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  1. ShortedOutFuse

    Preferred Joystick gate

    I mostly play shmups and I prefer square gates. I tend to have trouble moving diagonally when using octagonal gates
  2. ShortedOutFuse

    Favorite Food and Drink?

    Most kinds of seafood especially Shrimp and Crayfish I usually stick with water as a drink, not for any particular health reasons, just cause I find it refreshing
  3. ShortedOutFuse

    Share Your Sprites!

    also skullsplosian just cus I like the way it turned out. It's gonna be used for bigger, more devastating attacks
  4. ShortedOutFuse

    Share Your Sprites!

    This guy likes to taunt you when he hits you with a projectile, but I assure you he's really a nice guy and cares deeply about you when it really counts
  5. ShortedOutFuse

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    I been doin more drawing digitally rather than pencil and paper lately but here's some more recent stuff from me
  6. ShortedOutFuse

    Hell Denizen (Early Access on Steam)

    Looks fun, the movement and shooting looks pretty on point from what I can see in the video. It might be good to give the enemies more blood mist or splatter when gibbing them since it looks like they just disappear if you’re close to them Also the duck enemy is great, please don’t remove it
  7. ShortedOutFuse

    What do you consider to be the most annoying game mechanic?

    Most annoying mechanics I can look past and still have fun but the one that genuinely ruins games that would otherwise be great to me is when games feel the need to have randomly generated “perks” that you constantly pick up And have to equip and unequip throughout the campaign The kind of thing where they give you +0.005% damage to one type of enemy but -0.002% damage to another type I hate in games like Shadow Warrior 2 or Control where towards the end of the game you have to spend forever in the menus micromanaging, equipping, and unequipping These perks to find the optimal ones to have equipped so that the bullet sponge enemies don’t take quite as many shots to kill, then after each fight you pick up another 40 of them and have to do the same thing again before the next fight it’s generally paired with enemies that level up and take more shots to kill the further you get through the game so you don’t feel like you’re getting and stronger, you just have to spend hours micromanaging in the menus so that the enemies die in about the same amount of shots as they did at the beginning of the game hope that made sense, I don’t know if there’s a term for it
  8. ShortedOutFuse

    Backwoods: mod for Doom 2

    Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the demon gun's reviews only showing up in the level is because it's an ACS command in the map, not decorate. I'm working on getting that working for any map. What do you mean you took the wrong entrance?
  9. ShortedOutFuse

    Backwoods: mod for Doom 2

    New Halloween 2020 Demo Released! give it a whirl if you want, any feedback is appreciated!
  10. ShortedOutFuse

    Post a picture of your cat(s)!

    This big man peaced out earlier this year
  11. ShortedOutFuse

    Share Your Sprites!

    Thanks! The Frankenstein soldiers are a costume for the pistol dudes, they get a different costume for each themed level
  12. ShortedOutFuse

    Share Your Sprites!

    Looks good, I must have missed that thread but I'll definitely give it a shot
  13. ShortedOutFuse

    Share Your Sprites!

    Those terminator sprites look awesome! how has a T1000 never been playable before (to my knowledge), that would be rad as hell!
  14. ShortedOutFuse

    Share Your Sprites!

    I'm too lazy to include every frame of animation in this picture so here's a random assortment of sprites for monsters, weapons and other stuff I made for my mod/game/whatever-you-want-to-call-it "Backwoods"
  15. ShortedOutFuse

    ZOMBIOSKA - purple edition (WIP)

    looks great! My only complaint would be that the gameplay seems a bit dry (not very challenging) but I think the art and animation more than make up for it. I remember seeing another of your mods on YouTube a while back (Gorgos, the Hidden terror from beyond Infinity) and was super impressed by how good the art was, your cartoony style is full of personality. I'll definitely give this a go, keep it up!