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  1. Quasar

    Bethesda.net issues

    Does anybody ever read these things? https://bethesda.net/data/eula/en.html * Can terminate at any time with or without reason, with no obligation to continue allowing access to your data. * All games are online only. * Modding games is a violation of the license. * Allows unlimited spying on your computer while you're playing a game.
  2. Quasar

    This is what dark Seraphime entities are...imo

    I disagree because the depiction seems to draw from Byzantine iconography with the sun-like orb (though I suspect that's intended to be Mars in this case) in the background forming a halo, plus the partial or complete rings which frame two of their heads forming additional halos, while the third has wings like an angel. I believe that what we're looking at are this universe's equivalent of angels, the Seraphim - some kind of divine beings that are using their powers to protect or enhance humans instead of trying to conquer them as the demons are doing. They may in fact have organized and acted as mentors to the Night Sentinels, if I'm correct. That they look "similar" to the demons shouldn't be strange - if this is still drawing from Semitic traditions (and indications are good in that regard otherwise), they share the same creator/source. The demons rebelled against their creator or maybe just against the established order of these beings and became evil, while others became good. Remember that the being that gave the Doom Slayer his armor was described by the demons as a "heretic," ie., someone not believing in and following their cause. Isn't that how they would view angelic entities in comparison to themselves? It's all conjecture til we're shown more anyways.
  3. Quasar

    'Advanced Doom Utility CD' from 1994

    Is this on archive.org?
  4. Quasar

    This is what dark Seraphime entities are...imo

    Given Hugo Martin is a self-described cinema buff, if he's making reference to that stuff deliberately, it shouldn't be surprising. Will be interesting to see if this gets confirmed as an influence at some point.
  5. It's that time again - the proper time, at least. Since we had an extra large issue last time to make up for being late, I'm doing a small one this time with the last half of November, to get back on schedule. Doom 2016 Datapad Hologram Power core Rune trial arena Rune trial passage Rune trial temple Threat pulse Mods Map articles for All Hell is Breaking Loose Map articles for Army of Darkness TC ASDOOMII: The Final Countdown Forest Valley People Rick Barba, author of several relevant strategy guides T. Elliot Cannon (Myscha the Sled Dog) Ben Mansell (Bauul) Teams TeamTNT/List_of_members Previous Issue
  6. If you are to worry, it'd have to be about the parts that are under the purview of Bethesda Softworks (the publishing arm). That'd be stuff like the release date setup (will they do something like a staggered release, since those are all the rage now, where significant bonuses or in-game content are locked behind pre-ordering?), the contents and quality of materials used in any special editions (like the infamous nylon bag), and possibly, any push they might be exerting on id Software to find means to monetize the Doom series with microtransactions (will things like the Doom 2016 player armor, demon types, etc end up having to be bought rather than unlocked through gameplay?). While we've been given zero indications that we should worry about this stuff with respect to Eternal itself, they are unfortunately the overwhelming trends in AAA game publishing at the moment and it'd almost be amazing if we don't see steps in that direction versus what we got in 2016.
  7. Quasar

    GBA DooM/DooM 2 map editor?

    As far as I know the Southpaw engine's equivalent of BSP is still undeciphered though, which would prevent inserting new maps with novel geometry. At most right now you could hack on textures, light levels, sector/line specials, and things.
  8. Quasar


    Wish no longer: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/TeamTNT/List_of_members
  9. Quasar

    Bethesda.net issues

    For your perusal: https://www.spieltimes.com/news/bethesda-promised-refund-on-fallout-76-then-bailed-out-the-next-day/
  10. Quasar

    Why did GBA Doom include 'green' blood?

    Nintendo didn't *require* the censorship. But they also weren't keen on putting a lot of M rated games on the GBA either. IIRC, there are something around exactly TEN of them out of the system's entire library. So, given all of the marketing efforts for the system were focused squarely on the pre-teen demographic, and Nintendo being more likely to push through E and T rated projects (in case you don't know, Nintendo has historically kept very strict control over third-party releases on the system - if they don't like your idea, you don't launch, period), other publishers like Activision wouldn't see the point of pushing M rated titles to it. Doom was T-rated precisely because it would sell more copies that way and get through the Nintendo "engine" a bit easier too. Also, I see zero reason for wikia to be linked above.
  11. id do seem to be one of if not the first video game companies to use the term, but it also exists in roleplaying, so it's possible it entered their vocabulary through D&D. EDIT: Here's a reference from 1989: 1989 September 22, Kent C. Brodie, “wizard/god help (was Re: wizard password, um, what IS it?)”, in rec.games.moria, Usenet‎[3], message-ID <2755@moocow.uucp>: The difference is that wizard mode is a SUBSET of god mode. For example, both wizard and god mode let you "teleport", but only GOD mode allows you to "allocate treasures" or "create object".
  12. This has been noted for a long time but I don't think we are aware of Carmack's reasoning for it. IIRC, the values present in the tables would correspond roughly to the middle of the range of values that map down to that index in the table. My guess then would be that the idea was to "average out" the loss of precision in a manner of speaking.
  13. Quasar

    How could the expeditions into hell not realize it was hell?

