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  1. finnks13

    Saturnia Final RC (-complevel 4)

    I wished for a whole episode of Xyzzy Plutonia-esque maps after playing Golgotha in PRCP2 and I am so happy that it came true! I had an absolute blast playing this, and ended up playing through it again after realising that the skills were swapped around, which explained the abundance of invulns on what I assumed was UV! I love tiny maps with creative encounters like this, and the combination of tropes from Plutonia itself with a few much more "out-there" ideas sprinkled in was a fantastic idea that always kept me guessing and excited for what was coming next, ending with one of the coolest uses of weird -cl 4 specific mechanics I've ever seen - how the hell do you even think of something like that!
  2. finnks13

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    Felt a large rush of inspiration and managed to get it done today, hope you like it! Name: Dragon Tail Mapslot: E2M6 Author: finnks13 Difficulty settings: Yes, but mostly untested (have confirmed that they're actually easier but not much beyond that :P) CO-OP: Player starts only Deathmatch: No Tested in: Chocorenderlimits, Woof v11.3.0 Known Bugs: Some slime trails probably snuck in. And yes, the secret area with the specters is meant to look like that. Please credit Arsinikk & Monsieur E for playtesting the map, as their feedback was very useful! Download: 95_finnks_v1.zip
  3. finnks13

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    Alrighty, I'll give it a go then - are there any monster/weapon restrictions for the slot I am in?
  4. finnks13

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    hello, I quite fancy giving e2m6 a go, though I feel I should check about what level of difficulty are you aiming for? similar to the IWAD slot, a bit or much harder? (edit: actually, as I'm asking, are there any weapon/monster placement restrictions too - can't quite tell from the OP)
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  6. Hello, I'm bumping the thread to mention that the wad has successfully found it's way on to /idgames, so if that's your speed, now's the time to download it from there and presumably play it (or not, I'm not your mum) It's here now -> https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/bythehour Thanks to everyone who played the older versions, we both really appreciate it :)
  7. MAP30 - Shattered Nightmare by Death Bear: 8:15/7 Deaths Plutonia has a mixed track record for Icon of Sin maps for me, the one in Plutonia is pretty great (easily the best of the four IWADs), whereas the Plutonia 2 and PRCP1 icons are... less good. This is probably a bit better than either of those, but that's mostly for the fact that there's something here other than the icon fight itself, as the icon of sin itself is not great. The fight for the red & yellow keys is pretty solid, the bumpy floor is a little annoying but after you figure out that the holes leading to the sky are purely visual, it's a fun little exercise of herding monsters into the perfect place to get demolished by your rockets. Wish I knew there was a cyberdemon in the box so I could have invited him into the party sooner, but I suppose that'll be useful for anyone who decides to brave a second playthrough of this. I always like a good bit of sky floor, and it's used very well in this map to contrast against the black void in the ceiling. So the icon fight is a bit crap to be honest. You have to go up two lifts that hide a shoot switch, and that then allows you to hop on a pillar in the centre of the arena to shoot the romero head. While I appreciate the lack of rhythm minigame, the fact that there's not been any attempt at creating a new final boss monster, like pl2 & prcp1 has, is a real shame. Even still, I think I would have absolutely preferred using the vanilla Icon textures than nothing. Also (and this is really just nitpicking) but why does the ending text screen talk so much about the faceless foe we've just slain when said foe is John Romero's head on a stick? That's a pretty big face! Anyway, the majority of the icon fight is BFG spamming your way to the switches and it's alright, but the journey into the centre of the arena surrounded by an inevitable horde of cacodemons, pain elemenetals and lost souls due to the SIX monster spawners that are activated is really irritating, as is getting hit by splash damage from auto-aim decided that you'd prefer to shoot the lost soul that's below the bottom of the screen rather than the romero head in front of your face. Overall, Shattered Nightmare is certainly an icon of sin map. The Icon of Sin is not an inherently flawed concept, but this map is not helping that case. But what do the teleprompters look like??? Overall Thoughts on PRCP2: I've gotta be honest, I really wasn't a fan of this. I'll jump on anything that has the word "Plutonia" in it, but having finished the wad, I think it's name borders on false advertising. Out of interest, I went through the wad to see how many of the maps I thought were making an effort to actually try to be like Plutonia (1 or 2) and, trying to be a bit generous, I came out