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  1. mappr

    What do you look for in a Doom map?

    I won't say what I look for when judging a map because I feel like that's a slightly different question, but what I usually 'look for' is infighting and... not getting hit? :) Instead of running in blasting my ssg I'll get a feel for the layout, running around the place enjoying the scene while deftly avoiding enemies and allowing them to kill each other for as long as I find that fun (then out comes the ssg). It's kind of like playing 'cats-and-mouse', it's fun dodging them but there's the added benefit of most of the cats taking each other out in the process. So I guess it follows I look for maps that have spaces that are not too open because then there's less challenge in avoiding enemies but also not too cramped. Less doors are better and not too much health because I want to be challenged. I enjoy having a bunch of enemies sprung on me, but also giving me just enough time and room to navigate them if I'm playing skilfully. What of yourself, Memerz1?
  2. mappr

    Bloody Rust 3 (Coming soon)

    @NoReason Ahhh thanks. Perhaps you need something to differentiate it more? Like a shootable switch texture or inset it further in the wall? I just didn't think to shoot it because it looks like the other switches you press and it's within using distance.
  3. mappr

    Bloody Rust 3 (Coming soon)

    @NoReason awesome looking map dude! As soon as I saw the architecture and layout I was like "when I check the monster count it's gonna be in the thousands huh", haha. I don't usually play slaughtermaps but I'll have to try get through this one (eventually). After grabbing the bfg in the room on the left, and starting all those crushers, I'm not sure what to do next. I'm not able to press the other switch that opens up, is this a bug or am I just missing something? It feels kinda weird going back to my map after yours, not quite the same sense of large-scale grandeur :p I won't have mine out to play just yet, I'm going away this weekend, but I'm taking a long train ride so I think it'll be fun to try and do some more mapping then. At the moment I'm working on what is currently the last major area, which I want to feel a bit more traditional and less open than my other spaces. More corridors and ancillary fights before a bigger ending. Think I need to play some more wads for inspiration first.
  4. mappr

    Doom 1 Doesn't Hold Up Anymore

    I miss that immersion I felt when playing Doom as a kid, though it's not really Doom's fault, with age I cannot immerse myself in any game today like I could years ago. It's a feeling I chase now in the mods I use, the environment I play in, and the substances I take to help aid the experience. Sometimes for an evening I can almost reclaim that feeling. Almost.
  5. mappr

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    @pc234 this is disgusting and I hope someone expands on this and makes one of those huge lavishly detailed slaughter maps and uses them everywhere
  6. mappr

    Bloody Rust 3 (Coming soon)

    Mine does the same, I assume it's intentional but hopefully Jaws can answer definitively, and perhaps update the OP as Pegleg suggested too. My map is going well, 120+ monsters in it should end up under 200 at this rate I think, not too long a map. Would like to get something out for testing in another week hopefully.
  7. mappr

    GORE - two maps for Ult. Doom

    thanks for pointing that out, I wouldn't want chris thinking he wasn't still appreciated :) 24 'likes' and counting
  8. Thanks for posting that link in the thread that got locked! Didn't even know Dime was running Doom at AGDQ! And now I've just noticed he ran Doom and Doom 2! Thanks fraggle!

  9. mappr

    Best Way to Play the Aliens TC

    Anyone tried this version? https://www.moddb.com/mods/aliens-tc/downloads/aliens-tc-2017
  10. mappr

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    gif of my map for bloody rust 3 (hope that's not cheating?), this is my first proper map so please no bully i like it most in software mode (no truecolour) it makes the colours more grungy, combined with a low res i think it looks cool
  11. mappr

    Bloody Rust 3 (Coming soon)

    Yeah good idea, I've done the same. Surprisingly, I've never heard of Bloody Rust up 'til now. Recently, I've been adding the area to the right and more than a few traps around the whole place. After hearing Tarnsman mention (on an old stream of his) that Plutonia's most common enemy was the Chaingunner, I've been trying to add more of them. I've also learned about flood fill (shift+middle mouse-button) which is quite helpful. I started looking at midis before remembering there's no need for that. Getting to hear Alfonzo's track is a prime motivator for finishing this sooner rather than later! Edit: uses the custom resources now so less chaingunners and more autoshotgunners. Testing a lot to get that balance of not having too much stuff but still enough to get by. Aiming to be challenging, but always testing to finish it in a reasonable fashion without saves. Will be interesting to see it tested by others a bit later, then I'll get to find out whether 'hard' for me is also 'hard' for other people or not. My gf was not able to finish it :p
  12. mappr

    Bloody Rust 3 (Coming soon)

    I've waited some days and notice that still no one else has applied, so I'd like to put my hand up for the project. I have no public releases to my name, but without anyone else expressing interest at this time I thought there no harm in expressing my own. I understand of course if you can't take me on or if my map should be rejected, but I thought that attempting to make some movement on the project would be better than none. The map is early in the making in the attached gif but I hope proof of not complete incompetence (I have not yet made use of any of your custom resources; texturing is not final, I just like to have something as I go along and begin with more 'vanilla' textures).