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  1. CrocketRocket

    Unrecognized token: "NaN"???

    Thanks man. Really thought I accidentally pressed something there that caused it to go out like that.
  2. CrocketRocket

    Unrecognized token: "NaN"???

    I don't get what is happening on to the builder but all I did was click around and created a few lines here and there then a warning message popped up. Only things I managed to read was something about my files being corrupted which I closed and re-opened the map i was working on. I already had the backups at the ready but what I wanna know is "how the hell" did moving some lines made it crash and what can I do to make sure I don't deal with this sort of stuff again. 2.Screenshot of the backup map. Red circles is the part where I tried making the doors a little bit smaller which is where the corrupt messages popped up before I can undo most of this stuff.
  3. CrocketRocket

    You'd Think its Knee Deep

    My bad.
  4. CrocketRocket

    You'd Think its Knee Deep

    Yea. I know about that. This was just made to see what I can do with E1M1 by memory and a twist. As for the udmf format. I had tried using boom doom before but just gave up and stuck with udmf. Plus I coulda used what you said about those features as practice
  5. CrocketRocket

    You'd Think its Knee Deep

    Thats pretty much the only format I've been using. I tried using Boom format but I kinda gave up since I was so used to auto alignment
  6. CrocketRocket

    You'd Think its Knee Deep

    but its actually a KDITD style that's just one level made from memory of E1M1. Made in UDMF GZDoom format for Doom II. Don't let the screenshots fool you m8 Jumping no Mouselook off for true experince. (Unless you use it that's fine I won't judge) Made for ZDoom, LzDoom ,and GZDoom Only for Doom 2 Gameplay just moving and shooting There's 2 difficulties. I tried to make it somewhat like KDITD, UV has shotgunners and more monsters while HMP has only zombiemen and imps. Have fun. I need to replay KDITD again You'd think its Knee Deep ..zip
  7. CrocketRocket

    Weapon Sprite issue

    Damn. So I'm guessing I'll need to find away to add a muzzle flash on its own to really fix it. Already removed the flash sprite on it and just went on ahead without it.
  8. CrocketRocket

    Weapon Sprite issue

    I'm currently going through GUNLabs tutorials to get myself into doom again. And right now I've come across this issue while trying to practice out custom textures before I start doing MS paint stuff. I got the gun down yet its acting weird every time I fire it. I know I manged to fix it up with the auto shotgun but I don't have a single clue on how I did it. Here is the issue. Here is the code.
  9. CrocketRocket

    Doom 1 for Doom 2 Texture errors

    sorry for the late response everyone but I am using the Realm667 version.
  10. CrocketRocket

    Doom 1 for Doom 2 Texture errors

    I'm just going by how the tutorials usually tell me. Such as making the PP_START and PP_END and just copy and pasting them.\ I'm using GZDOOM and ZDOOM
  11. CrocketRocket

    Doom 1 for Doom 2 Texture errors

    Question. I loaded in d1forD2 textures in and all of a sudden it starts acting really buggy for some strange reason. For instance Ashwall2 is coming up missing all over the place.
  12. CrocketRocket

    (Wip )Doom Unknown Dimension for DOOM 2 (Working Title)

    Some random update. I have decided to restart this wad completely. Looking back at my current maps like the "outpost" and "vile swamp" felt like I was going into the wrong direction. When testing it I felt like I was looking at pretty spaghetti that tasted somewhat bland and gameplay didn't feel right as if I just threw in what ever could make it taste better . So I took upon myself to just restart it completely.
  13. CrocketRocket

    What did Sandy Petersen mean by this room in MAP13?

    my guess is the man wanted to make his room look hot
  14. CrocketRocket

    Is it a good idea to restart on a wad

    Looking back at my first 2 maps for my wad. I noticed they're kind of a bunch of jumbled mess. As in too many details and flow is all over the place. Plus I haven't really gotten down to actually planning it out. I sorta wanna know is it best to just delete and start all over?
  15. CrocketRocket

    The New Xbox design

    An Xbox that is an actual box. what