with 11/32 maps. Now obviously I'm sure there's a few that I'm not counting because of differences in opinion on what "Plutonia" is, but there are a lot of maps here (even by their own author's admission) that weren't even trying. In spite of the quality of the individual maps (which I should stress is actually fairly high), this project is a failure for me simply because it fails to deliver on it's core premise. If I'm being too harsh by expecting something called Plutonia Revisted Community Project 2 to be like Plutonia then I'm sorry but this was a frustrating playthrough because it feels like such a missed oppourtunity. It's just unlucky timing that I happened to play this around the time of a revisit of Cydonia, and the beginning of a mapping project of my own that's aiming to make something like Plutonia, because if I played this last year I reckon I'd have had a much better time simply because I wasn't spending so much time thinking about what Plutonia means to me already. This isn't coming onto the fact that the pacing of this wad is awful, with most of the maps being far too long for their own good and this is a particular problem with the second half which is an absolute slog to play through and would dissuade me from recommending the wad to anyone, even if they're not as fussed with me about the lack of Plutonia. I suppose it's probably better this way than the incredible blandness of PRCP1, that's mostly homages that aren't as good as the maps they're obviously emulating, especially since most of the maps here are actually good when viewed on their own merits. There are excellent maps here - deetee, DJV, Cheesewheel, General Rainbow Bacon and Xyzzy01 delivered excellent maps that capture the spirit of Plutonia, and Cannonball, Yumheart, Jark and tatsurd-cacocaco also made some truly fantastic maps that fantastic on their own merits despite being a large departure from what I was hoping for from the wad. Even when I didn't like the maps, I can see the massive amount of effort that was obviously put into each one and that contributes to a much more polished experience than PRCP1. I'm sorry for being this negative, because I don't blame any of the individual mappers for making the maps they wanted to make, it just feels like the project had a lack of vision from the leaders and that led to a very poor experience for me. Top 5 Maps: MAP26 - Golgotha by Xyzzy01 MAP15 - Ironclad by Cheesewheel MAP06 - Waters by DJV MAP32 - Orestruck by Cannonball MAP25 - Sting Operation by General Rainbow Bacon But what did the teleporters look like??
  8. MAP29 - Gehenna by Yumheart: 14:00/6 Deaths Huzzah! A break from the torturous trek that is the last half of PRCP2! This map looks incredibly cool, the superstructure that dominates the entire map is absolutely jaw-dropping in it's scale and I imagine would have been a complete pain in the arse to make it work at all, let alone play so well too. I really like the sigils on the floor, I assume they're to do with various hellish alchemical things that maybe give you hints as to what the buttons they're in front of do, but I could be totally wrong on that. There are more massive slime-trails in this map than most megawads I've played, but I imagine this is in large part due to the complex structure even if Yumheart's other map in PRCP2 also suffered from similar visual bugs. The map is very open, so getting around is very easy, though the openness arguably is more for the projectiles' benefit than yours! While the myriad of chaingunner snipers are utter bastards, my main troubles in this map came from mancubi and arachnotrons who get a very favourable showing here, especially in the delayed hot-start that can turn from bad to very bad when you pick up the red key that's lying around in the courtyard. Once again, I feel Yumheart is channelling Ribbiks here, and it reminded me a lot of Stardate 20x7 Map03 in particular even if I'm not sure I could justify that take and explain why :P The gameplay is split between tough incidental fights that rely on wearing you down with turret monsters, and structured ambushes that require you to react and think very quickly or die. I think the ambushes worked much better here on the whole than in Map20 (with one exception), and the skirmish for the yellow key around the central pillar of the megastructure was particularly excellent, with enemies slowly teleporting in to gradually overwhelm you and three archviles to give you a right kick up the arse when you smugly thought you were done. I assume the soulsphere secret accessed from here, which finds you on the top of a large building surrounded by more, is a tip of the hat to Odyssey of Noises, and it's a shame that more isn't done with this area because it's very visually striking. The only part of the map that I think falters slightly is the finale, in which you're just given far too much space & ammo for it to feel either difficult or climactic. If the radsuit you get from teleporting into it was the only one in the map and you were therefore on a very strict timer, I can see this working much better in it's current state, but a moat that large is begging for a massive horde of revenants to go along with those cyberdemons and pain elementals! I'm surprised that this is in the Map29 slot, since it felt a fair bit easier than a lot of the episode but I feel like this was picked as a "calm before the storm" style penultimate level, rather than as a final challenge and I can respect that decision and am very thankful for it after the swift arsekicking the rest of the episode's given me. Not a bad idea to end the wad off with such a memorable and cool set-piece as that megastructure too. Overall, Gehenna is just what the doctor ordered. Your maps are bloody great Yumheart, but for the love of god please try a different nodebuilder :P But what do the teleporters look like????
