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  1. Randy110887

    New (Z)DOOM weapons

    What about the super shotgun with controlable barrel fire. Click the fire button once and it fires the left barrel, click again and the right barrel would fire. If you held down fire the would both go off one after another in quick succession. If it's possibly with .64.
  2. Randy110887

    DooM3 mp thirdperson 0-1?

    You can use third person view if your the host of the game and use this command in the console, net_allowcheats 1. (or on your doom shortcut)
  3. Randy110887

    What is that annoying clicking sound...

    I don't think it's a sound card problem, the sound sounds like a sound effect in the game. I hear the clicking all the time. I just assumed it was an ambient sound, like dripping.
  4. Randy110887

    Coop leftovers?

    I was looking through Doom 3's pak files and found the creators personal .cfg files, I was reading one of them (cygnus.cfg) and found (bind a "clientVoiceChat voc_that_sucked"). It seems to (in multiplayer) play a sound file people can hear. I looked for other voice chats in the pak files and found them in "sounds\mp". Some of them seem to be cooperative messages like "Cover me", "Roger", "Prepare for attack!", and "Pull back!". You can find a list of these ingame by using the console command "dir sounds\mp". You can only use them in a multiplayer game with the command "clientVoiceChat (sound name)". Do you think these are leftovers from when they worked on cooperative gameplay?
  5. Randy110887

    Doom 3 co-op mod in the works already, check out this vid

    I just downloaded a coop mod at http://www.pcaction.de/?article_id=328642 . It seems to work ok (except for telefrags), but I haven't been able to "play" it yet. I have to find someone to play with on my LAN (I have dial-up).
  6. Randy110887

    Alpha Textures

    I have all of the patches Darkhaven, but I don't have the Textures lump that assembles them into textures. Thanks Darkman I'll try that.
  7. Randy110887

    Alpha Textures

    Anyone know how to decode the Doom Alpha .5 texture lump? I'd like to get the textures from that version of doom, but the texture lump looks encoded. Thanks
  8. Randy110887

    DOOM vs Marathon

    I love marathon and I want to marry it, but both doom and marathon rank on the same level for me. Marathon has less action but a killer story line, and I like doom for it's simplicity and it's action. If doom and marathon were merged, it would be the ultimate game.
  9. Randy110887


    Anyone have a copy of immydm16.zip? I can't find any working links to the file except on gamespot, and I need a "Complete" account to get a hold of it. Thanks alot.
  10. Randy110887


    Nevermind, had a missing texture.
  11. Randy110887


    I modified a level using DoomBuilder, but every time I try to run it in doom2.exe (for my old networked computers) i get the error "R_TextureNumForName: not found", I have tried some different error checkers, and fixed the problems given by them, but i still get this error. How do I fix this, besides using a port? Thanks
  12. Randy110887

    MBF Multiplayer??

    Nevermind, i found out how to do it using boom's ipxboom.exe and serboom.exe combined with DM. If your interested send me an email or post a reply. I found my solution in SMMU's text file.
  13. Randy110887

    MBF Multiplayer??

    Does MBF have ANY multiplayer support? I can't find any documentation about using multiplayer in MBF anywhere, and when I use the -net 2 command I get a Doomcon buffer invalid error.
  14. Randy110887

    The Right Track

    uhhh... is this level done yet? there's no exit. I like the music and atmosphere but unless its incomplete it didn't make any sense. Otherwise a great start!
  15. Randy110887

    I want v1.2!

    Shareware?!?! Awe man! :)