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  1. Berubaretto

    Favorite Source Port

    Mostly DSDA-Doom. But sometimes I use Eternity Engine to play some maps that only supports Eternity Engine. Both of them are convenient to use, and they keep the vanilla feeling while having lots of improvements on the experience.
  2. Berubaretto

    PhobosDeimos Anomaly

    Well, the levels are not as "twidness" as original DTWID. And sometimes its level design is boring. But just like DTWID-LE, there are some good maps. In fact I actually really like E1M1. It only has 12 maps and most of them are easy to complete. To those who are fond of TWID series, this still worth a try.
  3. Berubaretto

    What motivates you to play Doom to this day?

    First of all, the game itself is enjoyable in spite of its long history. Secondly, it has probably the most creative community compared to other games'. Another reason is that it is simple to play and doesn't have too many requirements.
  4. Berubaretto


    If you like compact level design, then don't miss this one. Most of the levels are quite short. And the overall difficulty is easy even on pistol start, but still there are some challenging levels(especially when you reached the final part of the megawad). So when you want to play some wads during coffee break, try this.
  5. Berubaretto

    International Doom: Must-play WADs from around the world

    Oops!Sorry for that.I'll correct it soon.
  6. Berubaretto

    International Doom: Must-play WADs from around the world

    antares031,who has created and contributed to various cacoward-winning projects,is from South Korea.He's best known for Struggle - Antaresian Legacy and Antaresian Reliquary.
  7. Berubaretto

    Looking for visually interesting vanilla wads

    No End In Sight is a good example of using vanilla doom's textures(though it has some textures from alpha doom). Sharp Thing,a single level for ultimate doom created by Xaser, is another good example,despite using few textures from other sources. If you have interests in Plutonia's texture,you can also check Cydonia,which emulates orignal Plutonia's style perfectly. (All of them are downloadable in idgames database)
  8. Berubaretto

    [RC2]A speed slaughtermap project: Capybara

    Congratulation for the release!I've been waiting for this for a long time.These maps look really cool and I'm ready to play them.