  9. MAP28 - Crimson Realm by waverider: 23:51/17 Deaths :( OK it's a bit shorter than the last one, but this probably took me much longer because it's so bloody difficult. I don't want this to be a repeat of yesterdays ramblings, but I feel much the same about both of these maps - especially in that they have both seemingly lost sight of the fact that a map should probably be fun in their pursuit to be as difficult as possible. The opening moment here is the single hardest part of the wad, I really don't have any strategy in mind here - going to the outside area seemed to be the most effective, but you've still got to deal with a cyberdemon, a bunch of arachnotrons and turret archviles from three separate angles. It does give you a rocket launcher to give you a fighting chance, and while this was pretty frustrating, I didn't mind it too much. I think if one of the two groups of turret archviles that were in the outside area were replaced by revenants then this would have made the fight much more palatable, especially from a pistol start where it's ridiculously mean. This map looks nothing like Plutonia, the most egregious thing is that it uses a bunch of FIREBLU in the red hell cave section at the south of the map. I'm a big proponent for the use of FIREBLU, and will defend using it in a manner similar to Mt. Erebus all day, but it's quite possibly the least "Plutonia" texture I can think of - why the hell was it put back into the resource wad? Other than that, the map looks pretty good, but the hellish atmosphere really clashes with the MIDI that is just far too chill for the map. I can only assume that any maps that didn't have a MIDI picked out for them were just assigned the Plutonia MIDI pack track of the corresponding mapslot, cause I have no idea why this was picked otherwise. While I must admit to being a little bit sick of the majority of the Plutonia MIDI pack at this point (should stress that I think it's an excellent collection of music that perfectly fits Plutonia in a way few MIDI packs since have managed to replicate, I just think it's rather overused), there are plenty of more punchy, fast-paced or dread-soaked songs to pick from than "Dead Plumber's Song". The map's progression is pretty bad, there's two paths to the blue key, the one that you decide to not go down first being a completely pointless side-track that you'll likely spend more ammo dealing with than you'll gain from ammo caches lying around. As well as this, the red key door is really stupid - even if we ignore the classic "fuck it, I'm putting a cyberdemon here that's going to do absolutely nothing except waste your time & ammo" trick that I have complained about since my first month talking about wads with the club. There's two red doors in this map, and you have to go through one of them to unlock the bars behind the second, and this really confused me when I first saw it because I assumed that I'd missed an important switch somewhere previously, not realising it was behind a second red door! I think not marking the door, and having the bars just unlock the door itself would have been much less confusing - or y'know this is boom format, why not have a red keycard locked door and a red skull locked door? I didn't care for the "Gotcha!" ambush in front of the yellow key, which seems to be a test of whether you have at least 85% health going into it more than anything else because there is no cover and two barons between you and the archvile, and the grand finale it leads to is just miserable. Like the opening fight, pretty much every angle is covered by archviles, but unlike the opening fight, you also have to deal with pain elementals and a spiderdemon that locks out half of the arena, with your only recourse being to try to get past a horde of arachnotrons to snipe the archvile at the back of the spawn area. It's a miserable fight and I hated it. Since it seems like I've done nothing but complain, I should mention that I liked most of the incidental combat, and in the run-up to getting the blue key after the hot start, found myself getting lost in it to the point where I was forgetting to save often & losing progress, which is a good thing (unless you're me when I reload to a save from 5+ minutes ago and feel upset that I now have to redo a bunch of stuff :P) Overall, Crimson Realm is just too much at this point. Probably not a bad map if viewed on it's own, but in the context of the wad I am begging for mercy at this point and being thoroughly ignored. BUT WHAT DO THE TELEPORTERS LOOK LIKE??????
