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  1. Surpised to see that Plutonia Experiment has so few monsters compared w/ Evilution. I always felt like Plutonia had more...
  2. Arrowhead12

    Community project idea: single sector megawad

    Massive limitations usually inspire massive creativity, (in my opinion) - this seems a bit too limited for a MegaWAD. I think this is better suited for a very small experimental level pack - maybe just try to get a couple maps out first, I think 32 maps is a nearly impossible undertaking for a resource pool this limited. I'd still play it regardless ...
  3. Arrowhead12

    SINERGY - A Vanilla Ultimate Doom Megawad - Now on idgames!

    I can echo that! Just flew through on UV now. Placing an arena-style map in slot E1M8 was a really cool choice! Difficulty felt just right to me, but I've only tried it out in UV thus far! On to E2! :)
  4. Arrowhead12

    SINERGY - A Vanilla Ultimate Doom Megawad - Now on idgames!

    Hell yeah, downloading now. Baculus was the shit, btw :)
  5. Arrowhead12

    My first map

    Just played this now. A very respectable first attempt for someone so young. If you don't mind, I will point out some small things I saw that could be fixed: 1) The 4 chaingunners on the ledge seem to be partly clipped into the roof - this seems to make it difficult for them to target the player as well. 2) The door texture for the pillars in the first room is an unusual choice. 3) Some of the actual doors have misaligned textures. As far as I can tell on my brief UV playthrough, everything seems to work as it should! I think you should be quite pleased with yourself with your first attempt! I hope you continue to make more!
  6. Arrowhead12

    Your favorite Master levels!

    1. Attack 2. Black Tower 3. Catwalk 4. Nessus 5. Canyon
  7. Arrowhead12

    Favorite WADs from the past few months?

    I will second DoomKid's suggestion of 'Alien Bastards!'. Doomer Boards has been poppin' out some great projects lately - actually all of their main projects are worth checking out - not all are from as recent of times, though. I'd say: Eviternity Lunar Catastrophe Akeldama - Episode 1 SIGIL
  8. Arrowhead12

    What kind of wads you guys enjoy

    I like maps that introduce unique gameplay and themes, but tend to dislike maps that are 'experimental.' I like smaller to medium sized maps with little backtracking and keyhunting/switch-finding. I naturally have quite abysmal directional skills - and so, I much rather enjoy levels where I don't have to do much work. I guess you could say I enjoy more 'linear' styles of maps? I don't have anything against Slaughter, but I personally enjoy smaller monster counts. I've got no issues with 90's or 90's aesthetic WADs too - 'Slugfest' is probably my favorite Doom2 level pack, actually. Essentially, I like most WADs. The moment I have to 'puzzle-out' or scrape walls for an hour, though, I'm gone. :) Edit: If there's an extremely tight ammo constraint, I usually will bail out of there too lol
  9. Arrowhead12

    What would be your ideal doom movie?

    A Doom movie will always be a 'doomed' endeavor...
  10. Arrowhead12

    Were these commercial PWADs ever released for free?

    If I recall correctly, a version of Perdition's Gate can be obtained from the Doomed Speed Demoes Archive. You might want to take a look at that! I also just remembered that 'Laura Beyer's Doom', (one of the lesser known commerical WADs) is on the page that Erick linked above. It's a terrible episode replacement with a bad reputation, but you might find that interesting as well! :)
  11. Arrowhead12

    Top 5 Essential WADs

    Scythe 1+2 Alien Vendetta Ultimate Simplicity Congestion 1024 Community Chest 2 In no particular order :)
  12. Arrowhead12

    Your Top 5 Doom II maps

    In no particular order: 1.Entryway 2.Tricks and Traps 3.The Chasm 4.Underhalls (Probably my favorite iwad map, actually...) 5.Refueling Base
  13. Arrowhead12

    idgames Archive 2019-07-01

    Greatly appreciate it! I stumbled across the 2013 one a couple months ago, (I think you originally uploaded that one too?) but this is a definite improvement. d'ling and seeding now! :)
  14. Arrowhead12

    Caco or Pain Elemental, which is the more adorable monster?

    If the Pain Elemental didn't rapid-fire little hideous flaming skull-goblins, it might have a chance... Cacos win this category by a mile lol
  15. Arrowhead12


    Very solid 10 level pack. There is very interesting geometry / architecture in some maps, and really basic 90 turns and square rooms in others. This occasionally makes it feel as if the levels don't blend together properly. Monster placement is overall quite decent; there is a large amount of Archviles in some maps - but they are always 'politely' placed, and tend to do the job that they are supposed to, as opposed to being horrible cheese. Combat can be fairly tense at times on UV, as many of the levels are very cramped. I do not find this a bad thing. The maps themselves can be quite 'open' at times, but you will spend far more time in tight hallways than in fields, or large outside areas. Overall, I feel that this was a very solid attempt at a small level-pack, or 'Doom 2' episode. It does not drag, the combat is engaging and tends to stay relatively fresh, there is no 'map 07' clone either. That's always a plus in my books... :) I wasn't able to read what the author has stated about their maps, as I got this from 'iddqd.ru' - and I unfortunately don't speak Russian. Definitely would give this a recommend if you're looking for a quick romp through some relatively short / challenging levels. Solid [4/5] :)