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  1. Since using them at work, I can't live without them anymore. I dug out my shitty old Trinitron from my PII box (which is now a "headless" file server pretty much) and hooked it to my secondary DVI out so that I could put IDA Pro on its own screen and then keep Visual Studio maximized on my main screen.

    This will speed up Choco Strife development at least 100% I think ;)

    I'll probably be making a trip to Staples this weekend to see if I can find a replacement flatpanel so I don't have to put up with that Trinitron. Sometimes it freaks out and starts showing screens that look like those monitors in DOOM 3. Gives me nightmares O_O

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    2. Quasar


      printz said:

      Can you also play Doom with multiple views too?

      I suppose you could, if Choco Doom supports loopback network connections (ie. to IP

    3. fraggle
    4. SaladBadger


      Interestingly enough I set up dual monitors just yesterday, since my graphics card swap gave me a free VGA port which I could plug an old LCD into.

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