  10. I gave this version a go out of interest and I think I prefer the finale as it is in the older versions, it's really bloody fun - then again I am a sucker for massive hordes of revenants :P It's funny to see that this wasn't originally intended to be a Plutonia-esque map, since I think it's one of the best encapsulations of the style in the set, but it makes sense that your favouring of short, fast-paced & tough maps is pretty compatible with it! oh, and i know that there are a bunch of teleporters in Plutonia that are bright, i just like them more when they're dark (but fine i'll give them a bonus point since you asked so nicely :P)
  11. MAP27 - Rules of Nature by PotatoBoiH: 28:31/10 Deaths This is too much mate. I'm 29 maps into a wad I'm already not having a great time with, the least it could do is stop getting longer. This is one of the most exhausting wads I've ever played and I'm playing one map per day, trying to play this like I would normally would have actually killed me. I know the term "good pacing" is about as applicable to a community project as the phrase "solid investment strategy" is to going to a casino, but it feels like pretty much every map since MAP07 has tried it's best to stand out from the crowd by being as long and as "impressive" as possible. Do you know what that means? It means that the short maps are the ones that stand out instead, and funnily enough most of the short maps in this wad have been my favourites, but I'm sure that's a coincidence :P Rules of Nature parallels Map23 in a lot of ways, both are absolutely gorgeous maps that really use this texture-pack to it's fullest extent, and both play absolutely awfully. It's definitely due to it being used in exclusively miserable levels, but I really have grown to hate "You Suck!" so I wasn't thrilled upon hearing it's dread inducing opening notes as I started the map. I assumed the BLAKWALL in the hub area was meant to be a consistent visual motif throughout the map when I was clearing it out, as it's not a texture I associate with Plutonia at all, but it's only in the main hub area (and a couple of pillars in the red key section) and while I kinda like it, it definitely feels a bit off. The rest of the map is a lavishly detailed set of ruins and I think it looks great, and doesn't suffer from the prop spam problem that Map23 did. My least favourite thing about non-linear maps is when you're deprived of a really important weapon because you had the gall to go the other way first, and it's a massive problem here. Yes, there is a rocket launcher in the red key area, but it's hidden behind a secret that I didn't find and if you try to do the central fight without it, you're probably going to get your arse kicked. Thankfully, after one death to lack-of-rocket-launcher-itis, I decided to go to the other section that gives you one after a small set of ambushes in a cave. The fight for the rocket launcher is quite annoying, there is nowhere safe in the arena and trying to clear a space will inevitably lead to getting peppered with bullets, it's not a fun fight but one that can be brute-forced without too much trouble. Getting the blue key itself pits you in a very small cave system where a few barons & hell knights, and two cyberdemons come to attack you. This fight can be simplified massively by shooting the eye-switch before you drop down, and grabbing the BFG it unlocks. I was able to nearly do it without the BFG, dying only to the classic elastic collision + cyberdemon rocket combo while trying to whittle the last cyber down, but the BFG makes it much easier, while still keeping it rather intense. This is definitely my favourite part of the level, the fight felt very well calibrated and it was fun to unpick both with and without the BFG. What's less fun is the red key fight. In the incredibly claustrophobic halls that make up the red key area, you're supposed to fight two cyberdemons (along with a few revenants that do nothing other than hurry you to leave the platform they spawn on) and frankly doing this with the BFG was annoying enough, how the fuck are you meant to do it with just the plasma gun? My best guess is to camp and slowly wear them down from the red key platform, and I'm sure it's possible because I don't believe this wad could be that poorly tested, but I doubt it's any fun. While I love difficult maps, and enjoy making them myself, sometimes striving for difficulty above all else is going to negatively affect how fun your map is, especially if that difficulty does not fit with the wad you're mapping for - while I'm never going to like when a map hides effectively mandatory weapons in secrets, if it makes sense within the context of the wad then it's fine. This map is the result of someone trying to make something really difficult without considering any of this. Well, you succeeded, it's really difficult. Good job. Overall, I really could have done without another massive, painfully difficult and irritating behemoth, but here we are. But what do the teleporters look like???
