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  1. TheCoonster

    My First Doom Mappack

    Just played through your levels, it was fun but I have a few design tips - have "bumps" in the walls when using different textures, it makes it look like things are not painted on the wall - change the floor height when changing the floor texture note, these are all subjective, yet the maps were still fun to play through, keep it up
  2. TheCoonster

    I reworked an older wad of mine

    I made a wad i still liked the idea and basic layout of, I made a few things prettier and reworked the end (it was a pretty bad end). I am overall happier with the level. Old ToxicBase - ToxicBase.zip New ToxicBase - ToxicBaseJR.zip here are some pictures
  3. TheCoonster

    \\ Your First Doom Experience //

    my earliest memory of doom is my dad setting it up and showing me how to play back when i was just old enough to grasp the controls, been playing it ever since
  4. TheCoonster

    A Wolfestein inspired doom mod

    I haven't seen many Wolfenstein inspired mods out there so I decided I would make one, it started out as a mainly Wolfenstein textures but it quickly became more of a Doom mod with a hint of Wolfenstein thrown in. I decided just for the fun of it I'd also give a little bit of a backstory to the wad (which will be a text document in the zipped folder). Music - Erika tested on GZDoom Wad - Erika.zip
  5. TheCoonster

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    this looks pretty fun, I'd love to test it for you
  6. TheCoonster

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    while this is a map I made as a proof of concept of a map I wanted to make, or even a multi level wad. castle2.zip there it is if any of you want to check it out, the name is quite self explanatory, but it is a castle themed wad
  7. TheCoonster

    My Lastest 4 Doom Wads

    This is sort of a part two, I have posted my first four doom wads yesterday, they were not very good, but I'm also posting my later four doom wads to show how I have improved. I would greatly appreciate if any of you took the time to play one of these and give a little feedback. When I made these maps I starded using GZDoom Builder, while that does not makethese maps better it gives me some more things to do. The first made was castle, second was wolf2, third is ToxicBase, last is castle2. All maps have been tested in GZDoom (wolf2 is not a wad file, although it still runs on GZDoom just fine) Songs: castle: midi Armata Strigoi - Powerwolf wolf2: midi Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Osborne ToxicBase: midi Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce castle2: midi Incense and Iron - Powerwolf Pictures: The pictures are in chronological order so the first two is castle, the second two is wolf2, ect wads: castle.zip wolf2(backup).zip ToxicBase.zip castle2.zip
  8. TheCoonster

    The First 4 Doom Wads I Put Together

    Thanks for playing them and the feedback, I have been working on the design and am planning on posting my last 4 maps that i would say are better than these three
  9. TheCoonster

    The First 4 Doom Wads I Put Together

    Well, lets start with a bit of a warning, these wads are playable at best, they are not very good and they are kind of ugly. I'm putting these up to show y'all how my maps started out. I would appreciate if you guys would give one of these a play and tell me what you think, what I did wrong and what you liked. The order they were made is level1 (creative, I know), UAC-supply-base, eye, and platforms. Platforms is a wad idea I wanted to test and it's more of a platformer than a Doom wad. All of these maps were tested on GZDoom. Songs: level1: midi All Star - Smash Mouth UAC-supply-base: midi Ghost Division - Sabaton eye: midi Africa - Toto platforms: midi Lsst Resort - Papa Roach Pictures: The pictures are in chronological order of when the maps were made, so the first is level1, second is UAC-supply-base, ect. Lastly, the wads: level1.zip UAC-supply-base.zip eye.zip platforms.zip If you choose to play these I thank you in advance and would love any feedback, positive or negative.
  10. TheCoonster

    My latest doom wad

    which pinky gets stuck? Also are you using mods? I have only ran through this with classic, brutal doom, and D4T, I have not noticed any getting stuck but to be fair I know exactly where they are so I take the out too fast for them to do too much. But thanks, I will do my best to fix it
  11. TheCoonster

    My latest doom wad

    Thanks, I will change this post and make sure to do it right for my later posts
  12. TheCoonster

    My latest doom wad

    Alright thanks, I will
  13. TheCoonster

    My latest doom wad

    While this is the first wad I'm posting this is not the first I have made, I wanted to test a map concept and ended up with this castle like map. Sorry for the strange name I called it that to keep my custom doom wad folder simple and organized. If y'all play it tell me what you think, I'm posting this to see how well the concept works in Doom. I have tested this map with GZDoom, with classic doom, and brutal doom. It replaces level 1 in Doom 2. The song is a midi version of Incense and Iron by Powerwolf castle2.zip