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  1. Hiya all, I've just finished Map04 of the wad (DOWNLOAD: HERE or in the OP) and very slightly updated the other 3 maps (there's no significant changes so if you've already played them, you don't need to again). Map04 is a shorter castle themed map with such fantastic features like: - A really short hedge maze - Bookshelves - Some zombies - A fancy bedroom for the Baron of the Castle And much, much more! SCREENSHOTS: I recently played through ksutra.wad and really liked the gimmick of Map27, where you start with only a pistol and beserk and slowly get the various weapons as you progressed through the map with each room seemingly being designed around the weapon you're given. I thought that it might be fun (and a challenge for my current mapping skills) to attempt a similar idea (that being the slow weapon progression with each room being designed around the weapon gotten at the start) for myself. I think I've done a decent job of it, though I'll let you be the judge of that! I will say that the ammo in the map is fairly tight if you don't find the secret ammo cache though there is enough to kill everything on UV so hopefully you don't have to go round punching every demon you see (though punching pinkies might help a bit). Though if everyone who plays it seems to completely run out of ammo, I'll add a bit more in with a small patch. I hope you enjoy trying the new map! (As an aside, I've noticed that whenever I have put spoilers or quotes in any of my posts they seem quite messed up. Is that happening on your end as well and have I been an idiot and not noticed the right way to do it? Thanks!)
  2. Damn, I wish I noticed you were streaming so I could have caught it live and provided defences of my maps insightful commentary. Thanks for playing it all the way through with the commentary, it was very interesting to watch it through and see what you did (I'm especially happy that you thought the weird hell boiler thing at the end of Map03 was cool, it's honestly my favourite thing about that map) and I'm glad you seemed to enjoy it. Since you seemed to wonder how to get the soulsphere on Map02, there is a small gap in the wall where the cacodemon is in the crate room which you can shoot through to open a switch which lowers a crate with it on. I'm planning on 8 maps in total and I hope you'll give them a go as well. But even if you don't thanks again for streaming them :)
  3. To be honest, I'm tempted to leave it in after seeing it because it doesn't seem like it really breaks the level despite looking really silly and I don't think it really helped you going through there so I might leave it in (or just forget to fix it, which is honestly more likely). I'll probably add some cover to the nukage archvile fight in the nukage (possibly a couple of high crates or maybe something slightly more thematic) and I'll change the shapes of the mancubus platforms so you can run through all of the gaps and use them for cover, as I didn't even consider using them for that purpose in the fight. I may also take out one of the revenants which come with it (or maybe make it so the archvile teleports later as it currently teleports in second so it doesn't have as much time to resurrect stuff) but I'll give it some thought. Thanks for your feedback :)
  4. @Benjogami Just finished watching all of the demos thank you very much for sending them, they were really fun to watch! I'm as shocked as you are that you managed to get through Map02 on the first try with how mean some of the traps became (though the revenants and imps which trapped you in the small hallway directly after the red key door are meant to spawn in as you go into that very dark room and press the switch so I'm not sure how that happened), though I was surprised when you ran straight past the teleporting trap outside once everything started spawning in - that gave me a good laugh! I'll fix the alignment on the crate you spotted as well and I may move the trigger for the trap after the red key door slightly further away so a similar thing to what happened to you won't be as easy to occur. Though I have to say with Map03 (thanks for sticking with it, I'd have probably given up after the death in the red key room to the archvile trap personally), it does seem much harder than I intended and there seems to be much less ammo (especially shells) than I thought (I might have deleted some by mistake) and there were a couple of things which your demo highlighted which I will fix - the grate in the first area being able to be walked through (even though it doesn't seem to help at all) and the archvile zapping you through the portal were very unintentional so I will fix those! Is there any specific area in the map which you think could be toned down a bit in terms of difficulty? Because I think it seems much harder than I anticipated (and want the map to be) when you don't know exactly what's coming. Thanks again for the demos!
  5. @Benjogami I've just watched the FDA for Map01, and I'll watch the others in a bit. Thank you so much for these, they'll be very helpful for when I update these maps soon. I agree (and I noticed this while testing, especially for Map01) that there is a lot of shooting stuff through doorways but I'm trying to make that happen less in the maps I'm making now and for when I alter the three maps I already have. I'll reduce the number of radsuits in Map03, I just didn't want anyone to run out so I erred on the side of caution. I'll also take out the invisible wall on the window on Map01 so there's a second way to get that secret I think because I didn't realise you could make that jump and you looked slightly confused in the demo so I'll change that as well. Did you record these in v0.1 or v0.11 (the .wad should say somewhere) just so I'm sure I watch these in the right version, though if you recorded these in v0.1 I do agree that the music is a bit odd and I have changed it (though if not, I'm sticking to what's there because I really like the original version of that song and the midi version I've got is almost half as good :D)
  6. @piesunisko Thanks for spotting that (I can't believe I didn't notice that happening when I was testing everything!) in map 1. And yes, Map 4 is going to be a castle level mainly because I fancied making something which wasn't a techbase.
