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  1. Sounds like it is desync'd to me.
  2. In a recent interview Hugo basically said that The Ancient Gods will be the "end of the Doom Slayer's arc". What do you think this means? It could be anything from "we're just going to look at other periods of time or other characters for a while," or anything up to "we're killing one of the most beloved characters of all time off, deal with it." Is Doom without the Doomguy a future possibility? Would the fans accept that if it was tried?
  3. Quasar

    Commander Keen Is Now on GOG!

    Unfortunately yes. And NDS didn't acquire it, only licensed the right to distribute the Steam version. The agreement which was reached to allow that was reneged on by the aforementioned owner. Anybody doing business with him is risking their neck.
  4. Quasar

    Bad music number 72?

    Music number calculation in Doom II is done using gamemap + mus_runnin - 1, with the value of mus_runnin being 33. This would suggest you fat fingered "30" as "40", since 40 + 33 - 1 = 72. 40 happens to be the highest level allowed as input to IDCLEV, for some reason.
  5. Quasar

    Calico v2.0 Released

    Version 2.0 of Calico, the Atari Jaguar DOOM backport, is now available for Windows. New improvements include gamepad and mouse support, enhanced controls such as separate use and strafe actions, and a new optional shader-based OpenGL 4.0 renderer (enabled by default). The new Calico Configurator setup program is now included to help you have a smooth experience. I suggest running the config program the first time even if you've played the previous release, as some settings may need updating. To play with the GL 4.0 renderer, you can instruct the program to use different shader files by using the -shaderpath and -shader command-line arguments. Try out "-shader sepia" to activate an included example shader that gives the game an aging newspaper look. Release: https://github.com/team-eternity/calico-doom/releases/tag/v2.0 Readme File: https://github.com/team-eternity/calico-doom/blob/master/README.md Calico source: https://github.com/team-eternity/calico-doom Calico Configurator source: https://github.com/team-eternity/calico-config/
  6. Quasar

    Calico v2.0 Released

    That's extremely strange; read and write access should be symmetric to that location. I am honestly at a loss w/o additional information to go off.
  7. Quasar

    Sad news on new unreleased content

    It's difficult to be impartial when dozens of articles you put a ton of effort into were mercilessly slaughtered by elements of the "Deletionist Squad" and the "Cabal" (self-assigned names among many of these groups' members on Wikipedia in 2006) mere months after Jimbo called them a significant and valuable part of the site in a public speech. The whole thing seemed a bit off. The unilateral imposition of WP:SOFTWARE, largely by the deletionist group who had amongst their number a significant amount of admins able to shout over any AfDs and simply declare their outcomes invalid for whatever reason they wished, saw all of the source port articles on Wikipedia deleted in the same month. I admit it's most likely that this had little to do with what was at the time Wikicities. But it was likely thanks to other signs of impropriety between WMF and Wikia that people were willing to believe such things (a few years later they nearly got in hot water for contracting stuff out to each other; Wikia regularly hired off WP admins and people knowledgeable about MediaWiki editing and maintenance; Jimbo himself was for a while on the boards of both organizations, which is a huge COI).
  8. That's a good video with some explanations of how it may be useful in the expansion; I'll have to give it another shot there. TBH it felt like I was always out of BFG ammo but I probably didn't find them all either.
  9. Then I question why it was at all necessary to nerf it with the Overdrive powerup. Or bill it up as a huge unlock when it barely makes any impact on the game due to being unusable during normal (not cheating) gameplay because of its tiny ammo pool and underwhelming DPS relative to it. Maybe if it was just a higher tier plasma gun you found during the normal campaign I'd find it a bit less troubling. But no, it was promised as a reward, and it doesn't function as one. It is an extraneous element in the game design, ultimately. Yeah it's fun to blast through levels with cheats turned on with, but so are all the other weapons almost equally. Getting back on the topic of game balance changes, what I need to see to tip my opinion back more into the positive range, where it was when the game first released, is either like I said earlier, leaving things alone at the least, or some player-positive changes for once, like the above hinted possibility of toning some shit down in the lower skill levels. Right now, if they go ahead instead with the rumored ice bomb and chaingun shield bash nerfs I've heard constant rumblings about since the release of TAGP1, I may just be finished with the game after a playthrough of TAGP2. I'm not prepared to tolerate more SP nerfs, especially not with something as critical as the ice bomb, just because people were putting stupid-ass memes about it on reddit and Hugo saw them, or because some streamer he watched one time fired one too many of them. I'm tired of *my* gameplay being affected by what other people are doing. If I want meta, I'll take up WoW or play some more trading card games like I did back in the day.
  10. Yeah, seriously. The Unmaykr was supposed to be your reward for finishing all of the Slayer Gates, the more challenging optional parts of the game. But what kind of reward is it, really? It's nigh useless. The game has a very strong tendency to lose sight of its own goals before achieving their execution.
  11. Quasar

