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  1. Kuschelmonster

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    i really like the Doomguys face on the first pic (ps. why has Doomguy got a makup)
  2. i have remove the BloodFixer.wad
  3. ok it was a mod that i have put to the skins folder i was a blood color fix for some monster now i have remove it and the barons act normal
  4. want to say i like your mod but i have a bug in gzdoom when i hit the baron of hell with any weaopn they turn in to the robot with the backpack but i can shoot them to until the death animation show up (using gzdoom 4.2.3)
  5. Kuschelmonster

    Microsoft's GS Wavetable Synth is the best soundfont for Doom?

    Sneaker's DMXOPL is a good option too
  6. Kuschelmonster

    Sharing some MIDI

    these sounds really good with sneakers DMXOPL.
  7. Kuschelmonster

    [GZDoom] Recreated Doom 64 Weapon

    wow nice work would be interesting to see in any Doom 64 mod like Retribution