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  1. 4everDoomed

    Wolf 3d game in 2019

    That's it. Wolf 3D is old. It's dumb. It's crazy. It's funny. I still play it today, at least every few years, and I'll probably play it in 2040. If you grew up with those games you feel a special connection to them. But I'd also be interested in a proper remake of Wolf 3D with stairs, lifts, teleporters and other stuff like mentioned before. Why not? By the way,- I recently played the SNES version of Wolf 3D. I never knew the differences. What a crappy version. Censored in any way, graphics that makes your eyes bleed, rats for dogs. etc... That version is a triple strike.... you're OUT ! XD
  2. Why don't you try Doom 64 Retribution then? It's a very well done project and makes the n64 version almost redundant.
  3. 4everDoomed

    If you play HNTR/ITYTD, do you use pistol starts?

    I don't do pistol starts either. I want to carry over my weapons/ ammo and health status into the next level. On the other hand, if I'd like to play a specific map out of turn, e.g. E4M5, it has to be doable from pistol start,- no matter what difficulty.
  4. Beware... it's a baby hell knight! One day you might get roasted :p No, seriously... very cute !
  5. 4everDoomed

    Funny moments in Doom?

    I recently played one of the Plutonia maps with the brutal doom mod. I'm not that familiar with the Plutonia episode, I have to search keys or switches in most of the maps. I don't know their locations by hard. It was a bad idea to run it with brutal doom though. I enabled so much blood and details that some of the walls were completely covered in blood like in a slaughterhouse. I couldn't find an important switch for my level progress because its texture was also entirely covered in blood. Can you believe that? I ran 20 minutes around in circles without knowing what to do or where to go. I had to look up a walkthrough to find the exit. I haven't seen that damn switch, unbelievable. I guess I'll play it ....vanilla- like first. XD
  6. 4everDoomed

    Introduction to strategy games

    I also like tactical RPG, they have a chess-like character and can be quite addictive. I played many of them, especially on older game consoles. Shining Force Vandal Hearts Final Fantasy Tactics Fire Emblem Metal Marines Mystaria Dynasty Warriors Tactics Fallout Tactics Front Mission ----- and lots more....
  7. 4everDoomed

    Favorite DOOM level.

    Very tough decision. I guess I vote for the entire episode 4 if I had to keep just one. Otherwise,- favorite levels could be... My top 5 in Doom: E1M7 Computer Station E3M5 Unholy Cathedral E3M6 Mt Erebus E4M2 Perfect Hatred E4M6 Against Thee Wickedly My Top 5 in Doom II Map14 Inmost Dens Map16 Suburbs Map18 Courtyard Map26 The Abandoned Mines Map29 Living End Master/TnT/Plutonia Top 10 mixed: Black Tower Manor TEETH Wormhole River Styx Lunar Mining Project Abattoire Odyssey of Noises Anti-Christ Temple of Darkness Favorite Doom soundtrack (original) : E1M5 (Suspense) E1M8 (Sign of Evil) E2M2 (The demons from Adrian's pen) The worst ever----- Club Doom... level and music...what the hell ?!
  8. 4everDoomed

    Sharkskin... (Sharkskin1.WAD)

    I just wanted to show an example, so I made one in a hurry. It wouldn't be finished that way, it's just a first step,- there's a lot to be fixed in that area. You can also open other players wads in your doombuilder and look how they did their work. You can learn from that , too. I always peek on the Doom II wad ;-) Textures: you used a lot different textures , very colorful for my taste. Some textures don't seem to fit in there, especially outside. Try to create a theme for your level, area, room, whatever.... it looks far more professional. Sometimes, less is more. I have a map in progress, it would look like that : I guess you know what I mean. Texture alignment: For instance, that window texture in your second picture above. It's cut off and looks ridiculous. Select it in doombuilder and press the arrow keys to move it around. Texture alignment is probably the most annoying task, I hate it. Another tip: If you have something like this: ...highlight every linedef and press "A" now, everything's in order. Very helpful. Nevertheless, you have to do what you like most. It's just my opinion.
  9. 4everDoomed

    Random Image Thread

    That conversation is priceless...
  10. 4everDoomed

    Bridges in Doom Builder 2

    Good luck with your bridge ! Just try it out. If there's any trouble, ask again.
  11. 4everDoomed

    Bridges in Doom Builder 2

    I use UDMF format , but I haven't done proper bridges yet, so I can't give an adequate explanation yet. You would surely use those 3D fake floors. You have to make a little dummy sector outside your map, a little triangle for instance. One of the linedefs of that triangle need an action tag, No. 160 it is... Give that linedef a Sectortag as well. The sector(shape) you want to have as the bridge must have the same Tag ID. If you've done it correctly you see something like this: The floating object could be the part of a brigde. Adujst its height by changing the floor/ ceiling height of the dummy sector. Or on the floating object...You can walk over it and underneath... Well there are no stairs or anything connected to that "bridge" yet, it's very abstract. But if you're familiar with the Hexen format, watch that video... shouldn't be that difficult either..
  12. 4everDoomed

    Bridges in Doom Builder 2

    He wanted to know if you make your maps in UDMF format or Hexen format or whatever else.... If you open a new file (map), you have to choose the corresponding configuration...so what was it in your case ? Check out the Video tutorial , its well explained (in Hexen format though). Don't know what you're working on.
  13. 4everDoomed

    Sharkskin... (Sharkskin1.WAD)

    Or try something like this.... A door which disappears into the sky looks weird. Try to create an illusion of a building, a fassade at least. On the other hand, E3M1 doesn't look better. The starting point is very simple made. The doortraks aren't unpegged either, XD
  14. 4everDoomed

    What are you playing now?

    I always felt that UV was the perfect difficulty and I won't play any easier modes (at least in the original Doom episodes). As I mentioned in another topic, I grew up with Final Doom on the PSX,- there were no possibilities to save ingame. If you die, start again. That was horrible annoying but also teasing. You automatically develop strategies to survive, try looking out for traps, pits, better routes or spare better ammo for a more appropriate situation, because you don't want to see the players start screen hundreds of times, which I saw enough of in my life ;-) Even if you know those levels well, you might get squished at certain points and that makes it still interesting. What's the point in playing ITYTD ? You'll miss all the nice action.
  15. 4everDoomed

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    That is really awesome! I was confused, I thought I had to pick the Doom.wad, but it is Doom II Entryway instead. I was wondering where all the difference was, LOL. Well, I like the complexity of your work, if that's supposed to be the first mission, I'd like to see your remakes of later maps in that game. I can't find anything negative about it... it proves that the original textures still look good if you know how to use them.