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  1. Kek

    Weird problem

    Nevermind everyone, it fixed itself. Wack.
  2. Kek

    Weird problem

    Expected "}" but got (that rectangle that your device displays when it doesn't recognize the character) What gives?
  3. Kek

    Gun butt melee?

    Let's say that I wanted to implement a gunbutt melee into my mod. That is to say, you press "F" and you give a snappy little lovetap to whatever's in melee range with the stock of your weapon. How would I make that happen?
  4. Kek

    Burning sprites?

    It's slim, but would anyone happen to have burning death animation sprites for larger enemy types that they'd be willing to share for baby's first modding project?
  5. Let's say that I need sprites. Is there anywhere other than realm667 where people put sprites out there for people to use?
  6. So, deadass, all was missing was a set of quotes? I feel dumb.
  7. I can't get it to work. Maybe give a snippet of decorate as an example?
  8. Let's say I have a replacement SSG and some sort of auto shotgun- How exactly would I have them share spawns like some weapons in Brutal Doom do?
  9. Kek

    Props from Realm667 not appearing?

    That's... Mildy infuriating. I guess I'll keep messing with it, something's gotta work eventually.
  10. Kek

    Props from Realm667 not appearing?

    It seems that it doesn't help. :-/ It still doesn't recognize the actor. Any other suggestions?
  11. I've tried the //$Category thing, I've tried inputting the ID directly, I've even tried summoning, which doesn't work. Why doesn't Doombuilder recognize this god forsaken chair?! Actor Chair 3031 //$Category Obstacles { +FloorClip +Solid Height 30 Radius 15 States { Spawn: CHAI A -1 Stop } }
  12. I'm making a level pack that uses custom sounds since the default ones are too loud for the tone, so I'm trying to replace them.