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  1. PopeRigby

    Which do you hate more, shot gunners or chaingunners?

    God. Just watching this video gives me anxiety.
  2. PopeRigby

    Smooth Doom: Brightmapped Edition

    What's the copyright on this? All rights reserved? Creative commons?
  3. I think it's around 3 years old. It's very good, though. Much better suited to sprite editing than MSPaint. Be aware that it does cost around $20, but you can probably get it on sale. It's well worth it.
  4. PopeRigby

    X-Axis sprite billboards?

    Is there a mod that gives sprites special X-Axis billboards? It's always a little weird to see warped 2D sprites when you look down using freelook. I'm not talking about just using the Y-Axis sprites, but sprites specifically made to show the top of an actor.
  5. PopeRigby

    New Doom Eternal Stream

    I hope not, but if that what it takes to be a great game, I can wait.
  6. Yes. I have a beta version with just that fix, but a full release with some other fixes should be coming this week.
  7. Ok. I filed the bug and it got fixed, for anyone wondering.
  8. PopeRigby

    Any good tips for secret hunting?

    I don't want to cheat though.
  9. PopeRigby

    Any good tips for secret hunting?

    God I hate those.
  10. PopeRigby

    Any good tips for secret hunting?

    I'm playing Plutonia right now, and none of those tricks seem to be helping me. Maybe I'm going too fast, but I'm going slowly at the end, and still not seeing anything.
  11. I'm really bad at it, and I don't want to resort to looking it up.
  12. PopeRigby

    Is Freedoom heating up?

    +1 for Matrix
  13. I'm source controlling the dir, so keeping it in a pk3 isn't really an option. I'm going to file a bug on Aseprite's repo.
  14. That's incredibly annoying. I have to repackage them every time I want them to show up in game correctly?