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  1. 4everDoomed

    My second Doom map ever!

    Front Side Def 3530, Sector 252...missing texture / HOM effect. :-P Apart from that,- very nice map, I like it! Maybe you've just opened a door to another Sigil episode.... work on that ;-)
  2. 4everDoomed

    What are your top 10 most beloved video games?

    the list will probably look much different if you had to pick 10 games which you were allowed to play your entire remaining life only, instead of thinking about some favourites which are definitely far too many. I try these ones: GTA V Forza H4 Anno 1800 Age of Empires III C&C Generals/Zero Hour Resident Evil 4 Dead Space Final Fantasy VII Doom 2 Definitely a Baseball game, maybe even MVP Baseball '05 No easy choice ...
  3. 4everDoomed

    Happy 21st Dreamcast Day!

    No. My first DC caught fire while I was playing Blue Stinger. Funny... NOT !! Blue Stinger survived the tragedy but DC obviously didn't. My uncle worked at a games store at that time and he offered me to change it out for free, he could have dealt with that somehow. But it pissed me off so much that I sent that burned wreck directly back to Japan including a full report. I even paid these unnecessarily high costs of postage. Almost two or even three months later- I already had forgotten about it and would never ever get near those things again, - a big package arrived adressed to me. It was a Dreamcast and a letter. It turned out it was a machine with a dangerous fabrication defect. I don't remember the exact report anymore, it had something to do with the transformer inside. It should have never left the factory. But there was more than an apology letter and a new Dreamcast hidden in that package. Another smaller package inside contained Shen Mue and Dead or Alive 2 for free.... Sometimes it's helpful to grab the fish where it stinks first.... the head. ;-) Apart from that, I wasn't much hyped about Dreamcast, the era was simply too short. I enjoyed Code Veronica, Carrier, Deep Fear and Panzer Front very much. When they started to release interesting games, they died. Too bad. Saturn is awesome. I still have it with approx. 20 games. I bought it in 1997 and it still works fine. I recently played C&C every mission in a row. Good old times... I never had any trouble with that Saturn. It swallowed an invulnerability sphere or something.
  4. 4everDoomed

    Progressive Rock Suggestions?

    Beggars Opera (Act One/1970) is in my opinion their masterpiece. I like that album very much. You have to check it out and give it a chance. Cathedral (Stained Glass Stories/ 1978) Interesting for YES fans esp. Fragile, Close to the edge, Relayer... Hoelderlin '75-'79 found their way into my collection, too. Grobschnitt, the seventies. Try "Jumbo" english version or Solar Music if you don't know them yet. Riverside, a polish band that got often compared with Pink Floyd. Their first albums really have these special moments. A Shine on you crazy Diamond part is briefly played in one of their songs and it fits well. The Watch, an italian band heavily into Genesis/Gabriel era. They sound like as if Peter never left the band and carried on with new material. Very interesting. Deyss, a Marillion clone of the earlier days I'd say. I don't remember them very well though, it's a long time ago. Eloy (Ocean '77) is a nice album to listen to first if you don't know them.
  5. The original Doom series will always keep that nostalgic feel to me no matter how many wads with modern contents appear. There are too many key moments attached to its era. I don't know what I'd say if I hadn't played it 25 years ago. It could be much more different if I played it the very first time today. But whatever it is,- I'd never wanted to change THAT experience, that's for sure.
  6. 4everDoomed

