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  1. Arrowhead

    Favorite Episode from Ultimate Doom

    I like episodes 1 and 4 equally, followed closely by episode 2, follow distantly by episode 3...
  2. Arrowhead

    How did you get your username?

    When I was 12, I created my first hotmail account. I asked a friend what would be a 'cool' sounding name, and he said "idk my dude maybe Arrowhead and like 12 because you're twelve." So I just went w/ it, and have been using it ever since - minus the twelve now, though.
  3. My dad actually told me - only after I tried it multiple times myself w/ no luck... I think I was 8 or 9 when I beat Doom 2 for the first time - only on ITYTD though, lol
  4. Arrowhead

    React to the Username above you

    @northivanastan Sounds like the name of a fictional central Asian country. idk :)
  5. Arrowhead

    Post your Desktop Background

    Its a deranged abomination of a pinky that I threw through the chaos filter in ArtBreeder.
  6. Arrowhead

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    @omalefico32x Looks like some kind of pokemon / megaman character?:)
  7. Arrowhead

    What DOOM map editor do you use?

    I'm a DBX guy now, but started out w/ DB2.
  8. I personally think I'd get more personal enjoyment from Doom over the 2 million dollars... I'd have to pass on the money. What the hell would I spend it on anyway? Like @Lol 6 said "I have always been a very simple person". I feel I am a similar way.
  9. Arrowhead

    Hot Springs - a new small map

    Definitely liked this one. A hot spring is actually quite a unique location for a doom WAD. I don't think I've ever seen a hot spring map until now. The red rock texture and the green bricks surprisingly go well together, whenever I've tried using these two together, I always thought they clashed - but the texturing looks great here. I don't usually like hot starts, but the arachnotron hot start really works here, makes you need to run around and get some in-fighting going / fight for your ammo right off the bat - I appreciate that kind of encounter design. I felt that maybe the Cybie room was a little too small - but I was still able to get 'em. Overall, I enjoyed your more 'industrial' endeavors a little bit more aesthetically, but this was by no means a bad map to look at. I also appreciated the integration of all weapons, something not seen in many smaller size maps. I UV max'd it in just over 3:30 - which isn't a problem btw, you know I like small maps - but it kind of left me wishing it was a bit longer, as I was enjoying it quite a bit! Maybe you'll return to the hot springs motif at some point? :) Keep up the great work bud, can't wait to see more from your megaWAD project too!
  10. Arrowhead

    learning other languages is hard

    I know some Quebecois French, but not a lot. I took it from Grade 1 to my senior year. This thread makes me think I should probably pick it up again at some point.
  11. Arrowhead

    Arrowhead12's WADs - ***ACE-1.wad - NOW ON IDGAMES***

    Part 2 of 2: Special thanks to @Jimmy @Immorpher @pcorf and Kyle Dobson for allowing their music to be reused in other projects. :) Without the above playtesters and their feedback, (see first post) I probably wouldn't have made it very far at all. Thanks for your time. I'm working on a large deathmatch priject now, I'll be sure to update as the process goes on.
  12. Arrowhead

    Arrowhead12's WADs - ***ACE-1.wad - NOW ON IDGAMES***

    Part 1 of 2: (stupid formatting wouldn't let me enter text after all the '@s' lol) 'ACE-1.wad' is now on idgames! ACE-1 stands for 'Arrowhead Compilation Episode 1'. /idgames . Or you can direct download here: ACE-1.7z Alright, I updated the things I stated I was going to update, with 2 small exceptions. I decided to keep the dead 'eye switches' in the flesh tunnel in Gallows, and I decided to also not alter the final chaingunner ambush. I felt it was too cramped to add another set of bars, to delay the player. All difficulties have been implemented. I think I was able to fix the secret wall in Refinery, too. I created par times, but completely spaced out, and forgot to add them to the MAPINFO lump, lol. I knew I'd forget something in my first upload, haha. I'll likely just send an updated version out to the archive in a few days' time. Everything else is otherwise A-Ok, though. :) Special thanks to playtesters: @Orcsbreath @Biodegradable @Karl515 @Krenium @Dubbag @eirc @PeceMan @Suitepee @thelazyqdude
  13. Arrowhead

    Favorite Game From The Year You Were Born

    Gonna have to be "The Ultimate Doom" for me!
  14. Sorry, must have missed it. I stand corrected though, seems as if you did remember this correctly in the end! Very very weird. I have no idea what could possibly be causing that. This has just become a very interesting thread... :)