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  1. I have a problem in that my CVS repo is corrupt and needs to be restored from a .tar.bz2 backup and my boss seems to have gone missing as I have not heard a single word from him for 4 days. The way it got corrupt is when I tested committing only to see that it couldn't write to most/any of the files under CVSROOT because the filesystem permissions are setup completely wrong (not my fault :P) - yet of course it went ahead and changed the source files anyway since CVS doesn't have atomic commits... ugh.

    I'm a little bit lost so I wondered if anybody has experience with what has to be done. Stopping the server process is probably a good idea, but I have to do it without shutting down or otherwise interfering with the server as a whole - it also has the Firebird production database running on it with a few hundred people connecting to it.

    Also I find this a little bit troubling :P