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  1. Quasar

    Mini Doom 3 Engine News

    In order for an operating system and the programs that run in it to use multiple processors, they must be specially programmed. A multi-OS operating system probably typically tries to balance threads running on each available processor. If your OS is multithreaded (real threads as opposed to windows virtual threads), but the program isn't, you still may benefit slightly, but if neither the program nor the OS is multithreaded, then there's no way to take advantage of it. WinME is not, AFAIK.
  2. Quasar

    What is GL

    Plus OpenGL is, well, open, while DirectX is a proprietary standard that only exists on Windows platforms :->
  3. Quasar

    More on visiplanes, etc.

    SMMU includes a real-time visplane overflow detector, but it is only approximate, and if it fails to appear in a complex area one should not assume its 100% free of VPO's in the original engine.
  4. Quasar

    visplane overflow

    Visplane overflow has nothing to do with the number of lines in view. Visplane overflow is caused by there being too many visplanes -- well what is a visplane you ask? One visplane is generated for each subsector that displays a different flat, height, or light level. To get rid of it, either reduce the number of light levels or different flats used, or vary the height such that at any time, a number of floors are hidden. Floors that are not seen do not generate visplanes. The only effects you will get in the original DOOM engine from using too many sidedefs are HOM and slow-down. While there is something called a drawseg limit, I'm not sure how it works, and it is certainly much higher than the limit on displayable 2s sidedefs.
  5. Quasar


    Actually DOOM ports should be able to allow up to a 16384-unit separation between the floor and the ceiling, but BOOM-derived ports are known to have a problem in an assembly module that can inconsistently cause a segmentation violation on separations >10000. Hopefully someone will fix this; I'd do it but I don't know x86 assembly (dammit where are you Lee? :)
  6. Quasar


    A segmentation violation occurs when a program attempts to access memory outside the segment its currently executing in. Basically either there is a bug in the source port you are using, or your wad is bad (for instance, try running a wad without the nodes built and I can guarantee you you'll get a segv). In the realm of comsci a real program would never segv on any input, but in the real world, things are more messy. Bad sidedefs and shoddy node builds are among the top two causes of segv because of wad errors.
  7. Quasar

    Doom Source?

    BOOM uses the Allegro game library for sound. Its not that hard to use, but its definitely NOT a matter of plug-n-play, and its also only available on the DJGPP (extended DOS) platform, which seems to be largely out of favor with DOOM players these days ::sighs::
  8. Quasar

    Mini Doom 3 Engine News

    How many people who DO have their own bedroom LAN's would like to have it? :->
  9. Quasar

    Starting sequencial levels with a pistol

    SMMU can do it via the level header map info.
  10. Quasar

    Mini Doom 3 Engine News

    Version 1.1 of DOOM had the ability to set up a network game with 3 terminals, 2 of them acting as dummies which displayed views 90 degrees to the left and to the right of the player. This feature disappeared when v1.2 got its new network code, although there's still some legacy code floating around for the feature in modern source ports. AFAIK, no one has tried to reimplement it -- a shame I think.
  11. Quasar


    SMMU has full runtime map loading capability, and AFAIK, it works fine.
  12. Quasar


    1. Eternity is GPL, therefore anyone can use any part of it they want. Its not been released so the source isn't available, but I am always willing to share specific enhancements with other source port authors. 2. I have never said that Eternity will not be finished. Mystican and Prower are the ones who always say that ;) Projects have rough times, sometimes you wish you could quit. With 3 years put into this now, I'm no where near it. 3. AFAIK, Lee Killough does not mind other ports using his enhancements as long as they give full credit. MBF is GPL, after all. Lee wasn't an asshole and he didn't make MBF so that it could rot on cdrom.com. His valuable contributions should be in ALL ports, IMHO 4. There will be at least one huge battle sequence in Eternity, but I will carefully monitor frame rates. If the bots put too much lag on it, they will be cut down. Bots will not appear in most stages unless you explicitly add them yourself. Their use as helper entities will naturally be limited. That's about all I can think of :->
  13. Quasar

    Need sprite artists fo new TC.

