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  1. So here's my first time posting on to here I hope you would enjoy my unbalanced doom map I had made. I was also planning on making a 5 level type of map here. Probably next time I guess. Also this map was tested using only the outdated source port Zdoom since I'm using the craptop. So expect to see couple of shading issues and some texture clippings here and there when you load it with GZDoom. Here's the screenshots of it. Link to the map >https://www.mediafire.com/file/0817pj3wla88988/Doom_something.wad/file And have fun with it. Please do not jump off the cliffs casue there really is nothing but water and endless water
  2. K so how do I do add my stuff hereĀ 

  3. CrocketRocket

    Help on Teleporting Enemies

    Alrighty thanks for the tips and welcoming me as well Oh. Always wondered how they managed to do it like that. And currently tested it out for that. Thank you for that.
  4. CrocketRocket

    Help on Teleporting Enemies

    So the other day I decided to play through Ancient Aliens again and nocliped through some of the levels and found out that there would always be some sort of small hole that connects to a room filled with enemies. I was wondering if I could get any hints or perhaps some tips on how it can be used to alert them without them having to be able to see the enemies.