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  1. Zediru

    Harassment towards John Romero

    Maybe they misinterpreted you when you said "fuck me and the things I've been having to clean as a janitor on some irrelevant internet forum." You were talking about a different place, but maybe they thought you meant here.
  2. Zediru

    Harassment towards John Romero

    Oh my god.
  3. Zediru

    Harassment towards John Romero

    ...the implication being that someone claimed that Doomworld is a threat to human rights? Do you have evidence for this?
  4. I've been a lurker for years and only recently decided to start posting. I couldn't have possibly known that this subject, which is very important and personal to me, would come up within a few weeks of me starting to post, so I don't really see what your point is. Also, I am not denying your experiences "as a trans person". That is yet another exaggeration, just like the ones I've already pointed out. I suggested that you were exaggerating this particular situation, and the reason I'm saying this is because I saw with my own eyes that what you're saying happened, didn't.
  5. And I've been reading this thread from the start, including the now-deleted responses. I have not seen anyone disagree with the idea that "trans people should have equal rights and shouldn't be treated as second-class citizens". I have not seen anyone "wanting to benefit from our contributions while scoffing at the idea of having to give any respect or consideration in return". I have not seen anyone express "horror" at "being reminded that we exist at all". Your description of these people is hugely exaggerated if not downright false.
  6. The hypothetical people that you're describing are nowhere to be found. Nobody has behaved in this way, as far as I can tell. Perhaps it is your own imagination that is "weird" and "warped" in this instance.
  7. Zediru

    How much detail do you put on your wads?

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  8. Zediru

    My W.I.P mega wad project

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  9. Here is a sample of some music. This in particular is NOT intended for Necro Mortalis, but it's at least evidence of some musical competence.
  10. I apologize if I came off too strong in my original post. My purpose was only to get straight to the point, and to convey that I take this work very seriously. I've been playing Doom since I was a small child, basically when it was first released. Not just Doom, but a lot of the classic FPS: Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Quake, Unreal, Serious Sam. Before going on, I want to be clear: I have not released anything to this date, so if that makes you skeptical then I understand. You'll just have to wait a bit longer and then my work will speak for itself. My first exposure to video game level design, not counting imaginative drawings of generic "levels" as a child, was with UnrealEd for Unreal Tournament 1999. I was a young teenager just messing around trying to put the worlds I could see with my mind's eye into the computer. But I never made anything worth talking about. Looking back, UnrealEd was way too advanced for me to handle at the time. Since then (about 10 years), I've toyed around with level editors for various games like Battlefield 2, Serious Sam 1 & 2, UT2003, and now Doom. I found Doom Builder about 5 years ago, and it really clicked for me, perhaps BECAUSE of it's inherent limitations. In the past 5 years I've probably started, made progress on, and then scrapped, a few dozen maps and projects. Each time, I hit some critical obstacle that made it near impossible for me to continue. You know when you're making something and after a while you realize that it's just simply NOT turning out well. I've been working on this particular project since last December (just over a year), and I feel that this time I have a handle on things. I'm able to recognize the creative pitfalls that have trapped me before, and avoid them. I have a fuller vision of what I want to make, as well as what can actually be made with the tools I have. As for what other WADs I've played, here are some that jump out at me when I think back on my childhood: Dark Covenant, Raven, Thud, and of course Plutonia and TNT. There are many more that I can remember bits and pieces of but can't remember the name. More recently I've played and enjoyed Urania (oh my god I love Urania), The Ultimate Torment and Torture, Deathless, the Community Chests, Freedoom, Memento Mori 1 and 2, and Scythe 1 & 2. I'm probably forgetting a lot.
  11. Hello, this is my first post here. I'm Zediru, but you can call me Zed, Sed, or Alex. I am working on a set of maps for Doom 2. I don't have anything playable just yet, but I wanted to put this out there anyway. I will do a quick summary of some basic details about the project, then I will explain some things about it in more detail, and I will finish with about a dozen screenshots. Unfortunately no single map is yet complete, but I will have one or two playable teaser maps in a month or less. Name: Necro Mortalis Map Format: Doom Ports Tested: GZDoom IWAD: Doom 2 Maps: MAP01-MAP18 Gameplay: Singeplayer only Difficulty Settings: TBD (explained below) Build Time: Hundreds of hours, and counting Textures: Mostly Doom 2 (explained below) Music: TBD (explained below) Necro Mortalis a PWAD for Doom 2, and is meant to feel like the old game. The maps are organized into three episodes, with six maps per episode. I have spent (and will continue to spend) a lot of time making sure each episode has certain themes and motifs that distinguish it from the others, without breaking the overarching theme that holds everything together. The same is true for each individual map and its relation to the episode that contains it. I've played many WADs which are advertised as one big idea, but which in fact are a long and disjointed sequence of great but inconsistent ideas. I hope to avoid this pitfall. Now some brief comments on Textures, Music, and Difficulty. The only new textures will be things like lights and a couple liquids, which Doom 2 was lacking. I might put together some new switch textures made from existing Doom 2 patches. I am writing music for each map, all MIDI. Each episode has its own musical theme. For example, episode one is various genres of heavy metal, and episode two is dark/spooky/haunted stuff that doesn't belong to any music genre that I can think of. I am hoping to get some feedback about the music when I am able to release some playable teaser maps, because if people don't like it then I'm willing to scrap it in favor of music from the original game. In either case I will release my music separately for anyone who might like to listen to it, or use it in their own project. As for difficulty, the maps in my WAD won't be easy but they will be fair and enjoyable. And I never leave the player without any idea where to go; you should always be aware of at least one unexplored path. There won't be multiple difficulty settings at first, but I hope to eventually implement this after initial release. I plan to finish and release episodes 1 and 2 together, THEN finish and release 3 as an update. I am also working on a bonus fourth episode, but I am likely going to expand that into its own separate project. Now for the screenshots, which are in no particular order. I wasn't really sure what my screenshots ought to include, since pictures don't convey what it will be like to actually play the game, so I picked some places that look kind of nice, I guess. Even so, there are some obvious issues like texture misalignment, bad texture choice, and boring lighting in some of the screenshots. This will all be addressed by the time I release anything, but feel free to call attention to it anyway. EDIT: I just noticed some of the screenshots have text at the top, oh well.