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  1. EpicTyphlosion


    I think he killed the site since he left the Doom community. Either that or it's down for some reason.
  2. EpicTyphlosion

    GLESZDoom - GZDoom for potatoes

    Interesting! I've searched around for different source ports from time to time, but I've never heard of those forks until now. All they need is some zsript support and we'll be one step closer to running Guncaster on an old pentium ;)
  3. I've noticed my comments usually get removed within seconds if they have certain blacklisted words in them. Let's just say it makes commenting on drama and "exposed!!!1" videos difficult unless you choose your words carefully.
  4. EpicTyphlosion

    Why Do Pwads Almost Never Have a Story

    Beat me to it!
  5. EpicTyphlosion

    Heartland - final version available on idgames

    Next stop, a mod for DelphiDoom! ;)
  6. Session 52 MAP01 UV-Speed in 24.71 Session 52 MAP02 UV-Speed in 29.77 ABY5201-24.zip ABY5202-29.zip
  7. EpicTyphlosion

    FastDoom: DOS Vanilla Doom optimized for 386/486 processors

    All it needs is non text mode 16-color and 4-color rendering and it will be a perfect port ;)
  8. EpicTyphlosion

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    MAD STUFF FOR DOOM 2 MAP01 UV-Pacifist in 1.37 - MAD01P1.zip MAP02 UV-Pacifist in 2.37 - MAD02P2.zip MAP03 UV-Pacifist in 1.37 - MAD03P1.zip MAP04 UV-Pacifist in 2.14 - MAD04P2.zip MAP05 UV-Speed in 8.00 - MAD05-8.zip MAP06 UV-Speed in 5.71 - MAD06-5.zip MAP06 UV-Pacifist in 5.86 - MAD06P5.zip
  9. EpicTyphlosion

    LZDoom 3.87c released

    Why did you drop XP support? And more importantly, why are you going to drop OGL 2? Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of this port existing?
  10. EpicTyphlosion

    Heartland - final version available on idgames

    Yes, yes, all of the yeses! I seriously love seeing different source ports getting some love. As much as I love GZD, source ports like Eternity and k8vavoom can get pretty close to its level of modding capabilities. This episode proves that.
  11. EpicTyphlosion

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Come one, come all!

    Strange. I thought it was my connection
  12. EpicTyphlosion

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Come one, come all!

    Ah what the hell, count me in!
  13. EpicTyphlosion

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    This is the final one?! Noooooooooo! Er, I mean, I'll take MAP01 with the plutonia theme. Either that or something close to it.
  14. EpicTyphlosion

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies! (2021, Mar 04 build)

    Finally. We have a good fucking competitor to GZDoom.
  15. EpicTyphlosion

    Zandronium bots get confused

    The default bots are horribly outdated. I'm talking from the Skulltag era. I've noticed some of their shortcomings like this myself, and deathmatch modes are about all they're good for (you could use them for CTF, but all they'd do is defend). I'd highly recommend using TDbots instead. They aren't capable of other modes that well either, but they're much better than the default bots by a long shot.