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  1. Arrowhead

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Unnamed Small Otex1.1 Pack: MAP01: 'Soggy Showdown': Got another one done - kind of a speedmap - took me 2.5 hours to make. Bit of a boggy swamp-ish level. It's a large cavern system connected to an outdoors courtyard. Has a bit of a unique supercharge placement - involving a bounce pad that is accessible from two different directions. Should make for some interesting traffic and collisions! Didn't expect it to be a two map day! I'm tired now! Off to bed! :D
  2. Just finished a map like a couple hours ago, but I need to make another one!


    If I don't make one - then that idea will float around in my head and torment me.


    Gonna do some kind of watery base, maybe do some outdoors areas, like a courtyard or something - highly considering using Otex1.1, as it's super easy to use for natural areas and greenery.


    I'll post some screenshots in the main thread if I have success!




    1. Arrowhead


      It's coming along nicely - all the geo is done already.


      Should definitely be able to show it off later tonight.


      It's gonna be a 2 map day!




    2. Daytime Waitress

      Daytime Waitress

      Alright, I'm convinced that AH is just a Poe character transported to the present day - instead of being afflicted with gothic visions from beyond the grave, he's being driven out of his mind by WADs:


      "True! — motivated — very, very dreadfully motivated I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad? The mapping had sharpened my senses — not destroyed — not dulled them. Above all was the sense of inspiration acute. I placed all Things in the heaven and in the earth. I drew many linedefs in hell. How, then, am I mad? Hearken! and observe how healthily — how calmly I can tell you about my new mapset."

    3. Arrowhead


      Haha, that's great DW - made me smile.


      But honestly, if I don't get something into the editor, it does drive me a little crazy, lol.


      Even worse when I forget the little wisp of an idea I might have had.


      Anyway, new map is going great - should be fun, I hope! I'll post more later!




  3. Arrowhead

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Unnamed GothMash project: MAP01: HEATED HIDEOUT: A quick little lava-themed deathmatch level I made on a whim. Don't know if I'm gonna make this a little project, or not - might keep it as one map - and this is different from the current GothMash deathmatch community project I'm running! :D
  4. I feel like blasting out a map.


    I haven't mapped in 2 weeks, really - I'm getting the itch for it bad.


    Gonna post some screenies in the main thread later if I have success.




  5. I like this. I'll re-name to: 'Co-mapped single level, (5+ Mappers)' , and move those three projects to 'single levels'. We can always change it if we come up w/ something that works better, this is all very WIP of course. I appreciate the feedback - I'll implement the above change now. :)
  6. I gotta get back to that excel doc sometime soon, too. I've just been juggling a few other projects + some IRL stuff right now, but I'll get to it soon!
  7. Ah, that's a good point. Yes, you are correct - AQ, AQ2 and TQ are technically single levels each - that's an oversight on my part. And yeah, you are also correct - Box Doom would fit that 'category'. What do you propose I re-name this category - 'single level comprised of contributions from many authors' seems a bit wordy, lol. Any suggestions would be appreciated. :)
  8. Gotta get things together, and release all this stuff collecting dust on my hard drive.


    Got 8 CTF maps (Dash CTF) I want to release, my 11 single maps from my streams, Dogtag DM, Havok DM 3, my RKPhotoTex map, my greenwar2 DM map, Apprehension, (my SP project) to get back to, and probably 25-30 older DM maps that I never got around to publishing - I also have a HUGE jungle-themed map I'm working on w/ spwnSh4rk that I want to get out soon, too.


    I've been busy w/ my community project recently (which has been going great, btw) but I really need to get some of this stuff out the door.


    Feels pretty pointless to make a buncha stuff, and then just leave it sitting.


    Coming up on 300 maps published, and about 360 made so far.


    Just drives me crazy to leave stuff sitting rotting - feels utterly lame to make stuff and not put it out for others to see...


    So yeah, I've had two main releases this year so far:


    1) Frantik DM 3

    2) Antiquated Extraterrestrials


    (as well as a couple miscellaneous levels), but it just kinda feels like I've been slacking as of late.


    I just gotta get back to it - and get some stuff finalized - I get antsy when I'm not doing 'enough'.


    Anyway, just wanted to give an update!



    1. Daytime Waitress

      Daytime Waitress




      Is this boy for real?

    2. Endless


      I am pretty sure at that number you are already in the top 10 most prolific mappers in general, and probably top 3 (if not top 1) most prolific MP mapper of all time.


      Slacking is quite the understatement lol

  9. Congrats on getting things finalized! We'll have to play these again sometime soon! :)
  10. Welcome back to this week's edition of WFF! We will be playing the first 11 maps of SUV CTF this Sunday! So, grab your shotty, strap up your Red or Blue gear, and come join us for an epic session of fraggin' n' flaggin'! Details: -2 Teams -5 Flag Limit per map -10 Minute Limit per map -8 Players max per team -WADs rotate weekly (unless being continued) -No overtime This is a welcoming and friendly casual gaming experience! You don't have to be a Doom god to join us for some flags! The Wadazine Flag Fest team is: spwnsH4rK Arrowhead Endless Mr. Pred AF-Domains Location/Time: -Sunday @ 20:00 EDT (01:00 BST / 19:00 CDT) on ZDaemon! -Dwango United New Jersey (or type 'Wadazine' into the search tool) -No password - public & casual Never played Doom multiplayer? Please watch this tutorial! Don't miss out on another event! Join the cool kids and be first in line for new-edition releases and events at ---> Wadazine Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Q2RKn4J Multiplayer DOOM fan? Help support the team that supports us at ---> https://discord.com/invite/aXnf2XM  Hope to see you there!   :D
  11. I've done two small tests this week on the maps, and I'm happy to say that all 8 have played well thus far! I'm sure there will be a few more revisions needed as we go along this next month. But, things are turning out pretty solid already! :)
  12. Arrowhead

    Post a picture...that you took

    Nice, some kind of rose opened up in my garden today - not sure of the variety, or if it's even a 'true' rose, but it's very pretty I think. :D
  13. Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, thought it was about time I started something like this. The central goal is to introduce more people to this genre of mapping - I think it's working out so far, thankfully! :)
  14. I've received the eighth map for this project! This will be MAP07 in the WAD. @mothvox just completed a map, 'Fudge'. That's the third map already - mothvox has been very productive as of late. Nice to see. Here are some screenshots!: This is a compact level that features a lot of the color brown, hence the mapname. Lots of interesting architecture in this map - and the sightlines are also very good. There is a pair of power-ups in relative close proximity of each other near the centre of the map, which should really serve well to drive traffic through the middle of the map. Another nice contribution! I'm happy to see so many maps as of late! Remember, the submission deadline is AUGUST 5TH. We'll do some testing / minor revising around that point, and then a week or so after the submission deadline, we'll likely release! Very happy w/ the submissions thus far. :D