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  1. sapphics

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON

    i know i'm late. but im super excited to see what ya'll sexy beasts come up with. <3
  2. table filled, one year later.... (lol get it?!?!) map 28 UV Max in 3:40 map 29 UV Max in 3:46 map 30 UV Max in 4:59 ph_25yoe28m340.zip ph_25yoe29m346.zip ph_25yoe30m459.zip
  3. sapphics

    [-CL9] OCCULA.WAD [RC1]

    Oh frick yeah. So excited to play this one. Looks gorgeous!
  4. map 26 UV Max in 1:34 map 27 UV Max in 2:07 And the next post will be of the last 3 table fills for this WAD, the end is in sight. :) ph_25yoe26m134.zip ph_25yoe27m207.zip
  5. sapphics

    Choosing Only 5 wads to Play Forever

    1. Struggle: Antaresian Legacy : Literally my favorite mapset of all time. Beautiful maps, and probably the best example of perfect use of DEHACKED. All the way from the custom weapons to the enemies. The midis are perfect, from the VGM's ive never heard till this WAD, to all the @PsychEyeball midis. *chefs kiss* Has some of the best incidental combat imo, and also is the reason why my favorite type of doom maps are slaughter-lite is because of this WAD. Cheers @antares031 you're the GOAT. 2. Plutonia 2 : Although i like struggle all around more, this WAD has my favorite map ever (20, Lurking Fear) and my favorite midi which is End is Nigh by Jamie Robertson. This alone puts it at number 2 for me. P.S. (Gusta please come back) 3. Counterattack : This was the first PWAD i had ever played, so its a soft spot for me. @Mechadon was the first mapper i just was in awe with for the sheer complexity and size of his maps, and i owe all my newfound love to dooming to this man so cheers. Will never not boot this WAD up on a given day just to replay it. 4. Speed Of Doom : My first taste of true slaughter. (Looks at map 32) God i love this WAD. The @Joshy Darkwave combo too OP. So many memorable maps and midis. 5. NoSp2 : For my last slot this is tough, but ima have to give it to @NoReason 's behemoth. This mapset made me a better doomer. And has some of the most absurd fights in any PWAD, and all hail the infinite rocket launcher. Pure bliss when holding down that left click.
  6. sapphics

    Speed of Doom demos (-complevel 9)

    Map 04 UV Fast in 5:22 sd04f-522.zip
  7. 10/10 map. Will play again! :D
  8. sapphics

    1 Bad Wad - 10 maps [-complevel 9] (Now on /idgames)

    Having a blast playing this right now Spendo. Very good shit indeed brother.
  9. sapphics

    Struggle: Antaresian Legacy demos (-complevel 2)

    apparently i forgot to do map 03 max lmao so here it is map 03 uv max in 4:51 also heres 8 map 08 uv max in 5:47 sg03m451.zip sg08m547.zip
  10. Antaresian Reliquary map 02 UV-Max in 9:01 anta_req09m901.zip
  11. sapphics

    Struggle: Antaresian Legacy demos (-complevel 2)

    map 05 uv fast in 9:07 _______________ map 06 uv max in 3:51 map 07 uv max in 6:18 sg05f907.zip sg06m351.zip sg07m618.zip
  12. 1. @antares031 2. @Mechadon 3. @NoReason with guest mappers @Killer5 @Ribbiks. couldn't name a better dream team for me imo.
  13. sapphics

    Struggle: Antaresian Legacy demos (-complevel 2)

    map 04 uv fast in 7:27 sg04f-727.zip
  14. sapphics

    Struggle: Antaresian Legacy demos (-complevel 2)

    map 05 uv max in 8:41 sg05m-841.zip
  15. sapphics

    Struggle: Antaresian Legacy demos (-complevel 2)

    map 04 uv max in 6:07 sg04m607.zip