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  1. Grey_Wolf

    Live Through DOOM - Survival Gameplay Mod

    @Steve88 OH! That would be such an honour! Looking forward to it! @fraggle Well mostly the fact that in a survival horrors you are often slow, weak and not very trained for battle. I wanted to keep Doomguy's offensive capabilites, but trying to make the player more cautious with how he decides to use them. All this while keeping the game not too much frustrating (unless you choose certain difficulty levels or play an overcrowded/unfair custom map pack). Of course it's not perfect yet, but I'm doing my best to balance things out. By the way, a new version is out! https://www.moddb.com/mods/litdoom-survival-gameplay/news/survivalaesthetic-update
  2. Grey_Wolf

    Live Through DOOM - Survival Gameplay Mod

    The reason I made the difficulty settings so customizable is exactly to adapt the mod to many different map pack styles, although it'll be never a good fit for slaughtermaps. A custom horror-themed map pack mad specifically for the mod would be a dream come true, but I'm not a mapper, and even if I started learning how to create maps, it would take me too much time from the actual mod development.
  3. Hello there! I'm working on a mod that aims to merge Brutal Doom's graphic violence and modern gameplay to survival horror elements such as ammo and light sources management, bleeding wounds, highly customizable difficulty levels and many new items and features that should make the game more immersive and atmospheric, but without completely stripping the "good old DOOM" of its arcade-ish nature and original feel. If you're curious, even just a little, check it on modDB: https://www.moddb.com/mods/litdoom-survival-gameplay And reach us on our discord channel: https://discord.gg/sAE7jDT --- INTRODUCTION: Ah, the good old Doom, those were the days. Played it since I was I child. But what changed from back then? Graphics in gaming became more beautiful, year after year, and the gameplay evolved. Replaying doom felt nostalgic, but not as creepy and hard as the first time, when I couldn't aim and ended up wasting a lot of ammo for no reason. It was still a lot of fun but something was missing... the survival horror atmosphere, the sense of costant danger... gone. Is anyone with me here? Ah, those were the days... but modern gaming brought some nice things too. Just think of Brutal Doom, the mod from Sergeant_Mark_IV. Adds so many good gameplay mechanics and eyecandy... So what to do? What to do? LIVE THROUGH DOOM (or LitDOOM) It's a STAND ALONE mod that merges Brutal Doom's modern gameplay with many new features that will make it closer to a survival horror game and give a sense of novelty and replayability to the good old games AND custom maps! "You'll be scavenging maps for equipment, slowly bleed to death with an open wound looking desperately for some bandages, and facing tough demons that can tear your body to shreds in mere seconds. Your flashlight battery can die out just when you hear a weird noise inside a completely dark room." You are not walking in the park, Hell is not your playground anymore. You are Living Through Doom.
  4. Grey_Wolf

    Spriters needed!

    Something like that. I like SOME features from BD, but I also find it to be too arcade-y. This mod aims to make it more immersive and atmospheric.
  5. Grey_Wolf

    Spriters needed!

    I'm working on a survival gameplay mod for vanilla doom and custom maps (I'll make a dedicated post about it when I release the next version) and I need help with some sprites for the crafting system (and also other stuff if you are interested in the project). Is anyone willing to help? This is the mod's link, if you want to check it out: https://www.moddb.com/mods/litdoom-survival-gameplay
  6. Grey_Wolf

    Share Your Sprites!

    Little thing I did for my mod https://www.moddb.com/mods/litdoom-survival-gameplay
  7. Grey_Wolf

    How can I take a weapon away from someone?

    What conditions do you need the weapon to be taken away? Always?
  8. Grey_Wolf

    Actor has no Frames?

    Solved. Thread can be closed
  9. Grey_Wolf

    Actor has no Frames?

    Hello there! After almost one year of inactivity, I decided to continue a mod that I started some time ago, based on Brutal Doom. Since a new version of Brutal Doom came ot in may, I had to convert my old mod and rebuild it on top of the last version of BD. Most features seems to be untouched and working as intended but something's seems off with many actors, mostly ammo and weapon pickups, and other items that are supposed to stay on the floor until picked up. Just an exclamation mark is appearing in game, with warnings in the console telling stuff like "Shells at X position has no frames" and so on. The weird thing is that if I use the console to summon said item, it appears normally without any problem (since all the required sprites are in place), so I'm a little confused here.
  10. Grey_Wolf

    Thing_Damage2 and Custom Damagetypes

    Hm, this method will also force me to discard the graphic wound overlay, the dripping blood effect and the fact that bleeding ingores armor. Maybe I'll just tweak the damage values of the different wound levels, so it's still relevant at lower skill levels, but not extremely punishing on higher skill levels. Thanks for your help anyway.
  11. Grey_Wolf

    Thing_Damage2 and Custom Damagetypes

    This didn't work. Actually the activator is a projectile, but yes, it gives the player an item that automatically calls the script, so the players becomes the activator at that point. How can I make the projectile directly call the script pointing at the player?
  12. Hello there! After some time that I've been doing other things, I'm back to tweaking a bleeding/wound system I made time ago. So I have this script: It's called by some monster attacks and its effects change based on player's currently equipped armor. Ok. Now, I have some custom difficulty levels in my mod that alter the global DamageFactor. I do not want my script to be altered by that value. I want the wounds in the posted script to inflict fixed damage that ignores armor. So I added this in MAPINFO: Thing is that not only I still take 10 damage instead of 3 when I play on skill levels with a damagefactor of 3.5, but when I die from bleeding, I see the message "Player killed himself" instead of the correct obituary. What could be happening?
  13. Grey_Wolf

    Need Help Editing BD Revolver.

    Find the A_FireBullets lines under the Fire, Fire2, etc. states: the fourth number should be the damage inflicted. I don't know what do you mean with changing the range. Do you want to make the bullet lose height mid flight? Or just give the bullet a damage fall off based on distance? In both cases it's pretty complicated and I have no clue on how to do it, lol. Alternatively, as a cheap solution, you can use the float range paramenter (this too in A_Firebullets). This will set thje maximum range the bullet will actually hit. You can set this after the bullet's flags and pufftype. Refer to this wiki for further informations: https://zdoom.org/wiki/A_FireBullets
  14. Grey_Wolf

    Difficulty level's text color not changing

    Yeah I already knew that and I was ok with it. But it doesn't say anything about text color for the smallfont, so I still don't understand why I can't change it. I'll tell you if I find something out. Please do the same if you happen to stumble on something useful. EDIT: ok, apparently it was really a bug. GzDoom lead developer Graf told me he'll fix when he'll get the chance. Also, here's the correct method for doing this (currently not working until he fix it) EDIT2: For anyone wondering or having a similar problem, GzDoom has been updated and in the last devbuild the bug is fixed. To apply the colortext, edit the skillname to use the color format you want Example: skill normal In this case, "\cG" will make the skillname red even if smallfont is used. Thanks to Graf Zhal for his help, but also to everyone of you that tried to give me advice. P.S.: I know it's a lame thing to do, but I'm gonna set this as the "best answer" since it's the only one that could help other people with the same issue.
  15. Grey_Wolf

    Difficulty level's text color not changing

    I just made a brand new .wad file with only the MAPINFO lump and some custom skill levels. Starting from 9 skill levels and up the font switches from BIGFONT to SMALLFONT, and all the skill level names are automatically translated to grey. So yes, I don't think it's something I have to fix, rather than something I have to learn how to do or work around, since as Dark Pulse said, seems to be some kind of limitation. Should I just post on the Zdoom forum or is there some kind of way to contact the developers directly?