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  1. TidusDream12

    There.. there are no hell razers are there :(

    Your going to need a full arsenal to take out all the demon types and the mixes based on the progression of the game and how ammo is dispersed
  2. TidusDream12

    There.. there are no hell razers are there :(

    They actually were a pain in ass on the higher difficulty a random charged argent beam shot could one shot you. They were dangerous only in specific scenarios when Hell Knights were present with a sprinkling of Possessed Shield Soldiers they were an issue that needed to be dealt with first as they could put the hurt on you long distance. With the correct mix of Demons they could be very dangerous. Say Qty (2) Hell Knights Qty (4) Imps Qty (2) Cacodemons Qty (2) Hell Razers Qty (1) Baron Qty (2) Pinkys Qty (2) Possessed Soldiers Qty (1) Shielded Possessed Soldier Qty (1) Mancubus Qty (2) Revenants That would be a hard room to clear The Imps with High mobility and fireballs Shielded Possessed Soldier with high damage shield and shotgun blasts Possesed Soldiers firing from all angles Caco's Spitting projectiles and hovering in the air Hell Knights and Baron chasing you down for melee Pinky rushing you down Hell Razer sniping you with Argent blasts Mancubus firing heat blasts and being a tank Revs giving you a sermon of rocket blasts That would be 19 demons in one room That would be the perfect room to challenge good players It mixes long, mid, and close range combat techniques of the units in Doom 16 The issue is ID tech could not handle that many demons at once But Eternal can so a room like this with a crazy mix will be possible
  3. TidusDream12

    Oddball theory on the Marauder and Doomslayer

    Doom Guy died after Doom This is his decrepit corpse Doom Slayer is a preleanthor from Doom 3 His race is the progenitor to Humanity He is a Demi God demon slaying beast mode herculean badass Doom Guy tried his best he did not make it and from his hatred he turned into the marauder
  4. TidusDream12

    "It's too cartoony"

    Honestly it cannot be this violent and photo realistic. It will never be rated for Mature. Which would Doom the game from ever reaching proper sales targets. Example, Switch sales. The more platforms Doom is on the better. It will lead to more sales and more content. Meaning we will get DLC and possibly episodes like the original. Could you imagine 9 months into release Doom Eternal Episode II comes out with an additional 12 maps and story?? I may be reaching but perhaps Eternal is taking so long because they want this engine and IP to run for a few years via episodes. Eternal meaning every 6 to 9 months a new episode is released and the longevity of this IP will go well beyond current gen into next gen consoles and PC graphics cards which will lead to even more sales because why not buy the same game twice but with better graphics on your next gen console? I know this is heresy for the PC guys however it makes sense from a business stand point for Bethesda and ID to do episodes much like how Square Enix is doing Final Fantasy 7 due to the vastness of the original game they had to split it into 3 games. Or a destiny style release of content.
  5. TidusDream12

    Eternal release date...i bet u...

    Also guys, "Doom Eternal" Eternal: what number signifies this?? Number 21 – The Number Between Eternity and Time 6.21.2019, 09.21.2019, 12.12.19 12.12.19 is also a full moon and a Thursday, meaning Friday morning for the kids and adults to skip school and work to play the whole weekend. This would be the latest for a 2019 release date.
  6. TidusDream12

    Eternal release date...i bet u...

    09.06.2019 Also Inverted 9 is a 6 06.06.16 or 666
  7. TidusDream12

    Doom Eternal Hints in DOOM 2016 Multiplayer

    Credit to all those who added these Photos and Images to google. I did not create these, I am sharing to illustrate the above posts.
  8. TidusDream12

    DOOM Eternal's Earth

    Just boot up Doom 2016 and fire up Multiplayer. Start a private match, turn off all other players except yourself. Select Boneyard as your Map (You will need the DLC) Boom you have the Hell on Earth Prototype. They used ridiculous colors to hide the fact that this map was used as an early tech demo of what eventually was made in ID tech7 and was the basis for the Eternal Demo. Do not believe me go check it out.
  9. TidusDream12

    Doom Eternal Hints in DOOM 2016 Multiplayer

    Also if you look at the Eternal images of the wretch, he is actually the warrior caste of the Elemental Wraiths. I think the map Argent Breach shows you the differences between the too styles of Wraiths. One is holding a Spear, and the other is the Elemental Wraith before demonic invasion of Argent D'Nur. The elemental wraith has an orb in its statue just like the ones you pierce in the last mission of Doom 2016. It would make sense that and Warrior Wraith gave the slayer his Power.
  10. TidusDream12

    Doom Eternal Hints in DOOM 2016 Multiplayer

    How did you miss Boneyard? Boneyard is a colorful version of Earth post invasion. Also in the MP maps Outbreak & Ritual we see the Icon of Sin growing in a tank and alive in the snowy mountains. Outbreak shows a UAC ship with the tentacles reaching for another ship. My theory is the Cult of the UAC retrieved the IOS and are feeding it and repairing it with Argent energy and Human Souls. It breaks out of containment on the UAC ship and hitches a ride to earth. It lands and starts devouring people and growing into the planet as we have seen in the initial Eternal trailer. Its all right there in the DLC MP maps. Its the TidusDream12 gift to the Doom community. People became so hung up on Sentinel Prime they missed the rest of it. In the MP map Outbreak go to the middle of the map where the bridge is and run towards the end of the bridge to the computer control area. Its actually a tank with the Icon of Sin growing in it. Than hang a right to the green acid area and there is a massive worm like the ones that protected the Crucible growing in the tank its 3d modeled and makes a noise if you jump at the glass towards it. Than go to Ritual MP Map and find the Icon of sin on earth getting sacrifices via a fire pedestal. I think they are going the Zerg route with Hell and its an awful lot like creep. I would make a video on this however I travel for work too much. Enjoy the views.