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  1. I can't say too much about it but I can confirm that NEW.WAD's association with Doom's development resources predates the Mac version and has no relationship to it in particular. At least I know what it is now, that was driving me crazy previously.
  2. "Erase" makes me think of ancient tape drives. Or not so ancient ones because some backup systems still use those.
  3. The prescient part of the movie was its obvious Bill Gates & Microsoft expy possessing the power to reach into literally any system at any time and control the software being run, the data being used, and monitor the communications in progress. Ya know given how they can do any of that stuff now and we just trust them to not abuse it too much.
  4. Quasar

    Strife questions

    1. Punch damage is set to 1000, so it is always an instant kill on any unmodded enemy that can be punched. 2. Setup some character somewhere with a dialog sequence that continues to give the player more stamina/accuracy vouchers, and the trainers should accept them since they have dialog states in their conversations already to do so.
  5. Absolutely anything with "superheroes" or comicbook "characters" in it, if it was made after the Nolan Batman movies. Those were the last ones to have any pretense of art versus mass-produced schlock.
  6. Quasar

    Sandy Petersen's E1M1

    Doom Bible. The original plan was for six episodes, and the first three were: Darkside Base (Evil Unleashed / All Hell Breaks Loose), Hell (Lost in Hell / To Hell and Back), Lightside Base (Knee-Deep in the Dead). "Darkside" and "Lightside" refer to the two sides of the tidally locked planet Tei Tenga. In fact the levels are still in this ordering as of the press release version of Doom, with an eventual E3 level occupying an E2 mapslot and vice versa.
  7. Very nice. Only the very beginning felt a little tentative to me but for the rest of it I felt like I could forget it wasn't originally composed for that ensemble.
  8. The billionaires, particularly the ones running the advertising industry, have said "fun time is over". All there is to it really.
  9. Dunning-Kruger effect much?
  10. Quasar

    Did Heretic have any cut content?

    I believe that the "blue" disciples are the result of the "screenshot" being taken with a camera off a CRT and then possibly further enhanced through the CYMK printing process by being blue enough to get printed as blue instead of black. The general color of these screenshots is very "off" as such in a way that is similar to other camera-pointing-at-a-CRT shots of that time period.
  11. Quasar

    Heretic & Hexen original source .MID files

    Given Morey Goldstein passed away many years ago, I really doubt there's anything left of his work processes or belongings, and the process of looking for them would require disturbing his next-of-kin. Some stones are better left unturned.
  12. Quasar

    doom eternal ultimate doom and doom 2 have iwads

    The reason those are there is to support playing the games on the Slayer's computer in the Fortress of Doom, for the curious and not-already-knowing.
  13. This. Also, they only had ONE guy doing the mapping on this game. Everybody else was already working on Doom 64 at the time.
  14. Quasar

    Multithreaded Renderer Beta [NOW IN MASTER!]

    Uses an (at the time it was implemented at least) allegedly faster way of uploading a texture to video memory.
  15. Quasar

    Strife97 - a Strife fix mod!

    This is intentional, on account of the fact you'd otherwise be able to make a map that just gives you pretty much every achievement for free, and you're really not supposed to let users do that on most platforms. Besides the fact it'd be lame, especially if you didn't mean to get the achievements that way as a user.
  16. Quasar

    The SNES Doom Discussion and Oddities Thread

    Now you know why Sandy's not treated as a reliable source for the wiki unless what he's talking about is backed up by others or pre-existing accounts. A couple years ago he kind of just started making stuff up, to put it nicely, to fill in what I presume must be memory gaps. Whatever the reasoning, it's led to a number of weird gaffes and misinformation like the stuff above.
  17. Quasar

    Doom pre-MUS original source MIDI files

    Unfortunately a very real possibility. Though for clarity the shredding I'm referring to starts at 1:34 in Silent Scream. The other part of a Doom song I'm hearing in it is at 10 seconds but now I'm remembering that's probably un18.mid and not any of the others.
  18. Quasar