  12. MAP26 - Golgotha by Xyzzy01: 6:20/3 Deaths Golgotha is the only map in PRCP2 that I am not playing blind, as I've played it before in Xyzzy's compilation wad "Xerxesia" (which we should still totally play with the club at some point, it's cool) and I really liked it there, and I still really like it here. It's the sort of thing that I was expecting PRCP2 to be going into it - maps that decidedly feel "Plutonia" but also feel like they've got the author's stamp on them. You've got funny details such as the turbo scrolling SP_FACE1 that's everywhere, but also the rather unusual choice to lock out the best fight in the map (and the rocket launcher it gives you) behind a fairly obscure secret involving a pressure plate. I knew where this was having played the map before, and also knew about the horde of revenants supported by some archviles that picking it up would release. While it's very unforgiving, I absolutely love this fight, because managing to take out just enough revenants to squeeze past the rest and grab the megasphere in the corner of the arena is so satisfying. As you'd hope from such a difficult encounter, the rocket launcher makes the rest of the map after you've gotten it significantly easier than if you were just stuck with the SSG. I really like the yellow key area that has you running through a small gauntlet of corridors with cages blocking paths & allowing projectiles through and then once you've been baited by the yellow key (and treated to a face full of super speed SP_FACE1), the layout of the cages changes completely and you're now having to dodge archviles & chaingunner attacks at the same time with a new layout that you have to figure out immediately, it's a great fight and a great surprise. The ending is a small infighting puzzle, which is fine but probably the weakest part of the level - you're given a BFG to deal with the cyberdemon once it's done so thankfully cleanup takes no time at all. I've seen some people talk about this map's visuals as if it's really ugly, but after a bunch of unclear and messy maps, the incredibly clean and simplistic visuals are a breath of fresh air and they feel absolutely perfect for a Plutonia homage. It's not a surprise that a map this brief after all the behemoths we've been playing recently is going to be a welcome sight, but even ignoring that, this map is bloody fantastic. Overall, Golgotha is exactly what I was hoping that most of PRCP2 would be, unfortunately it's the exception and not the rule. But what an exception it is, I'd love to play a full episode of Xyzzy plutonia maps in this style. But what do the teleporters look like?????
