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  1. Hey Everyone is there a way to make Text pop Up after i Pull a switch? i'm using Gzdoom Builder On UDMF Help would be Appreciated :)
  2. ElfishMender894

    (WIP) New Wad Colliding Reality's

    Hey everyone So I've decided to go Live with my Project I've Been working on, Colliding Reality's Is a 32 Level Mega WAD Made in GzDoom Builder in UDMF The Style of the Wad will be Heavily Inspired From The Wolfenstein Games here's what to expect! Huge Open Levels that Can Optionally Be explored Custom Music Custom Monsters Vanilla Possessed Humans will have New Sprites Vanilla Weapons will have New Sprites Custom Textures New Textures Environmental Story telling and much more! Screen shots Below Of Map 1 :) Map 2 is still in development!
  3. ElfishMender894

    why does doom builder 2 delete my maps?

    I've Experienced this first hand my only advice is to buy a 8 dollar USB Drive and back up your wads on their
  4. ElfishMender894

    a wad from the past

    The Most 90s Thing ever! The A Team Midi the South Park sound when you get killed you did a hell of a Job Man!
  5. ElfishMender894


    well what can i say i played this in 3 ways (all on ultra violence) 1 in GZDOOM With Mouse Look crouch/jump disabled and had a decent time the textures not Lined is pretty neat (except the hell textures) but it felt like a classic Map that might fit in DOOM 2 2 The 2nd way i played this was with Chocolate Doom with the keyboard controls and My Myyyy i had fun decent challenge! 3 the 3rd and final way was With Brutal DOOM V21 and this was probably the most fun i had on this level it was 10 mins of fun mowing down all the Demons the only complaint i really have is the textures and for a 1994 WAD Its decent and thats the thing this was made in 1994 when everyone was making WADS for the first time! and from the Read Me claiming anyone can Use this WAD for additional levels may even Remaster this WAD :D 3.5 Stars in my book!
  6. well there's a few options Linear DOOM Any doom wads from 2000 to 2003 (most maps i played around from that time where more story based) there's also a COD WAD that SGTMkIV showed off a few years back and anyones first Doom WADs hope this helped! :D
  7. ElfishMender894

    How to make my doom 3d ?

    Hi I'm not sure about adding 3D weapons and Monsters but you can easily Add 3D Floors with Gzdoom Builder on UDMF
  8. Hello Fellow Doomers is it possible to add multiple text screens in a Wad? Like the Text screen Works for the first Map but no matter what i try the 2nd maps Text screen Doesn't work any help will be greatly appreciated! :) this what i have Map MAP01 "SS Research Sector" { LevelNum = 1 Next = "MAP02" SecretNext = "MAP02" Sky1 = "SKY1" Cluster = 1 Music = "D_RUNNIN" } Cluster 1 { Flat = "FLOOR4_8" Music = "D_VICTOR" ExitText = "Awakening From Your Eternal Slumber", "This Limbo Begins once Anew", "No Choice No Mercy and Hesitation", "You Tear Your way through this Facility", "Against The Ancient Evil Going Rampent", "Signs of Hell Begining it's Conversion Can be seen", "You Need to Head deeper And Locate Ground Zero", "Of this Infestation And Close Their Access", "to this Reality Before it's to Late...", } Map MAP02 "The Fancy Halls" { LevelNum = 2 Next = "MAP03" SecretNext = "MAP03" Sky1 = "SKY1" Cluster = 2 } Cluster 2 { Flat = "FLOOR4_8" Music = "D_VICTOR" ExitText = "Test" }
  9. ElfishMender894

    Text Screen Troubel

    sorry for the late reply but thanks! i appreciate it!!
  10. ElfishMender894

    Text Screen Troubel

    Hi I'm creating a WAD And i added a text screen after level 1 but it only shows the first line/ Sentence is there anyway i can make it show more then 1 sentence? i'm using Slade this is what i put in the MAPINFO help would be GREATLY Appreciated! :) Map MAP01 "SS Research Sector" { LevelNum = 1 Next = "MAP02" SecretNext = "MAP02" Sky1 = "SKY1" Cluster = 1 Music = "D_RUNNIN" } Cluster 1 { Flat = "FLOOR4_8" Music = "D_VICTOR" ExitText = "Awakening From Your Eternal Slumber This Limbo Begins once Anew No Choice No Mercy and Hesitation You Tear Your way through this Facility against them" }
  11. ElfishMender894

    How would i make a custom sky box

    you got it! let me know how it goes! and if You want you can send me your wad to test it
  12. ElfishMender894

    How to Add a Text Screen?

    Hi i'm working on a WAD And i need to Add a Text screen during the intermission like the Levels 7, 12, 21 from The Original DOOM 2 Is there anyway i can do this? i'm using GZDOOM Builder UDMF
  13. ElfishMender894

    How would i make a custom sky box

    well Its simple if you have Slade Just open your wad Make a New Entry Name it PP_START and make another named PP_END then Get a picture put it between PP And name it RSKY1 hope this helps! :)