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  1. Backwoods is a 5 level campaign mod for Doom 2 featuring new weapons, monsters, and environments. I plan on making more episodes if this mod is well received when it's done. Features: - A five level campaign plus one secret level - All new monsters all with new, original sprites and animations - A brand new arsenal of weapons including the "Weird-Ass-Demon-Gun" which eats your enemies and then spits them at other enemies, the "Deep Fryer" which lets you deep fry your enemies and eat them for health and the "Compensator" which compensates for your embarrassing skill level by killing everything in the room - A cartoony style - A story told mainly through notes and environmental details (Notes are purely for story and never give you hints on progression or secrets so if you don't care about the story and just want to shoot some monsters you're free to ignore them.) -2 new power-up items: the Can-of-Whoop-ass and the Thunderkiss, the former allowing you to kick enemies into walls or groups of their friends (Splattering them on impact) and the latter electrocuting any enemy who uses a melee attack on you. - Juggle your enemies by kicking them into the air and continually shooting them, than slam them into the ground when you're done for massive damage. Download link: HALLOWEEN 2020 DEMO AVAILABLE NOW! Contains one full level: the horror themed level "Campy as Hell" Any feedback is appreciated https://www.mediafire.com/file/n58hq6fly0kbqng/BackwoodsDemoPatch2.zip/file For updates and information you can check out my twitter (I post on there a lot more often): https://twitter.com/shorted_fuse?lang=en this mod was made to be used with GZDOOM. No other source ports have been tested with this mod. No other gameplay mods have been tested with this mod. Story: Local hillbilly, Eddie, had his worst nightmare realized when the Schism Corporation built a research base in the cave system beneath his house. Things then went from bad to worse when that base was overrun with strange hellish creatures that began slaughtering the staff and generally making a mess of the place. Now with the screams of the damned keeping him up all night he'll have to go down there and find the source of this invasion, stop it and kick whoever is responsible's ass if he ever wants a good night's sleep again. Some of the enemies you'll encounter: Hitscanners: your basic minions of hell, these guys don't pack much of a punch and can't take one either. Disciples and Apostles: These creepy cultists are the results of Schism Corp's attempts to share their gift with others. More resilient than the Hitscanners but not by much. Disciples shoot one fireball Apostles shoot a three way spread. Hamphibians: mean-ass hogs that have the uncanny ability to leap long distances Finks and sentinels: finks float around, fire eyeballs out of their "buddys" and are generally just a nuisance all around. His design is inspired (ripped off) from that dream sequence in the Beavis and Butthead movie, which featured the designs of Rob Zombie. Tar Dude: Oh look, a zombie. Make sure you gib him or he might get back up. Totally legally distinct from Return of the Living Dead, I assure you Mud Golem: Ewww Skunkape: Big boy who carries two sacks of napalm and more... Screenshots and Videos: Credits: Full credits are in the readme file! (slight seizure warning, there is an item called the "thunderkiss" in the game that shocks enemies, creating a strobe effect on their sprites, you've been warned)
  2. ShortedOutFuse

    Preferred Joystick gate

    I mostly play shmups and I prefer square gates. I tend to have trouble moving diagonally when using octagonal gates
  3. ShortedOutFuse

    Favorite Food and Drink?

    Most kinds of seafood especially Shrimp and Crayfish I usually stick with water as a drink, not for any particular health reasons, just cause I find it refreshing
  4. ShortedOutFuse

    Share Your Sprites!

    also skullsplosian just cus I like the way it turned out. It's gonna be used for bigger, more devastating attacks
  5. ShortedOutFuse

    Share Your Sprites!

    This guy likes to taunt you when he hits you with a projectile, but I assure you he's really a nice guy and cares deeply about you when it really counts
  6. ShortedOutFuse

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    I been doin more drawing digitally rather than pencil and paper lately but here's some more recent stuff from me
  7. ShortedOutFuse

    Hell Denizen (new video)

    Looks fun, the movement and shooting looks pretty on point from what I can see in the video. It might be good to give the enemies more blood mist or splatter when gibbing them since it looks like they just disappear if you’re close to them Also the duck enemy is great, please don’t remove it
  8. ShortedOutFuse

    What do you consider to be the most annoying game mechanic?

    Most annoying mechanics I can look past and still have fun but the one that genuinely ruins games that would otherwise be great to me is when games feel the need to have randomly generated “perks” that you constantly pick up And have to equip and unequip throughout the campaign The kind of thing where they give you +0.005% damage to one type of enemy but -0.002% damage to another type I hate in games like Shadow Warrior 2 or Control where towards the end of the game you have to spend forever in the menus micromanaging, equipping, and unequipping These perks to find the optimal ones to have equipped so that the bullet sponge enemies don’t take quite as many shots to kill, then after each fight you pick up another 40 of them and have to do the same thing again before the next fight it’s generally paired with enemies that level up and take more shots to kill the further you get through the game so you don’t feel like you’re getting and stronger, you just have to spend hours micromanaging in the menus so that the enemies die in about the same amount of shots as they did at the beginning of the game hope that made sense, I don’t know if there’s a term for it
  9. ShortedOutFuse

    Backwoods: mod for Doom 2 Halloween 2020 Demo Released!

    Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the demon gun's reviews only showing up in the level is because it's an ACS command in the map, not decorate. I'm working on getting that working for any map. What do you mean you took the wrong entrance?
  10. ShortedOutFuse

    Backwoods: mod for Doom 2 Halloween 2020 Demo Released!

    New Halloween 2020 Demo Released! http://www.mediafire.com/file/l0ybywy7c0toh3e/BackDemoMap.zip/file give it a whirl if you want, any feedback is appreciated!
  11. ShortedOutFuse

    Post a picture of your cat(s)!

    This big man peaced out earlier this year, born 2002
  12. ShortedOutFuse

    Share Your Sprites!

    Thanks! The Frankenstein soldiers are a costume for the pistol dudes, they get a different costume for each themed level
  13. ShortedOutFuse

    Share Your Sprites!

    Looks good, I must have missed that thread but I'll definitely give it a shot
  14. ShortedOutFuse

    Share Your Sprites!

    Those terminator sprites look awesome! how has a T1000 never been playable before (to my knowledge), that would be rad as hell!
  15. ShortedOutFuse

    Share Your Sprites!

    I'm too lazy to include every frame of animation in this picture so here's a random assortment of sprites for monsters, weapons and other stuff I made for my mod/game/whatever-you-want-to-call-it "Backwoods"
  16. ShortedOutFuse

    ZOMBIOSKA - purple edition (WIP)

    looks great! My only complaint would be that the gameplay seems a bit dry (not very challenging) but I think the art and animation more than make up for it. I remember seeing another of your mods on YouTube a while back (Gorgos, the Hidden terror from beyond Infinity) and was super impressed by how good the art was, your cartoony style is full of personality. I'll definitely give this a go, keep it up!
  17. ShortedOutFuse

    Favorite non Doom FPS

    Powerslave (the PlayStation version) or Duke 3D
  18. ShortedOutFuse

    Share Your Sprites!

    Thanks, I'd never heard that term before! I've just seen so many people call their mods "total conversions" when they clearly use a ton of original Doom textures that I wasn't sure if the definition had changed.
  19. ShortedOutFuse

    Share Your Sprites!

    A short Total conversion (is it technically a TC if I use original Doom textures?) called Backwoods, I have thread about it here on Doomworld but I post most updates to my Twitter (https://twitter.com/shorted_fuse)
  20. ShortedOutFuse

    Share Your Sprites!

    a Mud Golem and a Skunkape for a mod I'm working on (the skunkape isn't finished yet)
  21. ShortedOutFuse

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Buncha Doodles. Some old, some new
  22. ShortedOutFuse

    Backwoods: mod for Doom 2 Halloween 2020 Demo Released!

    I always hate putting up unfinished builds of something I'm working on because I know as soon as I upload it I'll notice 500 things that need to be fixed or changed. I than, however, see the previous build I had up and how it's basically garbage and imagine "what if I die tomorrow and this is the shit I'm remembered for". All that to say here's the latest build of Backwoods, keep in mind it's still very unfinished but I feel it's, for the most part, presentable. The first two levels still use default Doom 2 music and many assets are placeholders. The original level 2 was scrapped so it goes straight from 1 to 3, keep that in mind if you use the IDCLEV cheat (level 3 is 4, 4 is 5, etc.). levels 1 through 4 can be completed normally. level 5, however, is currently under renovations and is unfinished, so once you get to the conveyor belt room that's pretty much it. there is also no exit that leads to the secret level so if you want to see it in it's unfinished state type IDCLEV07, I recommend checking it out. Yeah, like I said, still unfinished. I'm mainly posting this update to keep anyone interested up to date on what's done so far. Nothing in this is final and everything is subject to change blah blah blah... anyway enough talk here's the link http://www.mediafire.com/file/ixuhuiw7k55wtnd/BackwoodsWIP2.zip/file Remember to launch both wad files at the same time!
  23. ShortedOutFuse

    What TV series did you watch recently

    Inside No. 9 is fantastic show if you like British dark humor and series like the Twilight Zone. Even just calling it a dark comedy is doing it a disservice since it’s an anthology show and every episode is completely different, some are funny, some are scary, some are dramatic and any combination of the three and more. It’s amazing to me that they can tell such great, well written stories with a beginning, middle and end in just 30 minutes. I was surprised to have never heard of it until recently. I just finished all 4 seasons and am looking forward to when the fifth comes out.
  24. ShortedOutFuse

    How many maps have you created and released?

    So far I’ve only released one episode of a mod called backwoods containing six maps (more like five and a half since the sixth still needs some work) The maps are called: 1. Down the Well 2. Tainted Meat 3. Security override 4. Ghosted 5. Campy as Hell 6. Then and now Tainted Meat was the first map I ever made.
  25. I’m surprised I’ve never heard of this, it actually looks really good. Getting the look, feel and sounds of weapons is a hard thing to do but it looks like this game nails it. Even now when retro styled FPS games are becoming more common you don’t see many that attempt the 2.5D style as opposed to 3D (Project Warlock and Ion Maiden being the only other two I can think of). I’ll definitely give this a try when it comes out.