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  1. Fast As Hell Flags: MAP16 - 'Burning Feet'






    @Endless and I are now officially halfway done this CTF megaWAD.


    16 down, 16 to go!


    I still have more layout ideas, so that's good.




  2. Fast As Hell Flags: MAP15 - 'Cruel Experiment'





    I've been extra productive today. Finished another map.  

    This one's an odd arena where teleportation is key.


    1. Zylinderkatze


      Hexagons are Bestagons!

  3. Fast As Hell Flags: MAP14 - 'Study Time'







    A nice quiet library.   



    1. Zylinderkatze


      I hope that's a Double-Barrel Shhhhh!otgun xD

    2. Naarok0fkor


      Shotguns are stupid...


  4. Fast As Hell Flags: MAP13 - 'Quick Decisions'





    We're nearly half-way done already!



  5. Fast As Hell Flags: MAP12 - 'Running Fast'






  6. Very cool little maps. 2 texture idea is a very neat gimmick. These maps are generally very open and rarely too tight. These maps flow well, too. MAP04 is definitely my favorite. I love the buildings you made. Congrats on your release!! :)
  7. Hello, everyone! Welcome back to this week's edition of WFF!  ***We have officially completed and released Wadazine CTF!*** We will be playing this 32 map megaWAD this Sunday. Maps 11-21 will be played in this session! We will continue this WAD 1 more week until it is finished - then we will move onto something else! Check out this thread for more information on the map pack: Grab your shotty, strap up your Red or Blue gear, and come join us for an epic session of fraggin' n' flaggin'! Details: -2 Teams -5 Flag Limit per map -10 Minute Limit per map -8 Players max per team -WADs rotate weekly (unless being continued) This is a welcoming and friendly casual gaming experience! You don't have to be a Doom god to join us for some flags! The Wadazine Flag Fest team is: spwnsH4rK Arrowhead Endless Mr. Pred Flambeau AF-Domains Location/Time: -Sunday @ 7PM CDT on ZDaemon -Dwango United New Jersey (or type 'Wadazine' into the search tool) -No password - public & casual Never played Doom multiplayer? Please watch this tutorial! Don't miss out on another event! Join the cool kids and be first in line for new-edition releases and events at ---> Wadazine Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Q2RKn4J Multiplayer DOOM fan? Help support the team that supports us at ---> https://discord.com/invite/aXnf2XM  Hope to see you there! :)
  8. Arrowhead


    I appreciate the screenshots of the map in the editor, but you should really show some in-game screenies too. It'll help get more people interested if they have an idea of what the map pack looks like. Looks like a cool project!
  9. Fast As Hell Flags: MAP08 - 'Deep In the Furnace'


    This is a sprawling UAC facility - lava pits everywhere, a burning sky...


    @Endless and I are motoring along.


    We want to get this out before the end of the year for sure - if we keep up a good pace, it'll likely be out much earlier.






    This is the largest map in the WAD so far.


    Should work well for large party games, 4v4 and up.


    8 down, 24 to go. 





  10. 118 maps released this year.


    Many more on the way.



    1. Zylinderkatze




      Going by my own speed, 118 maps would take me.. 12+ years.

    2. Raith138


      About to release 3, so... We are basically equal.

  11. Arrowhead

    What are you currently reading?

    Reading Blindness by Jose Saramago right now. Also trying to finish up 'The Metamorphosis' by Kafka. Both are very good so far.
  12. The Doom the Way id Did series is great. Try those. :)
  13. Arrowhead

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I think they look quite old school. Not bad.
  14. Fast As Hell Flags - MAP07: 'Flooded Caverns'


    Here's my MAP07 of @Endless and I's new CTF megaWAD.


    Things are moving along at a brisk pace!








    We are well on our way!


    There are lots and lots of layout ideas I want to try out!




  15. Arrowhead

    Am I Cool With You Guys?

    You just gotta stop caring about this stuff. Don't worry about being 'cool' - who cares? I don't. Just do you. I encourage that you should look more into the game-development issue. Start w/ Doom mapping, seeing as that's what's likely most familiar to you. Then you'll begin 'developing' a reputation - if that really is your goal. Just do the best you can. Everyone here is more than willing to help w/ editing questions. Stop holding yourself to others' standards - I know I've said this before, (I'm pretty sure) but people really don't care. Nobody on Earth cares if you meet your own arbitrary definition of 'cool' or not - or if you have a 'reputation' - whatever that means in this context. I don't think you've got a bad 'rep' right now. But I'll be 100% honest w/ you. If you continue creating threads like this, people are going to perceive you as a far more sensitive / uptight person than you might actually be. You don't want to be known as the 'guy' that posts this kind of stuff every time. At least I wouldn't want to be. I'd want to be known for my accomplishments, not all the BS that surrounds that. Seriously, do whatever you want - I don't think you're a nuisance personally, but if you keep posting threads that are in this same vein, then people might start perceiving things that way. Just trying to look out. Just live life, and have fun. Don't worry about being 'cool' w/ us, worry about being content w/ yourself. :)