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  1. You kids and your damn object-oriented virtualized sanitized BDSM languages and APIs:

    Incidentally, although Final Cut Pro X has been fully rewritten as a 64-bit Cocoa application, it was missing a significant number of features found in the discontinued Carbon version.

    Everybody's forced to upgrade to the 'newest thing' but the newest thing is too much of a fuckin' pain in the ass - so slow, so abstracted, so bothersome, so bloated, so Brobdingnagian - that when something finally does get rewritten, it's a half-assed shell of what it once was.

    Respect your elders. We wrote assembly on bare metal and instructed the machine in its own language. But our programs worked and did not sacrifice functionality for gloss or hipster bullshit like social media integration - the program WAS the functionality. And we sure as hell didn't pay $100 a year to kiss the ass of some self-proclaimed god of the platform for the right to code, and our programs didn't ship as encrypted, signed, DRM'd interpreted bytecode either.

    Actually, I'm being (mostly) sarcastic/facetious/cantankerous for the sake of it ;)

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    2. Sharessa


      Back in my day, we programmed in Basic and we liked it. GOTO commands, GOTO commands everywhere. (NOTE: I was bad at programming, which is why I gave it up)

    3. printz


      Heh, when I was little and got a bit of hold of the Windows API, I programmed a keylogger that ended by writing to a file whatever it captured (and opening Notepad with that file), after awhile. Non-letter keys would output stuff like <ctrl>, <left>, <right> and so on.

      After that I modified it so that while the ` key was held, it would instead use the keyboard input to build a command line, executing it when the ` was released. I called the program "KeyMagic" because I was amazed. Even though the concept seemed simple, I wasn't always able to run what I wanted; sometimes I was getting strange effects like the screen going black or starting to tile randomly.

      All was done by polling, so the CPU was working and everything was very slow while the app was running.

    4. Csonicgo


      Bucket said:

      I missed out on all of that. I was way into programming as well as art and music when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I had it hammered into me that this was all a waste of time, and I should concentrate more on my social studies homework so I'd be more prepared for life.

      I heard lots of this:
      "Computers will soon fix themselves!" Said my dad, who royally screwed his computer over this week with an update somehow. Yeah. They totally will do that someday. Half-Past Never.

      "You won't have a computer around all the time" Instant bullshit, just add technophobia. I can buy a scientific calculator at the 99 cent store. This argument blows.

      Another good one: "Computer/WWW/Internet is just a fad"

      Yeah, They were all wrong.

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