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  1. Paul814

    Super Slug: Two maps for GZDoom

    I will give this a play through hopefully sometime this afternoon.
  2. Paul814

    Initiation Temple - My first shared wad

    Played through your map yesterday, and I really enjoyed it. Very interested in what you make next.👍🏻
  3. Paul814

    [COMPLETE] Fear in your Memories

    @GhostPlayer I will check out the deep universe demo later after work.👍🏼
  4. Paul814

    [COMPLETE] Fear in your Memories

    Wow I just finished your map what an incredible experience. It took me 48:24 to finish it. Cool to see minecraft texture in a doom map. I think I found one texture that glitched out? Interested to see what you map next.
  5. Paul814

    Acid Labs - second WAD

    @VisionThingI enjoyed this wad from the custom monsters, Midi, and dark atmosphere. The flashing light fighting the hell knight was intense for me. Which way did he go!😱👏🏼 Keep up the great work.👍🏼
  6. Paul814

    Tombs of Torment - first WAD

    I really enjoyed your first map, I like how large the map was compared to my first map. Very interested to see what you create next keep up the great work. The puzzle in the beginning got me at first until I spotted it. It took me at least one minute. 😆
  7. Paul814

    Ungodly Dwellings - First Map

    Update 1.2 is live!
  8. Paul814

    Ungodly Dwellings - First Map

    @a dill pickle in disguise I agree not done tweaking the wad yet. The last encounter should end with a bang. Definitely making changes to this wad until I am satisfied. I was trying not to make the encounters too difficult, but the ending should of had more kick to it. Releasing this wad has really opened my eyes of how challenging it is to make good wads. Looking forward to my three days off from work to make some adjustments to the map.
  9. Paul814

    Ungodly Dwellings - First Map

    @ElPadrecitoCholo Thank you yeah I plan on doing more mapping. Going to take my time on whatever wad I create next. Just thinking of what theme I want to use. Glad you enjoyed it.
  10. Paul814

    Ungodly Dwellings - First Map

    @Clippy This is awesome I never knew that could happen. I see something new everyday. Glad you enjoyed the wad.
  11. Paul814

    Exploding Pain Elemental Kills a Baron

    @Clippy That's the first time I ever seen that happen as well. Glad you caught footage of this happening.🤣
  12. Paul814

    Ungodly Dwellings - First Map

    @MidnightMage Thanks I was really struggling to think of a name. Then it just clicked lol. Lovecraftian for the win.😄
  13. Paul814

    Ungodly Dwellings - First Map

    @Nine Inch Heels Ok I understand that better now thanks for clearing that up more for me.
  14. Paul814

    Ungodly Dwellings - First Map

    @Suitepee Thanks for the advice I will definitely update this map asap the backtracking part is awful. Possibly change the map layout to avoid backtracking. The chaingunners behind the skull spikes was a great idea. I just played around with a monster closet yesterday finally learned how to make them work. I am glad I made so many mistakes because I'm learning from them as more people give me input.
  15. Paul814

    Ungodly Dwellings - First Map

    Update 1.1 is ready it's at the top of this post. Here are some pics of what I changed. Looked at the first hell room and, I didn't care for the dark grey with yellow cracks so put the red variant there instead. I think it looks better with the blood floor. Made the extended ceiling flesh it makes more sense then a blood drip that doesn't lead to the floor below. The last fix are the decorations in the lava room they have their own little alcove now. I moved some ammo boxes a little, and added a hanging body in the blood room. Also moved some of the corpses in the blood room around.