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  1. zabnat

    Demonic Sphere

    as dajuice said concept is nice. <critique> if i see correctly there is a demon head and hand. you could try to shade them a bit, with quite heavy contrast i would add. (could work even when choosin that color there is and then few colors from between black and that (that == which is there). and it would add a lot more if you could somehow state that it is actually sphere where those demons are in. like making a new layer (presuming that you use something where layers are possible) and make a full shaded sphere so that is it almost visible. just something to show that is it really a sphere (it doesnt have to show too much, just a tiny bit is enough). also, would add a interesting touch if all the demon faces werent identical, like others are shouting for pain or something. this is just a critique i came up for you to make your work even better, as it is actually quite nice already, but i'm used to add some hard critique for making it even better (atleast this is what i think), hope you are not offended anyhow. </critique> p.s. as for the filesize I have nothin to say since my isp is kinda malfunctioning in the past days and my vision is _not_ quite clear right now (oh yes, that's exacly what i've been doing ;) drink i mean)
  2. zabnat

    Éspi is quite possibly the coolest member here

    anyone got any screenshots of this?
  3. Nice coulouring and so, but for a poster this composition is a bit messy imho. Like there are lots of characters all around the poster. Could work if it would be a bit more organised...
  4. zabnat

    Not a fanart. Jus an image.

    I can actually see perspective and construction in photographs, but can result from the fact that I am almost half blind so I have almost no perspective vision whatsoever (with my right eye closed I can't read normal text from screen from any distance). But drawing from other images haven't done any harm to me, but maybe I am special (or freak) ;) But I believe that if some art oriented(?) college people said that it's a bad thing, then it must be. Don't mind me, I'm just a freak who even hold a pencil wrong :)
  5. zabnat

    Not a fanart. Jus an image.

    Good image. Slvrwvrn: Can't quite see how drawing off photos can be a bad thing :) One should draw one hundred pics off photos and after that you have enough "references" in your head so you can draw a nice picture without any reference. But thats just me ;)
  6. zabnat

    My First Bit Of Doom Fan-Art

    I agree with silverwyvern with the critique, but what the devil is a mastoid?! I tried to look for web for some pictures what this mastoids things look like but I couldn't find any. I checked the dictionary what it means in my language, but it was a word I haven't heard before. Could someone explain please? [EDIT] After looking some anatomy references I believe that it is that muscle named sterno-cleido-mastoideus, the muscle coming from behind he ear to chest, that silverwyvern was referring? Am I right? Forgive my stupidity, but the translation for mastoid in my language was nothing ever near any muscles :)
  7. zabnat

    My Icon of Sin

    nice job there, coloring could use a bit more contrast though, looks a bit flat now. keep on going :)
  8. zabnat

    Deamon's Birth

    thats just freaking amazing, i can even hear its scream :)
  9. zabnat

    The lost entry

    I also liked the modified version more than the original. I liked more the one with white background, but the shading in characters I like more without that cellshading type effect. Otherwise nice pic and very nice to see somebody is making art here :) I come here almost daily to checkout if anyone has done any new pics and I'm really disappointed when I see that only couple of new fanfics have appeared :(
  10. zabnat

    BoH model

    great! actually I was going to do the boh model my self, but now I don't have to :) . Any change of making a hires marbface texture out of that one?
  11. zabnat

    Not Doom related art, but art nonetheless.

    Like Darkstalker said, or you can try evaluating Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 or Macromedia Freehand, 30 day trials are available I believe.
  12. zabnat

    Not Doom related art, but art nonetheless.

    must be just me, but those shaky outlines bother me :) you really should use some kind of vector curves for them (paths in photoshop for example)
  13. zabnat

    Deathrow inmate zombie

    Thats a great pic, I like the style and colouring is done well and not too much stuff in the background. Reminds me of some comic...
  14. zabnat

    Meh >:-/

    awesome drawing there, just those proportions look a bit off. But look at that detail :)
  15. zabnat

    marble faces are who?

    Everybody knows those 3 big faces in marble textures right? MARBFACE, MARBFAC2 and MARBFAC3. The question is, who are they? My friend claims that there is a cyberdemon in those but I think that they are: MARBFACE - End boss from doom2, just some evil ramskull MARBFAC2 - Archvile MARBFAC3 - Baron of Hell Do you agree or not, let me know?