    John Carpenter's The Thing vs The T-1000

    As crazy as it is..... but let's think about it. Spontaneously, T-1000 should be able to handle this one, it's nearly indestructible. What could The Thing do to harm a T-1000... Biting and scratching? Even the use of guns and explosives are pretty much useless. He couldn't even assimilate T-1000 since it's made of liquid metal, which, eventually be repelled by The Thing's organism during the process and all scattered bits and parts will reunite sooner or later. The only serious threat to T-1000 are extreme hot or cold temperatures and I'm not even sure if, for instance, the Antarctica is cold enough to freeze a T-1000. Probably not. Even temporary fires won't harm T-1000 that badly. The Thing is the first one going AWOL in that case :-P Besides, T-1000 is able to generate any weapon or object that he touched earlier which The Thing can't. I suppose, T-1000 has still many "home advantages", wherever a fight takes place. So, for me it has to be the legendary...
  7. Not really historically correct, but who knows…. :-P "Everything is so boring here", said Ra to himself while he stood somewhere in the Sahara, observing the pure dullness around him. "Only endless deserts and pyramids…being here is such a let down! Our culture definitely needs something more entertaining .…I wish I had an idea." A couple of days later, Osiris was slain by his own brother Seth. Ra found Osiris‘ Head on a stick, it was placed in front of Ra’s freshly built swimming pool. "Oh boy, what the hell?!", he sighed. "Where is the rest of it ?" He immediately knew that Seth was behind it. Seth was always a violent being and broke bad occasionally. "Dammit!" shouted Ra, I’m fed up with all the cruelty round these parts, it has to stop once and for all!" He called him out and demanded to know where the missing limbs and torso are. "Hmm let me see…" said Seth, "I’ve hidden his legs in Luxor, his arms might be scattered in Alexandria and the torso should be found here in Gizeh." "Alright", said Ra, "since you’ve been a total dickhead all the time, for starters,- I hereby order you to find all bodyparts and hand them over to Isis, otherwise, you’ll get whacked by my friend Dwayne, the fearless Scorpion King!!" After a long search, Seth successfully retrieved all parts and gave them as ordered to Osiris' wife Isis, who immediately started to rebuild and revive Osiris. In the meanwhile, Ra walked across the desert, still thinking about ways to enjoy people. Suddenly, he discovered a shiny box shaped object in the sand. It looked like an alien artifact from outer space. It had a screen on top of it and a lot of weird buttons. Ra pushed all buttons,- and the very last one seemed to work. The screen flickered, became brighter and the word "MagicBuilder" appeared. Ra, with an IQ of 350, easily figured out how that strange box worked with all these buttons. He found himself in a virtual environment in which he could draw lines, form objects and rooms. "Pretty cool", he thought, and asked himself if he could make sort of a game out of these possibilities. "Yeah, I'll put characters in it, too. Maybe Seth himself, an Anubis Warrior, Selkis, Spiders and Mummies...and of course weapons!" After weeks of develoment, "Powerslave" was born. Thousands of Egyptians started to help inventing more of those boxes. They were even able to connect these boxes and played with or against each other in excessive multiplayer sessions. "Finally! Something to have fun with and enjoy people and nobody gets hurt in real life", shouted Ra. Seth and Osiris became not only brothers but best friends again and if you listen carefully, you might still hear their laughter echoing in the deserts. Where that box came from which Ra found in the first place, remains a mystery for eternity.... Is it true?
  8. 4everDoomed

    Post your Desktop Background

    Rodney Matthews, one of my favourite illustrators at all. Currently showing the "No Mean City" album cover artwork (Nazareth)
  9. Many of us love music, to go to concerts (sadly not now because of c-virus :-/), collect cd's and merchandising etc... Everybody knows about the "big ones" like AC/DC, Metallica, Pink Floyd and stuff. But with that topic I'd like you to share your experiences with bands that are much lesser known or- even more interesting- totally unknown to people but still awesome to some extend. I've found many of them almost nobody speaks of and that's a pity. There's no rule here, if it's Jazz, Black Metal or Punk,- so be it. Would be cool if you post a band, their genre, a short description or a link whatsoever. I make a start with a couple of entries. Since I'm focussing on ProgRock mostly, I'll stick to that. "The Watch" is an italian group that heavily reincarnates the early Genesis days. For those that are keen on the Peter Gabriel era and still don't know "The Watch", feel free to look them up. To me, they sound like as Peter would have never left the band and carried on with his style with a fresh new touch. I love them very much. "Cathedral" (Not the Doom Metal band from GB!) But from USA. What to say about them? Not much, too unknown. They made an album in '78...and another one 30 years later. LOL I only know their first album "Stained Glass Stories". It follows the path of Yes's Fragile/Close to the Edge/Tales from Topographic Ocean. I bought that cd at a horrendous price because it's so rare, probably one of the most expensive ones I ever got.... I didn't regret it. "Twelfth Night" They might be interesting for early Marillion fans. Not unknown to the Britains but probably less known in most other countries. I bought a couple of cd's and I have mixed feelings about their works. Some songs are really awesome, some ones really crap. "Creepshow" is one of their badass songs that can easily compete with material from Script for a Jester's Tear or Fugazi. "The Collector" is a 20 min. epic song, it's their "Grendel" I'd say. I could go on for pages, but enough for now. What do you like what others should know of?
  10. 4everDoomed

    What was your first doom game?

