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  1. Finally finished this amazing megawad! I really enjoyed the textures and layout of the maps, enemy placement felt challenging yet not overwhelming. I need to play Nostalgia 1, personally think Nostalgia 2 deserves a Cacoward! Great job Sadistic Penguin!
  2. Made it to map 13 today, going to push forward. Hopefully I can finish it this week, having a blast so far! Maps feel just right to keep me on my toes lol.
  3. Wow made it to Map 3, so far really enjoying this megawad! Going to try and finish this asap!
  4. Paul814

    What Remains | Now on idgames!

    Wow I had so much fun playing this collection of maps, The finale was awesome! Hopefully someday I can create a map as good as these. All the mappers who worked on this you did an amazing job!
  5. Paul814

    Oday's Sprites

    Wow I was thinking about making a nuclear waste wad. I might use these thanks alot.
  6. Congrats on the release, enjoying this megawad so far. I need to create another wad this fall/winter time. When I see projects like this, it gets me excited to create more maps.
  7. Paul814

    Uprising (Megawad)

    I starting playing the megawad today made it to map 5. So far I'm really enjoying the experience so far. Excited to see the rest of this megawad!😀
  8. Paul814

    Mountain Lab

    I really like this map, plus the midi was awesome to great work looking forward to whatever you put out next!👍🏼
  9. Paul814

    Super Slug [now on idgames]

    I will give this a play through hopefully sometime this afternoon.
  10. Paul814

    Initiation Temple - My first shared wad

    Played through your map yesterday, and I really enjoyed it. Very interested in what you make next.👍🏻
  11. Paul814

    [COMPLETE] Fear in your Memories

    @GhostPlayer I will check out the deep universe demo later after work.👍🏼
  12. Paul814

    [COMPLETE] Fear in your Memories

    Wow I just finished your map what an incredible experience. It took me 48:24 to finish it. Cool to see minecraft texture in a doom map. I think I found one texture that glitched out? Interested to see what you map next.
  13. Paul814

    Acid Labs - second WAD

    @VisionThingI enjoyed this wad from the custom monsters, Midi, and dark atmosphere. The flashing light fighting the hell knight was intense for me. Which way did he go!😱👏🏼 Keep up the great work.👍🏼
  14. Paul814

    Tombs of Torment - first WAD

    I really enjoyed your first map, I like how large the map was compared to my first map. Very interested to see what you create next keep up the great work. The puzzle in the beginning got me at first until I spotted it. It took me at least one minute. 😆
  15. Paul814

    Ungodly Dwellings - First Map

    Update 1.2 is live!