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  1. MeinEdgyKarte

    Hi res textures

    Hello i was wondering if someone could teach me or tell me how to make hi res textures for doom (I use gzdoom to make maps) thanks in advanced
  2. MeinEdgyKarte

    Texture swapping

    Its works but only on one side. im i doing it wrong
  3. MeinEdgyKarte

    Texture swapping

    Zdoom udmf
  4. MeinEdgyKarte

    Texture swapping

    how can i make it so when you shoot the door texture it switches to the broken door texture
  5. MeinEdgyKarte

    Gzdoom builder

    is there a way to merge brutal doom and gzdoom builder so i can use and place brutal doom things in gzdoom builder Thanks in advanced
  6. MeinEdgyKarte

    Multiple textures on 1 wall

    Im using gzdoom builder and what i want do is a wall with half textures at the top and bottom thanks for your help (sorry for the bad English i just didnt know how to word it)
  7. i need help finding a dehacked editor
  8. MeinEdgyKarte

    how do i change the exit message

    i wanted to change the message that pops up when you try to quit are it says are you sure how would i go about changing it
  9. MeinEdgyKarte

    how do i make glass

    how do i make glass that you can shoot
  10. how would i go about changing the sprites in the decorate file i can figure it out
  11. you know the ones from some other wads i would rather not mention i have no idea how to add this ones in to my wads