    It all started with Final Doom PSX in 1996 or '97. I remember buying that along with "Disruptor" and got a nice discount. At that time, I didn't even know about the original PC Doom with all its differences. Roughly a year later, on the same day I bought a brandnew, freshly released Resident Evil 2, I found a used copy of Ultimate Doom in a second hand store. I've never encountered that one before and was surprised to see a "new" Doom title,- which really wasn't. It was like christmas! And still, I didn't know about the original Doom history. Not until I got in touch with Doom 64, a classmate told me about the "real" Doom series. He invited me and showed me all that stuff I wasn't aware of. Looking back on that, it's kinda funny.
  11. 4everDoomed

    Console Wars: Doom SNES vs 32X

    Found another big Doom review, comparing Jaguar- 32x- 486 and stuff,- only 26 years old. Quality is poor though, probably a copy of a copy of a copy or whatever. Still, it's interesting to read these articles nowadays. doom review.zip
  12. 4everDoomed

    Region Exclusive Gems

    There are a lot of japanese RPG's for the SNES that I like; originally released for Super Famicom. It's a pity that so many games haven't (officially) found their way to the USA or Europe. They definitely deserve more attention and mustn't be forgotten. Luckily, various translation patches, romhacks etc. have been created by fans to make them "playable". For those that loved Zelda, Secret of Mana, Soulblazer, Final Fantasy and so on, it's literally a paradise out there that's worth to be discovered. Here are a few examples: Alcahest Bahamut Lagoon Treasure Hunter Live a live Emerald Dragon Dual Orb II Dark Law
  13. 4everDoomed

    The Pink Floyd Appreciation Thread

    That's very cool, @DSC! I have a lot of favourite bands in stock but PF meant always something special to me. (The old Genesis days are very, very close to that, too.) I'm going to build a Floyd shrine soon because I can fill up an entire display cabinet with cd's, lp's, dvd's, box sets, books, magazines, tshirts, posters and whatever merchandising articles you can think of, and still collecting... I'm mostly interested in the '70-'77 era. I couldn't vote a single album as my personal "best choice", it's always the one I'm in the mood for listening to at the moment. I also love the early DSotM version they performed back in '72 very much. Wembley '74 was an incredible release via Immersion box sets. Sadly, as you might know, the encore "Echoes" is officially missing. But I got my hand on it "elsewhere" and completed the concert with that masterpiece myself. I'm hoping for an Animals box release in the future, that would be awesome. Too bad there's no official recording of the "In the flesh tour '77" as Nick Mason confirmed in an Interview. Maybe they can do something with the Oakland show, at least a professional clean up or something, that would be great. My father saw them live in London '77. That lucky bastard!! XD The Britannia row extraction tapes could be a nice addition as well if there was an improvement in sound quality.
  14. 4everDoomed

    dinosaur games?

    I also liked Dino Crisis very much and I think it should be my No. 1. I still have an original PSX copy plus an official strategy guide somewhere. I'd definitely love to see and buy a proper remake of it. Damn, it looks like it's already been planned for PS5, didn't know of that !! I hope Capcom will really make it true someday. The second part of Dino Crisis felt a bit too arcade-ish for my taste, IIRC it was too much shooting and jumping, collecting points and stuff. Still, I played it to the end. Jurassic Park for SNES... very interesting. But sadly I never saw the end. I couldn't accept the lack of save points or at least a fuckin' password system.
  15. 4everDoomed

    About the people who aren't here anymore

    I'm actually totally impressed about members that are STILL here instead of being not and I want to express my deepest respects to all members like @Doomkid @Linguica and everybody else who joined Doomworld in its early days,- and still being active! I've rarely seen such a loyalty from so many members over a long time like that in a community. Most people come in, say Hi, and mysteriously disappear after a couple of days, weeks or months. 5 years of active membership is already pretty cool, 10 years sounds like "wow !" but 20+ years are definitely worth a golden Doomguy trophy or something. I hope you all stay well !