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    2. chungy


      Super Jamie said:

      Have you seen this yourself? I know there's the post-SP6a-wrapup hotfix but SP7's always been announced as canned. Mostly because it essentially turned NT4 into Win2k.

      Yeah, it's real, and it's not too hard to find around the 'net if you are really interested, although it's probably useless these days unless you're going to run NT4 in a serious environment (they're mostly security fixes), which itself would be rather strange.

    3. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      I found an ActiveWin bug page but the only other references to an NT4 SP7 download are foreign language Rapidshare sites. I have a feeling they may be just using pre-releases from before SP7 was cancelled in April 01 and released as the Post-SP6a Pack July 01.

      But yeah, it'd be pretty useless now anyway. Oh for the days when I could install an entire OS in 150Mb.

    4. Kirby


      I've been running Win95 and Win98, both seperately on my Vista laptop. Of course, my only reason for doing so is so I can play Cold Shadow again, but I can't find any damn sound drivers that work, and VMWare is not helping in this situation. It's just not the same without the music and sound :(

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