  13. MAP25 - Sting Operation by General Rainbow Bacon: 9:27/5 Deaths What's that? You've found another map in PRCP2 that actually feels like something out of a Plutonia wad? Surely not, it's been weeks since the last one! Maybe it's just that my prevailing memories of Plutonia & Plutonia 2 are ones in which I get the shit kicked out of me by incredibly harsh maps, but I thought this map was absolutely fantastic. It reminded me a lot of Outpost of the Evil Dead from pl2 in terms of it's compact layout & ambush design, but it's wayyy better than that map. The only thing I don't particularly like about it is the slightly wonky progression which had me stumped multiple times (especially the part where you press a switch behind the yellow key door and inexplicably open some bars on the other side of the map), but in a map this compact, that's a fairly minor issue. It feels very visually at home in Plutonia's devil hive episode, reminding me a lot of the more overtly fire & brimstone maps in Plutonia such as The Temple of Darkness. Using the midtexture vines as impassable barriers got me killed once, but inconsistencies like that are inevitable in a community project, so I won't hold it against the map. This map is absolutely unrelenting with mean ambushes, chaingunners and archviles. Getting a foothold at the start is very difficult with all the shotgunners and revenants on the starting platform, with a group of chaingunners behind a cage to force you out of the one safe(ish) spot, and deny you the chance to grab a medikit. There's also loads of chaingunners high up on ledges, and these prove especially troublesome at the start of the map because you don't get a chaingun for quite a while - I found the best strategy was to get the revenants to deal with them for me. Despite the fact that you'll be picking up cells & rockets throughout the map, you don't actually get those weapons until fairly late into it (behind each of the key-locked doors) and the ambush spawned by the yellow key was particularly unfriendly to do with just the SSG - I eventually decided it would be easier to run past everything and hope that the archvile didn't resurrect too many things. This map definitely spams archviles like GRB is afraid that they're going extinct, and while I think they're used in pretty much every major fight, they kept surprising me when I encountered them and so they did their job way better here than in a lot of what we've seen before. I found the map rather low on ammo, exiting with 100 bullets to my name and nothing else, though I suppose I could have run past the useless exit blocking cyberdemon if I was really wanting to keep extra ammo for my non-continuous playthrough :P Overall, Sting Operation is a real return to form and while I can understand why this has been a rather controversial map in the club, I can't deny it's the most fun I've had with PRCP2 in a long time. But what do the teleporters look like? ~~~ VOTES! +++ Finely Crafted Fetish Film, Old Still Life, Jumpwad (obviously the best choice here, i want to see a bunch of people lose their minds in Mechanical Embrace like i did :P) and because I don't want to play D2ISO (and it seems like it's the only competitor at the moment!): +++ Abscission
  14. MAP24 - Deep in Naraka by tatsurd-cacocaco: 40:05/8 Deaths Genuinely didn't hate this anywhere near as much as I thought I would do going in. 500+ monsters, a bunch of chaingunners and basically no cover in the first room & the Rise of The Triad music do not make a great first impression (obviously I love the ROTT soundtrack it's just entirely unfitting for plutonia please don't have a fight on me) but the combat in this map is quite fun and (more importantly) not that difficult, and that saves what could have been a miserable trudge and turns it into something that I still didn't love but had a mostly good time with. At first I expected this to be an extended reference to Tombstone, but it appears that a bunch of maps get paid homage to, from Plutonia, Plutonia 2 and also (puzzlingly) Doom 2. The main areas that I spotted were Tombstone (obviously :P), The Bloodwall & The Living End, though I'm sure there's a bunch I completely missed. The level of detail here is incredibly high and this must have taken a bunch of work, but it's not so overly detailed that the gameplay suffers due to lack of clarity. I was a little sad we never get to visit the really cool looking hell cavern at the northern edge of the map, it looks perfect for a final showdown, but I suppose not every cool area needs to have a fight within. The main issues this map has is it's length, especially since the non-linearity means that you could take a very bad route through the map and be deprived of supplies, health & weaponry if you get unlucky. For the first time ever, I seemed to actually take a really good route through the map, getting every weapon (including the BFG) really early on, and the BFG is especially useful for being a delete button on fights that seem far too irritating to play normally. You're given plenty of rockets to deal with ambushes and they're all nicely calibrated to be a bit of a challenge, but not completely impossible and for a map this long that's very much appreciated. Despite all the scenery changes, a lot of the map blends together and so this won't score very highly on memorability. The one area that does stand out is the Final Frontier/The Bloodwall-segment in the north of the map which is incredibly impressive with how enormous it is, but also because it's just really fun to run through, clearing out the little corridors, while trying to avoid the clump of homing revenant missiles that's coming at you from up high. I normally feel the need to complain a lot when maps feel pointlessly extended, but I don't here and I genuinely don't know why. Overall, Deep in Naraka surprised me by being a genuinely solid & fun map. I think it's too long and would be much better suited as a single map release (especially since it's referencing more than just Plutonia) but I ultimately had a pretty good time with it. But what do the teleporters look like???
