind that usually problems are simple in nature. did you try creating a new folder(empty) and unzipping a new copy of the Gzdoom archive into the new folder, then drag a copy of Doom.wad/ doom2.wad to this new folder(do not put anything else in there yet). next try to run the game. please let us know your results, thank you Rex -edit- do not use a 'windows shortcut' to try running the game.
  4. Rex R

    something is very wrong with my GZDoom

    if it worked before you packaged doom and not after, then something changed. either a game file or a system file was moved/removed/ corrupted. game files are fairly easy to replace,(which is why we suggest you start there) these days system files are tricky...have you tried running other games to see if it is a global problem?
  5. Rex R

    something is very wrong with my GZDoom

    sounds more like a missing library or 4(.dll files) the opengl library would be my guess. in which case a reinstall of gzdoom should fix it Rex
  6. observation; e2m6. there is one secret that is a pain to get, if one isn't careful a pair of cacodaemons will lock the player out of it. have not yet figured out the proper tactics for it yet...I can think of a few things that might work(speed, standing in the right place, or both). Rex
  7. Rex R

    I found something

    not familiar with this map but, I would imagine that those are monster holding cells where monsters chill until they get teleported elsewhere to try and kill the player :) . Rex
  8. been playing this wad using the 'La Taylor Girl' mod...overall I'm liking it, I did find a fly in the ointment in map E2M3 though that deserves mention. on the east side of the map there are 2 hazmat suits that rise up when a switch is thrown...with the la taylor girl mod you can't pick them up if the player is wearing an 'outfit'/armor. at the moment I can't think of any practical way to fix this, there is a way to get it to work* so I wouldn't spend time/ effort trying to fix this. from what I've seen so far this is a very nice megawad. Rex *to grab the hazmat suit while running the la taylor girl mod you need to drop the current outfit/armor and pickup the hazmat suit as the new outfit/armor, the hazmat suit will last until it takes enough damage or you drop it for another outfit :).