    Great, great :-> I'll be emailing you soon.
  14. Quasar

    German gouvernment plans tax on computers

    The German government bans and censors many violent things, including console games. Look at the hack job that Konami had to do to the Euro version of Castlevania: Bloodlines to be able to sell it in Germany. I've heard a lot of European gamers griping that the German government ruins it for everyone over there, because the game companies only want to put out one version for the whole continent, and as such, that version must be compliant with the German standards. You'd think that after experiences like World War II, European governments wouldn't be interested in such fascism.
  15. Quasar

    Archie On Archie Action

    No, its not the same. The normal blast radius calls a function called PIT_RadiusAttack, the vile attack uses PIT_VileAttack IIRC. The jump effect is not caused directly by the blast radius damage, its done on the side by giving only the direct target of the attack a z momentum.
  16. Quasar

    Archie On Archie Action

    There's nothing at all new about this. Archviles, unlike cybies and masterminds, aren't immune to blast radius -- they can kill themselves with it if you turn on god mode and run up to them repeatedly. Rather amusing, IMHO.
  17. Quasar

    DOOM for TI-91 calculators

    As you can imagine a DOOM port to an embedded system would be somewhat of a feat. I'm not going to say at all that it's impossible, since the SNES, with its 4 MHz CPU, 20 MHz coprocessor, and 256 KB (!) of work RAM was able to run a version good enough to at least remind you of DOOM. But get this -- a fully stripped and compressed SMMU executable is still more than 600 KB. That's more RAM than a TI-89 has altogether. And that's just talking about code, says nothing about where you're going to store the ~20 MB IWAD. You'd need to use a lot of cheap hacks and clever compression tricks, that's for sure. Plus I doubt DOOM would be very playable unless the 91 has a color LCD.
  18. Quasar

    Need sprite artists fo new TC.

    Hey... that sounds exactly like what we could use for Eternity TC -- think you have enough time to do two extra enemies? We need the Lesser Demon and the Portal Guardian for episode I -- the first being a blue baron with demon wings and a different head, the second being a bionic archvile.
  19. Quasar

    NEW sounds w/o using dehacked

    SMMU can do it too, but you'd have to use some FraggleScript to make use of it. You'd use the script calling codepointer in the frame you want to make the sound, then have the script called from that frame play your new sound. SMMU automatically hashes in all DS* lumps it finds in any wad, making them valid sounds. A pretty cool way to do it IMO.
  20. Quasar

    Doomed For Eternity

    The only actual carry-over as a character is Minotaurus - he's supposed to be an actual Maulotaur from the heretic/hexen universe :) The clerics use the sprite, yes, but they are not the same character(s), and don't use the same attacks or behaviours. Just thought I'd mention that.
  21. Quasar

    Doomed For Eternity

  22. Quasar

    Icon of Sin

    That's funny, I could have sworn it was "Orangoon die im vuli ex of e yeat de mea houge" heheheh
  23. Quasar


    Its easy for you non-coders to accuse Randy of being a code ripper, but then how many of you would actually be able to open the zdoom source and understand it enough to put your theories to the test? Well I've worked some with the zdoom source, and while *some* of it is more or less directly from other sources, a heck of a lot of it is totally original, and even that which is borrowed has been added to, fixed, and expounded upon significantly. Now if Randy would just integrate a few more MBF features, it'd be perfect! ^_^
  24. Quasar

    Doom On The Go

    Look at that demo going out of sync ^_^ funny stuff
  25. Quasar

    Eternity Shmeternity

    First off, everyone should know that the screenshots page is horribly out of date. Gate to Halcyon has been retextured, Dreadmere has been detailed, and the castle, well, those are horrible shots period, they do no justice to the level. That is also certainly not reflective of all the map work either. MAP01/MAP08 is in progress, MAP02 is finished, MAP03 and MAP05 are in progress, MAP06 is in progress, MAP07 is in the planning stages, MAP16 is about 80% finished, MAP18 is MAP03 in the past, and MAP19 is in progress. The first episode will be released first naturally, and encompasses MAP01-MAP08. We also have been given 4 levels by Holger Nathrath, 1 by Chrozoron, and 1 by Adam_mm2 which have not found a final location in the project, but are largely complete. As for a release date, if you're so anxious, why don't you come help out? :)