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  1. Those who frequent #zdoom know that I've been working on resurrecting an old computer, one I didn't even know the age of when I started working on it.

    It's a Pentium 75 MHz with 16 MB of RAM (it had 8 initially) and a 1 GB hard drive. I've added a Trident SVGA card, a 3Com 10/100 Mbps network card, an ES1868 sound card, two 4x CD-ROMs, and two 1.44 MB floppies. It's running Win98 with a fairly minimal installation and actually runs fairly well (better than I expected at least).

    I had a lot of adventures putting it together. IDing the motherboard, connecting all the drives properly, getting a RAM configuration that would work (it requires paired SIMMs), finding spare parts for it, buying an AT -> PS/2 adapter so I could connect a modern keyboard, finding a serial mouse, and more. It was mostly fun and a little frustrating at times. Ask Bloodshedder about the four hours I spent trying to install the 3Com drivers, finding out in the end that some idiot had compressed them with Microsoft's SZDD compression (there was no tool on the disk that would decompress the files, nor any indication on the website or in the docs that they were supposed to be compressed).

    I may add a USB card and a wireless adapter to it if I can find ones that will work with such an ancient system. Once I get this stuff and a monitor for it (it's currently borrowing my PII's monitor), I plan on letting my parents use it so they can have a personal machine and not bother me to use mine ;)

    1. Searcher


      Boy does that bring back some memories. :)

      I have 2 nearly identical systems that still work but are not used in my garage.

      I have some even older ones out there as well. I gotta throw that crap away some day. I really enjoyed playing on those old systems, even tho' they sucked bad, I didn't know it at the time.

      Ah, the memories.

    2. leileilol


      let's not forget the OH SO HARD iso burning and HOW DO BOOT A BOOT DISK??? adventures.

    3. Quasar


      I didn't have any trouble with the ISO's, that was in your imagination. The CD's burned correctly; you were the one who didn't believe me when I told you it took 45 minutes to burn. There was nothing wrong with the disk and I ESPECIALLY didn't do anything to it like you wrongfully accused me.

      And I don't know what you're smoking with the boot disk crap. I already knew I needed to boot off of a Win98 recovery disk. The only thing I needed to make sure of was how to FDISK and format the hard drive without screwing anything up. It never hurts to be sure of what you're doing when you mess with those tools.

      So go away.