    Doom pre-MUS original source MIDI files

    I really suspect that No Remorse was still an influence on it. However the rhythm does unambiguously occur in Master of Puppets as well. It's possible he did a blend on the songs, and maybe that's why he doesn't seem to remember which one he based it on. @Gez Your listing of the os2.wad file claims two different songs are listed for E2M1; is this correct? The only part of Silent Scream that sounds remotely like E2M1 to me are the various shreds in the last third of the song. The rest of E2M1 is unambiguously Big Gun, but Big Gun does not contain any running shreds even remotely like the ones in E2M1 so it's interesting - it may be a mix of ideas. However that being said this also confirms Silent Scream was an influence and I hear other parts of Doom songs in it and I'm terrible at matching that kind of thing from memory so it'd be good for somebody to figure that out and get it on the wiki.
  19. Quasar

    Doom pre-MUS original source MIDI files

    I already had it from earlier research for the wiki but I never thought to look into the MIDI files because I assumed they'd be knock-off MUS2MIDI back-conversions done in a haste by the ONE guy they had working on that port. But nope, this is legit.
  20. Quasar

    Heretic II Problems

    Heretic II. Cool game. Shame the source was never released, though, because it is rapidly accumulating problems when running on modern systems. To spare anybody else interested in it from searching the web in vain for hours trying to find a solution to one of them, I will document it here. If you start up the program in OpenGL mode on pretty much anything newer than a Voodoo or a Rage Pro, it will crash. The crash is a common idTech 2 issue and results from Carmack's incessant use of sprintf() on fixed-size buffers - it tries to read in the OpenGL extensions string at startup just to show it to the user, but on modern cards this string is way longer than they anticipated. To fix this, open ref_gl.dll in a hex editor of your choice and find the string "GL_EXTENSIONS: %s". Change the %s to "xx" or any two other characters not including a %. This will disable sprintf from accessing the too-large string passed to it. Unfortunately the music also won't loop in Windows 7, which is a ANOTHER bug in the MCI API on that platform. I don't have a solution for this one yet.
  21. Quasar

    The SNES Doom Discussion and Oddities Thread

    The branding change was a real punch in the gut back in the day. They changed everything to a rainbow playschool logo at practically the last minute with a cop-out excuse of something about trademarks in Japan, as if there wasn't opportunity to have that sorted long before anything was ever announced to begin with. That together with the weird controller, the constant delays in the release schedule, and third parties nervous about the system led to me buying a PlayStation first when I got wowed by it on display at Wal-Mart, whereas I had originally intended to skip out on that and just go for the Ultra 64 when it came out (or Project Reality as we also knew it). I wasn't sold til I got to play Mario 64 first-hand.
  22. Not around here it wouldn't be. There were protests outside theaters here when The Golden Compass was released. Deep in wacko fundie land.
  23. As far as technicals go, probably. I'd imagine there shouldn't be a problem getting the app transferred back to Nightdive with everything being under the same ownership anyways.
  24. The usual disclaimers: Stuff below is either based on public knowledge (ie. even just read the Atari wikipedia article) or is based on my opinions/personal understandings of the situation. The most important thing to note is that the Atari company has dramatically shifted direction since around this time last year. The crypto stuff is either already discontinued or is on the way out and was separated into a different division than any of the games stuff a while back. The guy who was previously CEO and was in charge of that stuff is no longer part of the organization at all. Controversial projects like the VCS and the speaker hats pre-dated the current leadership or originated before it was in full effect. The hotels were already shut down a while back. The guy at Atari leading this acquisition was previously the main investor in Nightdive. So from his POV he's expecting the company to continue doing what it has been doing, just with more resources at hand. Part of the buyout deal is even predicated on this continuing. The main reason for this was that growing the company any further with only Stephen's resources was becoming too difficult and it turns out that you can't throw enough people at the number of games waiting to get remastered right now. There will not be any restrictions on what gets worked on, other than who in terms of game companies is willing to work with Nightdive, as always. The obvious hope is that having a publicly traded company behind the brand opens some doors that weren't previously budging. In the short term, literally nothing should change. Long-term is as always "who knows" when it comes to business. Anything could have happened to NDS without a buyout; tomorrow is never guaranteed. If anything, this should make at least the next 5-ish years more of a lock-in.