  15. MAP22 - Trickster's Lair by Jark: 17:49/6 Deaths I really didn't like this at first, but it grew on me quite a lot the further I played through it. The start is rather abrasive, you spawn immediately getting attacked by an archvile, and two revenants while being lowered into a damaging pit of blood that you cannot escape for a couple of seconds, and then when you do manage to leave, you'll find yourself in a dark cavern being immediately attacked by another archvile, with any direction you go springing all manner of traps upon you. This map does not make fast friends, though once you've realised how trap heavy it is, it becomes a bit more predictable and more about reacting to what's sprung upon you rather than being shocked by the springing in the first place. Visually it's a Living End style map, and the map it reminds me the most of is Assassin from Plutonia 2, due to the large amount of bars everywhere and the small outdoor excursion that you take about halfway through. The main problem with this map is that it's a little SSG heavy. For the small scale ambushes that make up the majority of the level (which are often just two or three monsters), then this very restrictive weaponry does make sense though I did begin to find it rather repetitive after a while. Given that most of the traps are incredibly small, they often don't make an impression though my favourite one (and probably the most memorable part of the level) is the rocket launcher ambush, where you're whisked away to a very small cross shaped platform and have to kill the two hell knights on either side of you to get rid of the wall of meat blocking you from shooting the switches that raise the bridge to let you out. I think that the incredibly trap heavy design does actually feel quite at home in Plutonia, even if a lot of the individual traps feel far more modern than that. Overall, Trickster's Lair is a solid map that I'd definitely recommend sticking with if the minute feels rather distasteful. MAP23 - Wrong Turn by MattFright: 20:45/7 Deaths Well from the visual style at the start, I expected to hate this map for being an homage to Wicked Garden, thankfully it's not that and I instead hated this map for entirely different reasons. It appears that MattFright decided to make a map specifically to irritate me as it ticks pretty much every box on my "Things I just don't like in maps" list except for using spectres in really dark areas :P Visually, it's absolutely fantastic, the incredibly dark and sinister environment is incredibly well detailed and also a lot of very minor details that I imagine took a lot of work and would be overlooked very easily. Unfortunately, this high level of detail has it's downsides, for one the midtexture vines that are everywhere can really fuck you over by obscuring very important projectiles coming right at you - the main area with the cyberdemons was particularly bad for this. The main thing that I absolutely hated about this map was the ridiculous number of props that are spammed everywhere that block your movement and cause you to get snagged all the time making navigation absolute misery, they're also placed on 16unit wide poles which are incredibly misleading visually because the prop has a 32unit wide hitbox and this visual disparity caused me multiple deaths to cyberdemon rocket that frankly felt unearned. Gameplay wise, there's some decent moments here, the two cyberdemons in the large blood area do a great job at applying a ton of pressure and forcing you out into safer buildings, and I also liked the area behind the yellow key door. Disappointingly, every single ambush in this map is predictable and dull for one reason. They all are "kill the archvile and then you win". Every single one. If the archviles were used occasionally as turrets then this would go a long way to stopping the map from feeling incredibly samey then that's one thing, but they're not. With the exception of one that spawns in the BFG fight far too late to actually accomplish anything, every archvile in this map is on the ground, behind a big group of monsters ready to resurrect them once they fall, and this is the best place for an archvile, but when your map feels like it has one combat idea, that's not going to fill 20 minutes of gameplay. Overall, Wrong Turn looks great but has absolutely nothing to offer in terms of gameplay. But what do the teleporterers look like???