  7. @Borax Man I see what you mean with the scrolling wall looking odd, I think it fits with that room being sort of the entrypoint for the demons in the base (the FIREBLU portal and the amount of demons there) but I may change it so its just some of lights in the room scrolling maybe, I'm not too sure. (Thanks for clarifying that it wasn't broken, I was quite confused about that!) I take your point that I should finish the episode and then polish up the earlier maps so I'll do that instead of going back to them now (I'm currently planning on 8 or 9 maps for this specifically but I may just keep going until I get bored) @mateuszrusak Thanks for playing the wad, I'll try to make secrets a bit more obscure in future maps (I'm really bad at finding secrets myself so I tried to not make them too difficult) with more of them being like the crate secret in map 2 and less of there being a different wall texture with a stimpack behind it kind of them. I'm not too sure how you managed to run out of ammo in map 3, I thought I put plenty in there but I may add a box of shells to the ending section if it seems I've been to mean with the ammo. (Also, your English is pretty good don't worry about it!) As an aside, I'm close to finishing the layout for map 4 and I'm just beginning to work on the lighting and then the monsters so I should be able to release an update by the end of the weekend. Here's a picture of the starting location:
  8. Thank you so much for the detailed feedback @Borax Man! With the texture misalignment and weird see-through glitch in map 3, I'll see if I can fix them so thanks for bringing them to my attention. (what sourceport are you using out of interest?) The scrolling texture at the end of map 1 works on my end so I'm not sure why it's not working for you that's strange and the secret in map 2 has 15 health bonuses stacked on top of each other but I might make that more obvious or change it to a health kit because I agree with you that it doesn't look like a particularly exciting secret once you've found it. I'll work more on my lighting, I do think I was fairly lazy about making it obvious that the light was coming from somewhere especially on the outside sections and I'll change some of the lighting in the maps around so it doesn't transition very abruptly, especially that room in map 1 which does look out of place now. (The nightsky was added in very near the end because I thought it looked nice but I didn't change any of the lighting after I did that which was a mistake in hindsight) Thanks for all the tips (especially the ones about monster placement and texturing), I'm currently working on another level and I'll try to improve on these areas (I'll also alter the other maps to fix the things you have highlighted as well) especially with the monster placement being more interesting, its a small castle level so I should be able to get in a fair bit more of height variation inside it. I'm glad that you seemed to enjoy the maps and thanks again for the feedback!
  9. I've just updated the download link in the OP (it's also HERE if you can't be bothered to scroll back up 3 posts) with the updated version of the wad, it's not a major update but it fixes a couple of texture alignments and the visual glitch in map 3 so if you have the old version and haven't got to map 3 yet, I'd recommend updating it as it should just be an improvement over the old version (though if you've already completed the wad, don't worry about updating there SHOULDN'T be any gameplay changes in this version.) If there are any glaring issues that have appeared with this that I haven't spotted, please let me know and I'll update it again. And if you have any suggestions for improvement of the layouts or thing placement (which I think is probably the weakest thing about the set), I'd also really appreciate that. @Bushpig2dope thank you for playing the maps and I'm glad to hear that you were having fun with them, and I'm very sorry that you didn't like map 3's midi (can I just ask why, does it sound really bad in the midi player you are using or did you just hate the song?), I have changed it in the update to one which is hopefully an improvement. @HAK3180 thanks again for sending me an altered version of map 3 with the visual problem fixed, it really helped with fixing the problem!
  10. Alright thank you for helping me with that tip, I'll be sure to update the map tomorrow to change it and about the effect breaking if you go higher than it, I saw it while testing but couldn't figure out why it happened. I think it shouldn't be too hard to make that impossible though as it only seemed to happen if you went on the desks in the previous room so I should be able to make them impassable and fix it. I do hope you'll give it a play at some point but thank you for the advice!
  11. Hi there! This is my first attempt at mapping for DOOM and I've got it to the point where I'm happy to release it (hopefully there's not any horrible misalignments or other bugs!) It's called The Potato Project (no real reason, but Phobos and Deimos do sort of look like giant galactic potatoes I guess), it's for limit-removing ports and it currently has three maps in it. I made this over a couple of weeks and I think they're fun but since this is my first go at anything like this, any feedback you have would be very appreciated! I know these maps aren't perfect but I hope you have fun with them anyway! The difficulty for these maps are around the first few maps of Alien Vendetta (between Map01-07 not including Map06 because its much harder than the others IMO) on UV and while there are difficulty settings for HNTR and HMP, I didn't test these very much beyond checking that the maps were able to be beaten with 100% completion so they may be too difficult or too easy, I'm not sure. INFO: IWAD: DOOM2 MAPS: Map01 - Map04 Tested With: Crispy Doom, PRBoom+ (-cl2), GZDoom Difficulty Settings: Implemented Co-op Starts: They're in the maps but I haven't tested it, so there may be problems with the maps in co-op Deathmatch Starts: Nope Jumping and Crouching might break stuff so I wouldn't use them but Freelook is fine I'm sure. Credits for the sky and the midis used are in the text file in the download. Also in the text file are some short comments about each map which I mainly included because I always like reading them. SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD: >>>>HERE<<<< UPDATES: I hope you enjoy playing it and if you find any bugs or have any suggestions for improvement then please tell me!