    Calico v2.0 Released

    Jaguar Doom effectively operates in 16-bit color, and is the only official Doom port to do so directly (I think PSX's output is effectively reduced to 16-bit by the GPU, but it's not so much something the programmer has to deal there with as it is on Jag).
  12. My opinion of Eternal in general, and TAG in particular, continues to cycle up and down. There are things about it that just irritate me. A big one of those is the continual micro-tweaking and nerfing going on in patches and updates. This is, at some level, betraying a total lack of confidence in the game design. First it was the marauder ice bomb trick, then you couldn't even use the crucible with the infinite ammo cheat, and now the Unmaykr, which was literally only useful while you had the Overdrive powerup, is no longer affected by it. The weekly challenges are now including Nightmare and even ULTRA Nightmare only completion requirements, which is way the fuck overboard. There's way too much emphasis going on over the "skill factor". The response to people who don't like things such as the marauder having totally bullshit character-shield-level invulnerability (can't be damaged at all by the Unmaykr, are you fucking with us or what, Hugo?), or not liking having to pin-point-accurate shoot at weak points, has been doubling down repeatedly on all of it to the point where it's becoming purely obnoxious. To me, it seems like they are killing the widespread appeal of Doom, which anybody could get into and enjoy, in pursuit of a tiny audience of hardcore, "hard game" macho-man streamers that will eventually decide the game has had its time in the sun and move on anyways. It's really bizarre. It takes a multiple page spreadsheet to totally explain how the various weapons interact with the base monsters and their ever-increasing list of buffed variations, and absolutely none of the things going on in it are justified gameplay mechanics. For example, some buffed demons just mysteriously acquire more resistance to the SSG. Why? Because Hugo doesn't like people using the SSG apparently, that's the only reason it makes sense. It's extremely "meta" and that is something that was absolutely never a part of Doom before - things were consistent and predictable and at least semi-grounded in the ideas of real-world firearms or scifi weaponry, where shooting a bullet or plasma bolt does something approximately the same to any given target unless that target has an obvious reason to resist it (more armor, or energy shielding). The designer just not liking how people are playing, and fretting over every microscopic detail that can have a number assigned to it, is not a valid reason by comparison. Leave us alone already. The contract of game design is you make the game, then people figure out how best to play it. By continually interrupting that with these goddamn balance tweaks, it's invalidating OUR half of the process.
  13. Quasar

    Sad news on new unreleased content

    Frans P. de Vries obtained permission to upload those to the archive. I don't know if he was a beta tester himself or just knew one of them (guess I should ask sometime :P )
  14. Quasar

    Calico v2.0 Released

    Note: there's a bug that can occur if you run calico-config before calico-doom where it will generate an EEPROM file that tries to start the game at MAP00. If this happens, you can delete the eeprom.cal file in the game's save directory and then start the game again and it will regenerate. I've already fixed the problem in the config program's source code and will patch the upload tomorrow.
  15. Quasar

    Calico v2.0 Released

  16. Quasar

    Sad news on new unreleased content

    Nothing like the Bethesda lawyer train to come and ruin everybody's fun.
  17. Quasar

    Doom 64 90's Press Archive

    Unfortunately the video being referred to was E3 showroom footage.
  18. In the wake of Eternal some people have said they'd like a spinoff game where you're playing as resistance fighters during the invasion that leads up to Eternal's plot. Personally I think id could repurpose a ton of the stuff from this lost game to do something just like that and I don't think it would be bad - not being a mainline Doom title would give it leeway to be a bit slower, more methodical, and maybe bring in a touch of that Doom 64 and Doom 3 horror aspect since you're just regular people trying to fight against demons and not an OP god in power armor.
  19. Quasar

    Favorite bits of [REDACTED] Doom History?

  20. I think "soft reboot" is the best term for it. Something new people can walk into with zero experience of the previous games and not miss any real content or context, except for not fully understanding what it meant for Doomguy to be emerging from that coffin at the start. But, at the same time, respecting and acknowledging its predecessors without displacing them from canonicity. In film, I'd say Jurassic World did the same thing largely. Aside from the JP t-shirt, a single mention of John Hammond, and the kids finding the jeep and the night vision goggles in the old visitor center, it was very much a standalone story. It was also called a soft reboot.
  21. Quasar

    Favorite bits of [REDACTED] Doom History?

    Both Romero and Carmack have, at times in the last 25+ years, claimed that they made significant contributions toward helping the Doom community understand the game's data formats and get editors established, and this is simply revisionist history. Carmack only released the Doom bsp code well after Raphael wrote the first working community node builder, and Romero only ever released any specs for Doom II, not the first Doom game, while they would have been useful.
  22. Quasar

    where is doom sprites in doom 3

    It's hidden in the area used for the cinematic at the start of the level. This area is not normally accessible; you have to have noclip to get to it.
  23. Apparently the middle shot is an early one of Darkmere according to the text Romero wrote up for the release of these (a ton of detail missing, but it seems to be the castle area that is in the final map). The other two I can't match up to it though.
  24. As an interesting aside, that song was originally written for a dropped level called the Black Crypt Swamp. This was *not* the same level that became Darkmere. I believe we have seen pictures of it, however, in the form of pre-release shots. Unfortunately I've lost track of them and they're hard to find these days. EDIT: I found 'em