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  1. Wad`a`Holic

    anyone have a guide for doom builder?

    meh, random
  2. Wad`a`Holic

    BFG Lamers

    You know what I hate, those SSG lamers that get a frag for EVERY ONE OF THEIR FRAGS!!! And they use nothing else. I don't mind them but back in the days of me been a n00b, it happended every single time.
  3. DD_133, sorry about taking the name Doom Tournament 2004. Why don't you call it Doom Arena 2004 or something?
  4. As most of you proberly know, MR.ROCKET, ~X~ and I are working on a multiplayer project called Doom Tournament 2004. Basicly, its like UT2004 but for Doom. It adds 6 new game types... Tournament Capture the flag Double Domination Mutant Assault King of the Hill Currently we are working on the levels (5 levels for each game mode) and we plan to release it on August the 11th (around 15 more days!). For more information, visit... http://wadaholic.tripod.com/doomtournament2004
  5. Wad`a`Holic

    My site

    My site is very unpopular right now, and it just started. It won't show up on google right now. Anywayz, I have a few Doom Legacy maps on there that are up for downloads. Hope someone comes soon, im starting to talk to myself on the forums. The address is... http://wadaholic.tripod.com
  6. Wad`a`Holic

    DUEL, 1 bullet, 1 health.

    Converted DOOMer, that sounds like a cool idea but it would make the game short and I don't have the knowhow to do it. lol. But here's an intresting game mode that I might add to the Doom Tournament mod. Castle construction game mode. Here's what you need to do to win... There are 4 players and 2 teams. There are 2 players in each team. They both get bases and they are completely empty. Each team starts out with $400 and they must buy parts to add to there base. Walls, towers, armourys anything. They can also run out onto the battlefield and collect parts from there to add (just incase you run out of money) or if you frag someone on the other team you get money. The objective is to crumble the other teams fortress by shooting it or something. Well, what do ya think?
  7. Wad`a`Holic

    DUEL, 1 bullet, 1 health.

    Hey guys, I have a idea for a new game mode that I can add with the 3 others. Tag team deathmatch. There are 4 players and 2 teams. Each team has 2 players. 1 of the players in the team spectates and the other battles it out. If the player who is playing tags the spectating player he enters the battle and the player who WAS fighting gets healed. Well, what do you think. Also, DooMBoy, 3darchives dont work. Do you know there web address?
  8. Wad`a`Holic

    DUEL, 1 bullet, 1 health.

    Yes Job, the tamper mode is exactly like hacker. But insted you are hacking with enemies health, ammo amount. That is if you get in there base. Example, you run in Player 3's base and stand on the hacker floor panel. You will then be able to change player 3's health amount and ammo amount. You can even make him have low gravity. And with the duel, it is a small map. It aint just like skulltag, it features jump pads, lava pads (instant kill, takes off 10 health per second) and theif pads (steel's your ammo when standing on it). In the duel mode there is also some health and ammo to pickup incase you run out. But hey, there are no mods out there that imporve the multiplayer of Doom Legacy. At least I don't think. Anyway, anyone know of anywhere that I can upload one of the Tamper levels?
  9. Wad`a`Holic

    DUEL, 1 bullet, 1 health.

    I am making a mod for Doom Legacy called Doom Tournament. It will feature 3 new game modes that will make Doom more fun online. They are... Duel, 1 bullet, 1 health Tamper, Take over the enemies base and tamper with there stats Tournament, Basic deathmatch with new rules. I have a demo of the duel game mode but I have nowhere to upload it. Anyone know where I can upload this awsome mod?
  10. Wad`a`Holic

    Beyond the Grave

    I am currently working on a Doom II mod called "Beyond the Grave". It is a more team based version of Doom. Also features some intence battles as seen in such kick ass games like Call of Duty. It is a complete 32 level coversion with the same graphics and some new surprises. There are also new features such as Shaddow mapping (realistic shaddows in levels, aint that new but looks damn awsome). You will need Doom LEGACY to run this wicked mod. You can get it at... http://legacy.newdoom.com There may also be some vehicles in it too but there might not be... I have some screenshots but I need a place to upload them to. Trust me. It's wroth it... If you don't belive me, wait till you play the mod. Muhahahahaha
  11. Wad`a`Holic

    Check out the new screenies

    Did you know that if you import the orignal Doom 2 sky into paint and invert the colours of it you will get a perfect blue sky with clouds in it?
  12. Wad`a`Holic

    Check out the new screenies

    Those are some pretty good shots. It would be cool to see some demons in there also.
  13. Wad`a`Holic

    Looking for artists

    I can make some 3D models and turn them into bitmaps that can be turned into sprites. Or if the port you are using can handle 3D models then you can just import the MD2 file into the game.
  14. Wad`a`Holic

    Internal V1.0 Info

    Ok, lets screw the scripting and get working on that later on. The map is finished and all I need is somewere to upload it...
  15. Wad`a`Holic

    Damn moaning demons in walls

    Urrr, could we get back to the moaning demons in walls?