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  1. Shyboy

    (great idea) Doom Gun creator

    @kb1 @RonnieJamesDiner in short, thanks for the go-through on what to do. i will start with the program development p.s. the idea for this was from OBLIGE, because maps randomly generated? why not.
  2. Shyboy

    (great idea) Doom Gun creator

    @kbl the skins/color part just is a transparent layer over the weapon, like how when you stand under a light, it colors the gun and im no master artist for this... ಥʖ̯ಥ
  3. Shyboy

    (great idea) Doom Gun creator

    @Sgt Nate V No offense, but what is the point of a plasma chaingun? its just a mildly slower plasma gun.
  4. Shyboy

    (great idea) Doom Gun creator

    (UPDATE) @RonnieJamesDiner to your question, i just had an idea, so i didnt add much, but i forgot to add you could change the ammo type to cell, shell, rocket, or bullet. The body determines the projectile, unless you have a SSG Barrel, then it fires two of the chosen projectile. And yes, the various weapon stocks, barrels, handles, and body will tamper with the projectiles. The stock adds accuracy,handle for speed, body determines projectile, and barrel decides refire. A BFG body with SSG barrels will fire 2 simultaneous BFG shots, BTW.
  5. The idea is, a program where you select (for example) a chaingun handle, Super Shotgun barrels, and a BFG body. There should be a variety, like barrels, bodies , stocks, etc, even stuff not from game. and you should even be able to put it in a color, or skin, and export as wad file, then BAM! if this exists, could i have link? if not, plz make! no need to credit me if you make it, but it would be appreciated
  6. Shyboy

    how do i make multi-sectors? (bridges)

    can you put this in the simplest terms? im not that smart with doom builder
  7. Shyboy

    how do i make multi-sectors? (bridges)

    gzdoom 3d floor stuff
  8. I am not familiar with dummy sectors, and i dont know how to make bridges. can i have help with making those?
  9. I know how to edit maps,music, and the title screen and that crap, but i have no idea how to edit sprites for DOOM PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO EDIT SPRITES AND WHAT SOFTWARE I NEED OPTIONAL - DOWNLOAD LINKS