    What then exactly do you propose Hell looks like? Milton and Dante would definitely like to have a word with you.
  14. Here's another somewhat late review of what went up on the Doom Wiki back in October, and also covering the first half of November since this is so late, and October itself was a bit slow. Core Content Doom 64: Official Game Secrets Doom Battlebook Doomsday Champion medal Wrong sound origin for switch/button presses Source Ports Doom for the DC Doom (2016) Ammo dispenser Argent Breach Container Demon control grenade Empyrian Fist Haste Health dispenser Invisibility Invulnerability Kinetic mine Mega health Night Sentinels Personal teleporter Regeneration Seraphim Shield wall ThreeA one-sixth-scale Doom marine Doom Eternal "Harpy demon" - that unknown flying demon Hell knight Pinky Mods The Alfonzone BF THUD! ESW2 Eye of the Beholder MAYhem 2018 PlayStation Doom: Master Edition People A.Gamma Angry Saint Andy Baker (darkknight) Anotak Benjogami BloodyAcid Glen Christie (Crunchynut44) DMGUYDZ64 Dr. Zin Joseph Fenton Orin Flaharty KevinHEZ Greg Lafitte Jon Landis Jim Lowell Nick McCarthy (DD_133) Jens Nielsen Revenant Schwerpunk Scotty Solarn Tib Oleg Vovk (CWolf) Wartorn Wes Rath (PumpkinSmasher) Previous Issue
  15. Quasar

    This is what dark Seraphime entities are...imo

    Good catch. I was just looking at that contraption the other day while taking pics for the wiki and I didn't spot that detail.
  16. A new effort has been launched to raise awareness and try to put pressure on the EU as they continue to double down on giving the music industry everything it wants to the exclusion of everyone else: https://dontwreckthe.net/
  17. Quasar

    Bethesda.net issues

    The fact they should be quite late into development by now and there's still no Steam ID for it is a pretty good tell.
  18. Quasar

    SnapMap and Multiplayer Servers

    I wouldn't count on it. I've been doing some hacking on it and the level of integration it has with the backend server is over the top. I have a feeling that if the servers are shut down, the whole thing is going to become inoperable until such a time we can get a hacked executable running. And the fact the thing has Steam CEG DRM applied to it is a major barrier to that, as well.
  19. Quasar

    Bethesda.net issues

    It was a bug in the Bethesda.Net launcher; how is it not related?
  20. Quasar

    DOOM 3 problem

    Bring down the console (Ctrl+Alt+~); if it's not already showing on there, type in si_version and hit enter.
  21. Quasar

    DOOM 3 problem

    Are you patched to the proper version? A lot of DOOM 3 mods are only compatible with whichever version they were made for, which in most cases is the final upgrade.
  22. Is it OK for me to add the photos from the first post to our collection on the wiki? https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Shovelware_cover_art
  23. Quasar

    Cynical hates on NIghtdive Studio

    I've seen our business guy bend over backwards trying to meet fan projects half-way before he'll send any takedown requests. A lot of times he only gets met with hostility and irrational anger. To be clear, I wasn't around when the System Shock stuff happened. And I'm aware some of the things that were done with it were met negatively by the community. However, those became a harsh learning experience and the lessons have been applied. A perfect example was Strife: Veteran Edition, as Stephen wanted us to be 100% sure that using Chocolate Strife would be cool before we went forward with it. He did not want to anger any more online communities, as those people are the fans of the games, the people most likely to be interested in a remaster.
  24. Quasar

    Cynical hates on NIghtdive Studio

    I am a full-time software engineer/game programmer.
  25. Quasar

    Cynical hates on NIghtdive Studio

    It's still possible for something to fit the real definition of abandonware (an IP with *no* rights holders that could enforce a claim against it), but, most things by far do not. I'll give Strife as the perfect example. Its rights never lapsed - they *have* in fact been continuously held by a couple of parties over the years. Thing is, when companies go bust, they sell off their assets to pay off their creditors - and for a software company, IP is the main asset. So you can bet it almost always gets sold to somebody, even if, as in the case of System Shock, the somebody ends up being a tiny insurance company nobody ever heard of.